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82+ Easy Ninja Foodi Recipes

Top 10 easy Ninja Foodi Recipes you’ll love, plus how to use your Ninja Foodi pressure cooker and air fryer if you’re a new user. We’ll help you become a pro and give you pressure cooker reviews for the top 3 on the market.

foodi recipes

Did you just get your new multi function pressure cooker that includes an air fryer? Now you’re now wondering how to use the fabulous Ninja Foodie cooking system. Well, we have instructions for you plus lots of easy recipes for you now! (affiliate links present)

What is a Ninja Foodi?

This is a way to pressure cook AND make easy air fryer recipes so then you can air fry everything I tell you!!! My husband came home with this baby right when it came on the market. He knows my love for multi function machines and was grinning ear to ear when we walked into the door…

I thought “why” because I already had a pressure cooker, but my mind was blown after I used it a few times. I’ve got to be honest though, I didn’t want to learn something totally new so I had to figure out how to convert recipes to Ninja Foodi from Instant Pot. The first question was:

Are Instant Pot and Ninja Foodi recipes the same?

When it comes to pressure cooking the answer is a resounding YES! That means you can use Instant Pot recipes for Ninja Foodi the same way. EXCEPT that you now have an added feature that will crisp your food when it is done cooking if you want to use that step.

ninja foodi recipes

Top 10 Ninja Foodie Recipes

The air fryer benefits far outweigh deep frying but you still get the same great crunchy outside you love. Especially if you live in an area of the country that snows, this comes in handy for cooking inside. You can cook chicken, pork, beef, vegetables, and all sorts of dessert recipes in this pot too.

Yes you can pressure cook with it too but being able to have both handy functions in one work hand in hand. So like when you cook for favorite pot full of spaghetti you can then melt some cheese on the top before serving. Not just melt it but make it a nice golden brown too.

Same goes with things like meat. Cook so the middle is nice and tender but then it is so nice to have some texture on the outside right?? That is why you would normally sear it but no need for another pan here. Now just close the attached lid and get the same crisp all the way around. Now let’s get started, we have a lot of Foodi recipes for you to try over the next few months below!

ninja foodi pot stickers

Free Ninja Foodi Cookbook

Feel free to print out my free Ninja Foodi cookbook here. I also share a VERY helpful printable here that you must have: air fryer cooking times chart.

Keep that and our Ninja Foodi cook times free printable on your fridge so you can cook just about anything.

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ninja foodi recipes

You can even order Ninja Foodi pot stickers here! That’s right! They’re easy to put on, come in dozens of patterns and colors so you can match your kitchen decor perfectly! I bought a white one with black polka dots because I have Farmhouse decor. It was quite easy to apply on all sides and was prettier when sitting on my countertop to match my other countertop appliances.

Can you cook an entire meal in the Ninja Foodi?

Yes you can!! From pressure cooking meat to super tender for your main dish and then choose one of our Ninja Foodi air fryer recipes as a side dish. You can make it all in the same basket, using different lids.

They now have a new version that looks a bit different than you see below. The newest one has just one lid that is attached and does all the things. That is a bit slimmer than this model which is nice as well. I will say that you do not have to buy it if you already have the older style.

I still have the original model from when it first came out and have made all of the air crisp and pressure cooker recipes you see here below. Seriously I just can’t justify paying another couple hundred dollars since my pot works just fine. If you want the newest and greatest then by all means go right ahead. 😉

best ninja foodi recipes

Where can I find easy Ninja Foodi Recipes?

Join my Ninja Foodi food Recipes Facebook group first! There not only I but people from around the world share how they make dishes, instructions with pictures and all. You can use anything with air fryer, pressure cooker or Instant Pot in the title too. Use the lid attached to air crisp and the one that isn’t attached for the latter 2.

Both of them have the same functions so there is no need to spend the extra money to replace what you have. It would just be a matter of saving some space and the look is a bit prettier if I am honest. Decide for yourself but don’t feel like it would make a difference when cooking.

With either you can make ALL THE THINGS my friends. I have tried to provide you lots of resources if you just want to use one of the functions at a time, or both to make a one pot meal. I have individual items like how to cook broccoli, roundups with all of my beef dishes let’s say and seasonal like July Ninja Foodi recipes for summertime.

Wondering if you need the new Ninja Foodi Grill?? How about Ninja Foodi Dual Zone Air Fryer? Here are my reviews!!

ninja foodi recipes

Ninja Foodi One Pot Meal Recipes

We will start with our roundup of Ninja Foodi chicken recipes first, like Ninja Foodi chicken pot pie which uses both functions to make a meal you grew up with but in a deconstructed easier manner. NO oven required to get it all done, and not heat up your house in the process.

  1. Then bread thin breasts to make a batch air fryer chicken cutlets served with dips.
  2. Ninja Foodi chicken soup recipes are here too.
  3. We share how to reheat chicken in Ninja Foodi if you ever have leftovers too.
  4. If you want to find roundups for other categories hover over the NF category in the menu and others like Ninja Foodi pork recipes, beef, etc….

You really can use what you have on hand, and your favorite flavors to make all the things! I like to start with meats that need to be cooked + what is in my pantry and go from there. No need to travel to the store or spend more money if you already have something on hand. I hate wasting food so remember that.

Air fryer fried chicken thighs skinless

Chicken Recipes

One night I threw together some marinated chicken in air fryer and it was delish. Then made air fryer popcorn chicken for the kids and we were hooked. Now if you’re forgetful you can always make our Ninja Food frozen chicken recipe here.

If you’re looking for keto or low carb air fryer recipes we have many of those too like air fryer chicken tenders no breading and many more! How to cook chicken in an air fryer and tips to reheat chicken wings in Ninja Foodi are here for your reference as well.

ninja foodi chicken recipes

Foodie Ninja

Always helpful when you’ve had one of those days. If you like to batch cook or buy in bulk to save money on groceries, so do we. Check out how you can get free ground beef for a year here when you do.

If you hate to waste food like me we also have a list of Ninja Foodi leftover chicken recipes here. Some use raw pieces and others can use shredded or diced cooked pieces. For any and all of them if it calls for fresh and to saute at the beginning, just skip that step since yours is already to temp.

What is a Ninja Cooker?

It’s a pressure cooker and air fryer which is great because then you have the choice of whether you want your Ninja Foodi Broccoli tender or crispy on the outside that day.

I’ve already created a TON of easy pressure cooker recipes. All of these can be used in your Foodi using the pressure cooker function. It’s not just for fresh and/or defrosted proteins though. Cooking frozen meat has never been easier in this thing too!

Then, when my husband came home with this new Ninja Foodi it was time to create lots in this beauty. We’ve been on a mission lately to create lots of easy Ninja recipes to enjoy and share with all of you lately! From reheating chicken tenders in Ninja Foodi to cooking it from fresh or frozen we have it all.

ninja cooking system recipes

BUT…..First we have to answer a few questions like starting with can you put parchment paper in a Ninja Foodi? You may be hesitant and unsure at first so we discuss that very thing in this post above.

How do you use a Ninja Foodi?

The above photo is what it looks like with the pressure cooker lid on and the air fryer lid lifted up. Yes there are TWO lids on the Ninja Foodi Tendercrisp Pressure Cooker! One is for pressure cooking and the other is to air crisp so you can make air fryer bbq chicken wings and so much more.

Then when you’re ready to use the Ninja 4 in 1 cooking system as an air fryer to crisp your food you use the lid that is attached. You can see it closed above. Is Ninja Foodi a slow cooker? Yes, it has that function too! (I typically just use the 2 main ones though)

ninja foodi accessories

What can the Ninja Foodi do?

Well for one thing did you know you could cook from frozen with this thing?? That is right, if you are forgetful like me and sometimes realize right before dinner that the meat you need is still rock solid? Use our tips like how to cook Ninja Foodi frozen ground turkey to save the day!

And we have a bunch of easy and healthy Ninja Foodi recipes of all kinds you can try.

Ninja AirFryer

The great thing about these main two functions is you can use them individually or one after the other. Like when you pressure cook corned beef, then air fry it’s great. Making just air fryer corned beef gives you a totally different texture. Try both and figure our your fave.

ninja foodi recipes

Which are the best pressure cooker machines for our family? My 8 qt. Instant Pot and Ninja Foodi are the perfect duo. I like the added size and height of my 8 qt. IP I love the air fryer function of my Ninja Foodi multi cooker machine. 

What can you cook with a Ninja Foodi?

You can read our entire Instant Pot vs Ninja Foodi review here to make an informed decision yourself if you are on the fence. Then you can cook all the air fryer Costco recipes you want if you’re a big box store lover.

pressure cooker reviews

Ninja Foodi Pressure Cooker Instructions

If you’re wondering how long does Ninja Foodi take to preheat so you can prepare things in a timely manner, we answered that in this article. Here’s how to use the pressure cooker function:

  • Use the included pressure cooker lid (not the one attached to the unit)
  • Place your food into the inner pot
  • Follow instructions in recipe. You can even cook frozen meat in Ninja Foodi!

Or put food into the air fryer basket. It’s good for meats so drippings drip away from food and into the inner pot.

  • Push the power on button (lower right – circle with a small line in the middle)
  • Put lid on, not the one that is attached.

Move top steam valve to “seal” now.

ninja multi cooker

How do you use a Ninja Foodi??

If you want to make a one pot meal like our chicken thighs and rice dish you’ll want to use the lid that is NOT attached. This will make grains fluffy and you’ll never need a rice cooker again after this.

Push the pressure button at the front.

  • Press + or – above the Temp. button to adjust to High or Low
  • Adjust Time needed to cook your Ninja Foodi recipe (use – or + to adjust)
  • Hit the Start button
  • Of course for cook times follow your recipe, this Ninja Foodi cheesy chicken and rice is a great one to start with.

Pot will take a bit of time to reach pressure. Then will count down the number of minutes until it reaches 0. If you’re just starting, this Ninja Foodi Cookbook for beginners has tons of easy meal ideas. Like Ninja Foodi pork tacos and lots more.

ninja slow cooker reviews

Ninja Foodi Air Fryer

How to use the Ninja Foodi air fryer function to cook food from raw, frozen, or just want to crisp skin on your boiled chicken thighs is the same.

Close the attached crisping lid at this time.

  • Turn the machine on
    • Figure out cook time with our air fryer cooking times chart
    • Press air crisp button
    • Set the temperature using the – and + buttons
    • Choose the time using the – and + buttons

Press start at this time.

ninja air fryer
ninja foodi recipes

Ninja Foodi recipes using pressure cooker function

This is helpful so you know how long each piece of meat or things like if you want to be cooking dry mung beans. I also included an air fryer cook times printable.

What is the best thing to cook in Ninja Foodie?

All you have to do to convert Instant Pot recipes to Ninja Foodi pressure cooker recipes is to press the pressure button. You can make anything marked as an IP in this machine too with the lid that is not attached. Like our Instant Pot Chicken and Broccoli you follow the same directions.

Air fryer snacks are the real game changer I think though.  Now veggies become a crunchy treat your kids actually may ask for like our air fryer okra. Throwing a party? Make air fryer stuffed mushrooms! Crispy and full of flavor it’s crazy what crunchy outsides will make you eat.

ninja foodi recipes

Ninja Foodi Breakfast Recipes

Use your Air Fryer function and start by making toast in air fryer at the beginning because that is by far the easiest ever. Then you can pop in a hunk of frozen bacon in Ninja Foodi and get that to crispy to enjoy.

Sausage links in air fryer turn out perfectly. You can use silicone muffin cups with eggs inside and make at the same time too. Serve them with frozen hashbrowns air fryer style sometime. Add some sweetness with Ninja Foodi apples made in chunks or rings.

Sausage Links in Air Fryer

How to Cook Frozen Food in Ninja Foodi

This is the most surprising thing to everyone probably. You can literally put completely rock hard food inside and under high pressure it gets tender in as little as 20 minutes flat. Leftovers turn out great in this multi cooker too using air crisp. Use our frozen food cooking time chart here.

We reheat baked potato in Ninja Foodi all the time for a second go around. As with everything else you can do this in any brand and it works great. This one, to an IP and even Crockpot Express recipes work the same for this.

If you love frittatas you can make one like a crustless Ninja Foodi quiche here. Instead of tacos on Tuesdays you can make Ninja Foodi tamales some time.

Many mornings we will make a small batch of air fryer muffins. From a box or homemade, they’re a great way to start the mornin. During the Fall, Ninja Foodi pumpkin bread is a great dessert or Ninja foodi snack.

blueberry muffin

Easy Breakfast Ninja Foodi Recipes

If it is after the holidays you may have some leftovers to use up. We love Ninja Foodi potato pancakes in the morning or as a side dish for dinner. With some meat from the night before you can dice that up and make it heartier like our air fryer corned beef hash recipe.

You can make protein packed Ninja foodi soft boiled eggs this way. Easy meal that is nutritious and everyone loves. Use crescent rolls and pie filling to make these air fryer dumplings for dessert or breakfast.

A few more breakfast recipes using either the pressure cooker or air fryer functions. Some use both to brown the top. Air Fryer Plantains from Recipes from a Pantry Pressure cooker egg bites are fabulous stuffed with bacon or ham, we love these with air fryer apple fritters.

But now you can make air fryer egg bites with air fryer breakfast potatoes too! Sometimes my girls will just eat a bunch of air fryer apple chips and are ready for the day. lol These 2 ingredient air fryer bagels made into bagel bites stuffed with cream cheese were great

Air Fryer Bagels

Gluten Free Ninja Foodi Recipes

Now when it comes to breaded foods, and finger foods mostly. You can tweak most of them to be GF if you need it to be. One great way is to choose a GF Panko instead of breadcrumbs like we did with Ninja foodi gluten free wings. You don’t miss anything with this method.

Easy Recipes for Ninja Foodi

If you’re making a savory start to the day, this is how to roast tomatoes using the air crisp function. Then make homemade salsa and serve it over the top of deer liver or a Mexican dish.

Same thing goes with others like bite sized seafood. If you are throwing a brunch you’ll want something savory too like our air fryer calamari. SO crunchy and flavorful, and something new your guests will love. Frozen chicken tenderloins in air fryer doesn’t have breading on the outside either.

This Ninja Foodi breakfast is a keeper too. Make our homemade flour tortilla recipe to make Ninja Foodi breakfast burritos! Or serve it with frozen pierogies in air fryer.

ninja foodi breakfast

Foodi Recipes

One of the most basic other than rice would be how to cook Ninja foodi butter noodles. I don’t know about you but my kids could live off these I think and is their favorite side dish of all times. Serve with a air fryer McDonalds fried chicken sandwich and you’ll be their favorite person.

Want to try something totally new? Give these Air Fryer Chanukkah Latkes  a whirl some morning! Forgetful sometimes? You can fry or make Air Fryer Fried Red Tomatoes

No problem, you can cook frozen food in Ninja Foodi too. We do this all the time for dinner or side dishes like Ninja foodi frozen cauliflower and dinners like Ninja foodi frozen popcorn shrimp.

Pair that with a really fun dinner idea like air fryer Doritos chicken wings and seriously you’ll be the hero of the night. Forgetful? NO worries, we have directions on how to cook frozen steak in Ninja Foodi too. Pressure cook to tender and then air crisp at the very end.

Ninja Foodie recipes

Recipes for Foodi

There are a ton of main dish options on our Ninja Foodi beef recipes post here. You can pair them with arborio rice or dice it up and make tacos with homemade taco shells in air fryer or pair with a fave. below;

For a low carb snack between meals, try some Ninja Foodi jicama fries or Ninja Foodi turnip fries sometime. Our air fryer cauliflower steaks or cauliflower pancakes can be a vegetarian dish, snack or side dish with lean protein.

Yummy pop and enjoy bites come in the form of these “fried” Ninja Foodi artichoke hearts. For kids finger foods are all the rage. Give them a tray full of all sorts of different ones and you’ll be the hero of the day. Whole chicken wings in air fryer are another winner for dinner.

For an Asian flare, but really easy, try our Ninja Foodi crab rangoon and/or air fryer won tons recipe here. When it comes to appetizers let’s talk chicken fries shall we? If you haven’t tried them yet they’re the bomb.

air fryer won ton

Ninja Foodi Dinner

Some things make a huge difference when cooking them under high pressure. Tough beef would be one of them. Instead of baking or cooking on the stovetop for hours and hours, you can make Ninja Foodi oxtail soup in about an hour and a half flat!

A great healthy option is to make eggs with some air fryer butternut squash cubes. My kids love air fryer chimichangas for dinner, or Ninja Foodi cheese curds for a snack.

If you need a pressure cooker leftover chicken recipe we have a great one here. Throw in some bell peppers, diced tomatoes and broth to make fajita soup that is to die for. Healthy too. High pressure is the way to go for tough proteins to get them off the bone like Ninja Foodi oxtail and roasts.

Ok and let me tell you about a major game changer for us I made the other night. If you love seafood and fish of all kinds you can make it all with this multi cooker pot. You should start with Ninja Foodi crab legs, then make it a crab boil the next go around. And then there’s Ninja Foodi lobster tails.

Instant Pot Crab Boil

Easy Ninja Foodie Recipes

I have made a few roundups to narrow down the scope of what you might be looking for. One we did recently has all of the air fryer chicken recipes no breading. A great option when you want crispy but without bread crumbs or extra carbs on the outside.

Same goes for Ninja Foodi frozen cod. You can’t really bread the outside when food starts out rock hard, and makes it healthier without it too anyway. Comes out surprisingly delicious. You can even Reheat Fried Fish in Air Fryer the next day.

This is how to make tortilla chips in Ninja Foodi and then the toppings are endless. You can make them more of a meal if you want with something like chili on top, or keep as a snack. Sometimes we will crush them on top of our Steak and Potato Soup.

Don’t overlook the basics though. When it comes to seasonings and herbs it is great to roast those too like our air fryer garlic which is a game changer on Ninja Foodi smashed potatoes.

Use some to make Ninja Foodi chicken vegetable soup when it is chilly inside. You can use white meat or dark. It’s a great one to throw in some leftover Ninja Foodi turkey thighs in too if you have some.

Air Fryer Breakfast Stuffed Peppers 2

If you’re going for high protein low carb choices, the bell peppers above are great. For snacking, give a bunch of Ninja Foodi edamame a whirl. Steamed perfect, salted and ready to enjoy. Serves up great with any of these Frozen Chicken in Air Fryer recipes.

Ninja Foodi Dinner Recipes

Main dishes and a few snacks / side dishes like making air fryer frozen onion rings are game changers! Pair these with Italian sausage air fryer style for a really quick meal.

To make it fun with kids you should make “small chicken” using our Ninja foodi cornish hen recipe here. Tender meat with crispy skin on the outside is a jiffy in this thing.

Serve Ninja Foodi potatoes and onions with any protein for a really cheap and delish side dish. If you only have frozen meat you can still cook a complete meal though. Our frozen chicken and noodles Ninja Foodi meal is a great example of that.

If you need homemade broth to make any of these it is easy to make that too. You can use leftover bones, or use our beef bone marrow recipe. That way you get tender marrow to spread on toast + homemade stock to use for a ton of other dishes.

Bone Marrow Recipe

Foodi Recipes

We just made Ninja Foodi french fries last night, it’s a good one to start with and goes with just about any main dish. Same thing goes with air fryer sweet potato cubes with Ninja Foodi hot wings.

Want to venture out and try something new you haven’t before? We share all the ways of cooking including pressure cooker cow tongue here for you. Then dice and make into tacos or Air Fryer Spring Rolls.

I don’t know about y’all but I grew up on meals that could be made right out of a box or can. With that said we had a lot of tuna fish. I still love it cold but a warm air fryer tuna melt takes it up a notch!

Want to make a healthy side dish that is super cheap too? You can steam a whole cabbage in Ninja Foodi in under 10 minutes now! Pair with a bowl of Ninja foodi ramen stuffed full of bok choy, carrots and other veggies for a hearty meal that is vegetarian.

Try air fryer corn dogs as a fun and simple after school snacks for the kiddos. My tweens are old enough to make these on their own now! OR make homemade Ninja Foodi corndogs some time.

air fryer corn dogs 2

Ninja Foodi Side Dishes

There are tons of these to choose from, just depends on what you’re in the mood for. You can try our Ninja Foodi garlic mashed potatoes or Ninja foodi latkes during the holidays. Those are beyond great.

You can make all sorts of things with different taters, like our air fryer sweet potato wedges, same with russets, Yukon Gold or Ninja foodi red potatoes and more.

Use pepperoncini peppers for a ton of flavor to make a batch of Ninja Foodi Mississippi chicken. Shredded it is great on buns served up as sliders. For another healthy meal, but with a ton of flavor, I suggest Ninja Foodi teriyaki salmon, OMG.

If you love a great steak, try our air fryer filet mignon or air fryer roast beef recipes. Using our dry rub it will blow you away. Served with Ninja Foodi black beans and rice it is a hearty meal.

For a flour alternative but still the same great crunch on the outside, follow our fried chicken in air fryer without flour recipe. With gluten free Ninja Foodi couscous it is a great meal for sure.

ninja foodi fried chicken

Ninja Foodi Vegetable Recipes

Serve any and all of our proteins with Ninja foodi broccoli and/or Ninja foodi beets for a complete meal. If you can only find frozen vegetables in Ninja Foodi we have done that too. Follow our air fryer frozen brussel sprouts recipe and just see.

If you forget to defrost dinner you can still make Ninja Foodi frozen chicken thighs with any of our air fryer zucchini recipes. Air fryer zucchini noodles is probably our favorite duo though.

Then make our air fryer bang bang shrimp dish that is over the top delish. Ninja Foodi General Tsos chicken is pretty darn great too. Make frozen broccoli in pressure cooker as a side dish and enjoy.

Want a killer side dish? On the healthy line would be a batch of tender Ninja Foodi black rice for sure. Make air fryer potato skins sometime for a crowd. For a Super Bowl party you might want a bunch of choices. I would make Ninja Foodi avocado fries with your taters.

loaded potato skins

How to Cook Frozen Food in Ninja Foodi

You totally can cook from frozen to tender in this thing. There are a ton of options listed in this post but our Ninja Foodi frozen chicken legs are probably the easiest. If you want fish from hard to tender, try Ninja foodi frozen tilapia too.

Looking for a healthier way to “fry” your favorite appetizers? Try Ninja Foodi crab cakes with just a spritz of oil and not submerged. If you have leftovers, roll them up into air fryer mashed potato cakes. I talk all about how to cook frozen beef of all kinds here.

If you want some comfort food in a bowl, go for some Ninja Foodi chicken rice soup or chicken crack soup with some bread. For a heartier meal you can make meat and noodles together with this Ninja Foodi chicken alfredo recipe.

High protein, keto and low carb choices are here too with our Ninja Foodi beef recipes roundup post. Pair with some frozen okra in air fryer for a healthy meal this week.

Air fryer chicken thighs with air fryer asparagus is a cheap meal. And air fryer turkey breast is great during the holidays.

cheesy tater tots

Beef in Ninja Foodi

These baby back Ninja Foodi Ribs are just to die for. English Cut Short Ribs are great too. I use barbecue sauce but you could make teriyaki ribs too. Ninja Foodi cornish hens turn out crispy and delicious every time. If you have kids in the home, make a fun vegetable side dish like Ninja Foodi eggplant parmesan bites!

Don’t leave your pets out of the YUM, make them dehydrated dog treats some day. They will love it, you just have to leave off the salt and seasonings for them. For us we like lots of flavor with this homemade sauce with our air fryer beef.

If you consider wieners beef you should try those too. You can of course cook them to crispy as is but if you cut into thirds with our mustard sauce and some brown sugar to caramelize you can make burnt end hot dogs in there too.

Ninja Foodi Short Ribs

For kids they may want finger foods, all the time. In that case you can make air fryer pretzel dogs using our homemade dough or refrigerated type. We use the same thing to make our beef wellington hot pockets too.

Ninja Foodi Fish Recipes

If you want to get them to love healthier dishes, but making them fun it is possible. Cut fish into bite size pieces to make salmon bites, or use white fillets that you love. You can pressure cook, air crisp or use both functions to make baby potatoes to serve on the side too.

You can also pressure cook a whole fish to super tender. Then move to the upper basket and change lids to air fry a whole fish to crispy on the outsides!

Beef Ninja Foodi Recipes

If you are forgetful, you can follow our Ninja Foodi frozen corned beef recipe. It’s not only good in Feb., we make this all year long. Thrilled you can cook frozen food in Ninja Foodi? We have a lot more suggestions. In the morning you can make frozen sausage in air fryer that turn out tender too.

Want a real protein packed meal that is cheap? Make a Ninja Foodi chuck roast and it will be your favorite method of cooking this cut for sure. Paired with Ninja foodi broccolini and bam dinner is done.

Air Fryer Chuck Roast

Recipes for Foodi

Air fryer turkey legs or air fryer turkey wings are great during the holidays with air fryer garlic bread for sure. Add some flare with this bok choy recipe and enjoy.

Wanna’ go “fancy” some night, give lamb chops in air fryer a whirl with your loved one. If you kids prefer more common flavors this is how to make tuna patties for them.

Use the pressure cooker function to cook pork for tamales too. OMG it comes out melt in your mouth tender this way. Add the sauce right in the pot or use just water and add that later.

OH my and for a snack or quick dinner, try pizza rolls in an air fryer some night. OR make semi-homemade Ninja Foodi hot pockets. If you’re having a finger food type of night, add some homemade mozzarella sticks air fryer style.

For an easy seafood meal try frozen salmon in air fryer, air fryer fish and chips, or our air fryer scallops a whirl. You can put any of these inside air fryer fish tacos and load them up with fixings too.

fish and chips

What can you cook in a Ninja foodi

All the things. We even figured out how to use a wet batter in it too. We made beer battered fish in air fryer with this little trick and it worked great. It is always great to use a sauce to keep it moist. BBQ is an easy choice but others like the one on Ninja Foodi pesto chicken is amazing too.

Then try Ninja Foodi pork chops and rice together. You can serve this with a batch of air fryer carrots or lentils and rice to add some veggies to your plate.

Air Fryer Chicken Wings baking powder are a game changer. This every day kitchen ingredient sprinkled on chicken makes the skin so crispy you’ll never go back. Want tender thighs or breasts? Try our Ninja Foodi chicken tacos.

Of course we discussed meatloaf above but we have also made Meatloaf Wrapped Bacon using the air crisp function too.

And buttered pressure cooker cabbage goes with all the things friends. If you like your leaves a bit crispier, you can make fried cabbage in air fryer with this machine too. I mean even air fryer turkey necks are pretty killer with it.

Buttered Pressure Cooker Cabbage

Soup Recipes Ninja Foodi

If you’re forgetful you can make Ninja Foodi chicken noodle soup with frozen chicken. Or use fresh or leftover meat to make a batch of buffalo chicken soup in your pot.

Want to make your kids a fan of whatever you make? Serve your main dish with russet potato chips using the air crisp function. Even if you cook something healthy like air fryer walleye it is a fun addition to the overall meal.

Our fingerling potatoes cooked to crispy turn out great and go with all the things. Instead of using oil you can make air fryer curry fried chicken with far fewer calories and fat but crispy too.

Creamy, but still with healthy ingredients, you can try this Ninja Foodi potato leek soup some night with a side of rolls. If you want to start from scratch with dry beans and NO soaking required, try our Ninja Foodi 15 bean soup recipe.

Healthy pressure cooker cabbage soup is killer during the Fall. And when you have lots of people over for the big game, make Ninja Foodi pork butt with bbq sauce.

instant pot macaroni and cheese 2

Here are a few more easy Ninja cooker recipes

And you can use all sorts of things to create homemade nuggets and things. We use crackers or chips like our our Cheese It chicken tenders and they are just absolutely amazing.

Ninja Foodi buffalo wings can be pressure cooked and then air crisped at the end. Use the same black basket so there’s no extra dishes to wash, just one and done.

Make simple with salt and pepper or use our dry rub to make ribeye in air fryer tonight. Serve it with Ninja Foodi Jasmine rice for a complete low fat meal.

Did you know you can cook a pressure cooker frozen whole chicken in the Ninja Foodi (comes in handy when you’ve forgotten to defrost dinner). Throw some leftovers into Ninja Foodi pad thai or make some chicken fajita tacos with peppers and enjoy.

You’ll love this air fryer ham for the holidays, or throughout the year too. NO more heating up the oven. Pair it with Ninja Foodi frozen asparagus for a complete meal.

ham in air fryer

What is the best thing to cook in the Ninja Foodi?

It is hard to come up with a smaller list than what is here because if we didn’t like one we wouldn’t post it. If you are a beginner though I would suggest making penne pasta in Ninja Foodi. An easier way to eat spaghetti than those long noodles and just 3 ingredients.

And then let’s talk holidays. You can use this to make a bunch of appetizers, to give your oven a rest like our Air Fryer Halloumi Cheese. Using the high pressure function, we have a bunch of easy Ninja Foodi Chicken Thigh Recipes for you too.

If you are looking for easy international dishes you should give our pressure cooker curry with chicken a whirl. You could use other meats but this one will absorb a lot of the flavors best and make a fork tender meal in no time.

Want a homemade Asian meal? Try air fryer sesame chicken some night. You can make it with fresh meat diced up with the sauce or use leftovers from your air fryer frozen whole chicken from the night before.

Ninja Foodi Shredded Chicken

Ninja Foodie Recipes

We share here how to reheat pizza in Ninja Foodi. It is way better than the microwave y’all. BUT can. I tell you our favorite meal ever?? Air fryer tri tip tops the list for sure.

Want to be a hit with the kiddos? Try pressure cooker porcupine meatballs some night. If you’re using this as an appetizer, try Ninja Foodi buffalo chicken dip with some pasta chips made in there too.

8 Ninja Foodi cabbage recipes are here too. I didn’t find a love of this green veggie until I was older but now I love it with tahini chicken and all the things.

ninja foodi cabbage recipes

Pressure Cooker Recipes for Ninja Foodi

If you make any soups you can start with making Ninja Foodi bone broth and then go from there. Homemade all the way is wonderful. You can use it in all sorts of things like soups and things like Ninja Foodi cauliflower curry and more.

I use onions to add a ton of flavor to a dish real cheap. One of the best is this Ninja Foodi french onion chicken recipe we love. We add quite a few to our Ninja Foodi ground beef and potatoes casserole as well.

If you want a pick up and go kinda’ meal like chicken taquitos air fryer those turn out great. Crispy, you can fill with any precooked meat you have on hand with cheese and salsa, bam!

Air Fryer Falafel

Foodie Recipes

If you want to try something new this week I would go for a few lamb ribs in air fryer. OMG they turn out so great with a bit of crisp on the edges. Kids love these with a crispy side dish so I use one drawer to make frozen sweet potato fries air fryer with it.

Then try making a Ninja Foodi tri tip or Ninja Foodi brisket with gravy in one pot. OR if you want something different, try air fryer falafel some night.

I’ve got another one that you’ll either love or ewwwww. Air fryer chicken gizzards. Some hate to waste food, period and want to know how to make everything on the bird taste great. This is for you if you’re that person. They are actually quite yummy this way, give them a whirl.

Want a really easy meal? You can throw a frozen pork butt in pressure cooker and walk away. Also, try a frozen turkey burger in air fryer dressed all up.

air fryer turkey burger

Best Ninja Foodi Dinner Recipes

I love casseroles made in about 10 minutes. Seriously it doesn’t heat up the house in the oven but you can still cook noodles with meat, cheese and sauce all at the same time. Pressure cooker cheesesteak pasta is just one of many.

If you have been forgetful and don’t have defrosted meat, don’t fret. You can still make a meal that is family friendly like our Frozen Chicken and Rice Instant Pot that we love.

Fried air fryer oysters are a great snack, appetizer or meal. Pair them with a salad and air fryer croutons for a full meal. If you love Japanese food, give our Ninja Foodi chicken katsu a whirl.

Give our air fryer flautas stuffed with beef, chicken or pork a whirl some night. Or in the summertime, we love Ninja Foodi country pork ribs.

This Ninja Foodi roast recipe with mushroom gravy is great. You can also try Ninja Foodi roast beef, medium rare or tender and shredded.

pressure cooker roast

Grab this Ninja Foodi Cookbook for beginners with tons of ideas

For a shredded beef that will just melt in your mouth, go with Ninja Foodi birria tacos. It’s a throw it all in kinda’ dish that’s just comfort food. To use up leftover meat I would suggest ground turkey patties, you could use chicken too though.

Make old fashioned dishes all in this one multi pot like Ninja Foodi shepherds pie like your grandmother made it but easier.

We love throwing our frozen dinners in there and it’s so good like air fryer orange chicken and more. You can cook from frozen too. A really cheap and easy meal is Ninja Foodi frozen hot dogs. Even kids will want seconds.

If you love Indian food you will likely appreciate our Ninja Foodi lentil curry dish. As a side or main vegetarian option it’s packed with flavor. How about some pressure cooker cashew chicken for dinner!

air fryer pretzel bites

Ninja Foodi recipes using the air fryer function

We have made zucchini corn fritters in it to get the outsides super crispy. Kinda’ like a vegetable pancake of sorts. A great side dish or vegetarian meal.

Ninja Foodi chicken cordon bleu we made wrapped in dough and air fried so it was like a hot pocket of sorts. A favorite amongst the kids for a carry and go type of meal.

When I am heading to a potluck I might make a healthier dish. Our air fryer Mediterranean roasted vegetables is always a huge hit to break thru all the other heavy dishes there.

Take a few extra minutes and make these homemade air fryer fish nuggets for you and your kids. You can eat them as is with tartar sauce or go a step further and add all the things into tortillas to make Ninja Foodi tacos!

homemade fish nuggets

Ninja Foodi Finger Foods

Then you can make a batch of air fryer tofu bites that are incredible and a healthy snack. It comes out crispy a bit but still tender in the center. Same goes for our ground chicken meatballs here.

If you have little ones who are starting to transition to whole foods you can make carrots and apple so soft that they can be cooled and picked up. OR you can puree them into baby food for a smoother texture for younger ones.

You can cook some pressure cooker pork roast a bit longer so it shreds nicely. Then use little rolls to make sliders with it topped with some cool coleslaw on top. If you want a bit more crisp on the outside though you can slice a cooked air fryer frozen roast when done though and make sandwiches out of it.

Ninja Foodi Appetizers

Speaking of that….try some Ninja Foodi popcorn some movie night with your kiddos for fun.

And there are tons of different side dishes you can make in this thing. Our Ninja Foodi mashed sweet potatoes are probably the kids fave.

Air Fryer Whole Chicken

You can try our Monte Cristo in air fryer recipe some time too. Many times if I have steak on hand I will make a batch of rice and Ninja Foodi beef and broccoli!

Ninja Foodi chicken recipe

A favorite in our house is this pressure cooker creamy chicken. Tender and shredded in cream of chicken soup served over rice or egg noodles it is a feel good meal you will love and cheap to boot too. You could add leftovers or precooked meat to our asparagus and spinach soup too.

ninja foodi recipes
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Easy Ninja Foodi Recipes

This Ninja Foodi recipe is how to cook a whole chicken in your air fryer and pressure cooker machine! Best rotisserie style chicken ever.
Course Entree, Main Course
Cuisine American
Keyword air fryer, chicken, ninja foodi, pressure cooker
Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 1 hour
Servings 6
Calories 337kcal
Author The Typical Mom




  • Rinse chicken and remove any items from inside bird. Dry with paper towels.
  • Rub olive oil all over outside skin and place whole chicken with breast side down into the air fryer basket.
  • Sprinkle half the seasonings on chicken skin facing the top and close your air crisp lid.
  • Set to air crisp at 360 degrees for 30 minutes.
  • Then lift air crisp lid and flip chicken over to the other side.
  • Spray with a bit of olive oil spray and sprinkle the rest of your seasonings on the chicken that is now facing up.
  • Close lid and continue cooking at 360 degrees for 30 more minutes.
  • Remove and always use meat thermometer to ensure it is cooked thoroughly before consuming. Enjoy!
Nutrition Facts
Easy Ninja Foodi Recipes
Amount Per Serving (3 oz)
Calories 337 Calories from Fat 234
% Daily Value*
Fat 26g40%
Saturated Fat 6g38%
Cholesterol 95mg32%
Sodium 3190mg139%
Potassium 240mg7%
Carbohydrates 1g0%
Fiber 1g4%
Sugar 1g1%
Protein 24g48%
Vitamin A 178IU4%
Vitamin C 2mg2%
Calcium 18mg2%
Iron 1mg6%
* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.

Ninja Pressure Cooker Recipes

You have a choice when it comes to this pot right? I mean you can pressure cook only when it comes to Ninja Foodi vegetarian soup but with meat I would use that and to air crisp.

And on to more one pot pressure cooker recipes that are kid friendly too. And always, you should try something new like air fryer eggplant, you might be surprised that they love it!

Easy Foodi Recipes

Ninja Foodi chili is made with just a few ingredients and great inside potatoes.

Pressure Cooker Refried Beans

We’re not done yet though! For another Ninja Foodi food recipe you should try our pressure cooker jambalaya recipe! Use spicy andouille sausage for whopping flavors everyone is sure to love at dinnertime.

There are a bunch of stew meat recipes you can make in your Foodi that come out fall apart tender.

ninja foodi mashed potatoes

Recipes for Ninja Foodi

Want a really cheap meal using just both functions. Start with pressure cooker chicken leg quarters, then move to air crisp to get the skin nice and crispy with seasonings and olive oil. If you love cheese cheese and more cheese you’re going to love our Ninja Foodi taco pasta dinner too.

If you’re looking for low carb we have this Ninja Foodi spaghetti squash pizza pasta that is yummy. You can even make Ninja Foodi frozen broccoli and serve it as a side dish.

ninja foodi review

Vegetables in Ninja Foodi

Then try our air fryer egg rolls or if you like frozen egg rolls in air fryer instead, they’re great too. Then try a batch of bbq Ninja Foodi chicken legs for dinner.

Now our air fryer stuffed peppers have a lot of flexibility. Made with ground beef is great but add some spicy sausage into the mix makes them out of this world I tell you.

air fryer stuffed bell peppers

A fun snack are these air fryer carrot fries. Tastes close to sweet potato fries but homemade.

Air Fryer Stuffed Chicken Breast

Air fryer meatballs are keto and low carb goodness.

Meatballs in the Air Fryer

Looking for Ninja Foodi Vegetable Recipes

We have a bunch for mixed squash, zucchini, cauliflower and more! Let’s get to eating healthier this year shall we?

Air Fryer Chicken Fried Steak

If you love one pot meals with pasta and protein in one, try our pressure cooker lemon chicken casserole. In just a few minutes with a quick release, you’ll have a complete dinner in no time.

Just a note: Making slow cooker recipes in your pot are possible, but not recommended by me. I have tried a few in all the different pressure cookers I own and it doesn’t work well at all. Just use your good old fashioned crock for those.

pork loin in air fryer

But we’re not done yet! We have created a few other Foodi and air fryer dinner recipes you can try like:

If you want to try everything in it, give frozen pizza in air fryer a whirl.

OR on a healthier note, try frozen fish in air fryer and pair it with some rice. We have a bunch of other easy air fryer fish recipes to try as well like Ninja Foodi catfish and more.

ninja foodi fish

Then I had a large piece of beef I wanted to cook. I made a homemade marinade, soaked it overnight and made this to die for air fryer roast! Try to make ribs in air fryer next with our homemade barbecue sauce with a side of air fryer mushrooms.

Ninja Foodi Dessert Recipes

For dessert try this pressure cooker lava cake that is amazing…and air fryer monkey bread too. Want to try a chocolate Ninja Foodi dessert? Try this air fryer cake that’s ooey gooey and delicious.

And during the Fall, air fryer pumpkin pie is a must. If you want something a little lighter you can try our air fryer peaches. Use a box of cake mix to make just a few or 18 Ninja Foodi cupcakes with your kiddos.

Then go on and try to make a few air fryer cookies y’all! Small batches like Air Fryer Peanut Butter Cookies are great so they’re always fresh and NO need to heat up your oven. You can even make an air fryer pizookie now too.

We make a batch of Dulce de Leche Pressure Cooker style to drizzle over treats often during the holidays.

small batch chocolate chip cookies

Ninja Recipes

Air fryer apple pie egg rolls can use fresh fruit or pie filling for a sweet treat.

We love a frozen burrito in an air fryer or air fryer sweet potato chips as a quick snack. Over mashed potatoes we love a dinner of Ninja Foodi pot roast. OH MY is this tender and delicious.

Using our very popular dry rub we made air fryer steak bites that were out of this world!!

There’s a new device on the market now too for dessert. You can now try the Ninja Creami ice cream machine which we love.

ninja foodi recipe easy
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