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31+ Easy Instant Pot Sausage Recipes

We’ve got lots of Instant Pot sausage recipes for you to enjoy with ground sausage as well as sausage links mild or spicy. Breakfast and dinner are covered in no time at all when you use your pressure cooker.

instant pot sausage recipes

Looking for easy Instant Pot sausage recipes for dinners throughout the week? We have a bunch of Instant Pot recipe comfort food dishes to choose from here on The Typical Mom blog. (originally published 1/18, participant in the amazon program, affiliate links present)

Instant Pot Italian Sausage Recipes

We will share ideas for kielbasa style sausage links, as well as ground in a roll. Both spicy and mild there are TONS of possibilities for making a casserole with it, or adding peppers for a low carb meal. I mean anything using ground sausage could also use ground beef alternatively, or half and half.

You can use any brand of cooker you might have on your countertop too. If you have a Crockpot Express, go for it. A mealthy works, and we love easy Ninja Foodi recipes too. They all work the same, the latter just has the air crisp option as well.

If you are new to pressure cooking we have a lot of easy one pot meal recipes for you here. To begin with let’s start with a few basic tips:

For reference, this is the pressure cooker I have (a 6 quart) and use for all recipe creations.

star wars instant pot

Ninja Foodi Sausage Recipes

I have a hard time not pressure cooking because it makes my life so much easier and reduces cooking time to next to nothing. It is kinda’ hard remembering what it was like to not have a multi cooker pressure cooker on hand really.

  • I really see ground sausage as a great alternative to ground beef recipes in every respect. Of course pork typically has a higher fat content but that also means more flavor.
  • Jimmy Dean spicy is probably my favorite amongst them all. Many times I will use half of this roll mixed with regular so it is the perfect amount of heat. Period.

We prefer spicy sausage over anything else. It lends a ton of flavor which means I don’t have to add any additional spices.

pressure cooker sausage and peppers 3

Sausage Instant Pot recipes

Easy Instant Pot stuffed peppers can use ground sausage or beef, either is great. My family loved this one. Here are a few questions you might have in mind before you get going:

How do you defrost sausages in an Instant Pot?

We share in our Instant Pot brats recipe how to cook frozen or fresh perfectly. There isn’t a big difference in cook time really. Just a few minutes to the best meal ever.

How do you cook pork sausages?

I typically use sliced precooked links for most of these Instant Pot sausage recipes. You can cook from raw as well by steaming inside a vegetable steamer basket too. Air fryer sausage is amazing foodi frozen sausage

Can you air fry with Instant Pot?

You can now if you purchase a CrispLid but it isn’t as good as a “regular” electric air fryer <—–my favorite – in my opinion.

Should I buy an air fryer or an Instant Pot?

I say both for sure. They both offer very different functions and I use them both equally every week to make healthy dinners, casseroles and cheap meals.

Our pressure cooker jambalaya is made with sausage links! If you like spicy Southern style then I would use andouille. Kielbasa is great for a lot of flavor but no heat though too.

instant pot jambalaya

Instant Pot Sausage Recipes Healthy

Instant Pot breakfast casserole – 4 different ways to make this and each way could use sausage.

Using spicy ground sausage, I’d suggest trying our easy Instant Pot stuffed pepper soup sometime.

Pressure Cooker Sausage and Cabbage casserole

Instant Pot Sausage Pasta

Instant Pot sloppy joe casserole – how could you go wrong…

OH MY you’ve gotta’ try this Pressure Cooker sausage casserole. Amazing with mild or spicy sausage and beef or chicken broth with rice.

instant pot sausage recipe

Can you cook frozen breakfast sausage in Instant Pot

You can. I would use the timing and instructions for how to cook frozen ground beef first. Then turn to saute and cook as you follow whatever dish you want to make. It is quite easy to defrost or thaw it out initially so it can be cooked to a safe internal temperature.

Then comes this cheesy pot of goodness here. Instant Pot sausage and rice is just amazing.

Use spicy ground for this and don’t count the calories with each bite. 😉

instant pot sausage and rice

That’s the thing with ground sausage. You can use it in place of ground beef in almost every recipe that calls for it and it brings the flavors to a new level.

There are SO many seasonings inside that you don’t need much else.

  • Use ground sausage in our Instant Pot chili mac. A childhood fave for most people you just need a few cans of this and that to make.
ninja foodi sausage recipes

Ground Sausage in Instant Pot

Unstuffed Instant Pot stuffed pepper casserole – same great flavors but way easier to make than the traditional method.

  • Instant Pot lasagna soup is a great year round meal that is a game changer for us. Never again will I mess with messy floppy noodles that I have to boil ahead of time.

One pot meals with noodles, protein and cheese all mixed together is where it’s at y’all! Kids love it because it is WAY easier to eat than the traditional version and it saves me tons of time.

Pressure Cooker Breakfast 3

Sausage is great for just about any meal, including breakfast like you see here above! I have made this breakfast bundt cake with spicy ground sausage as well as ham and I’d say the sausage won!

Lots of flavor in Instant Pot gumbo for sure. I omit the okra just because it isn’t my favorite but you can add just about anything to this.

Instant Pot sausage breakfast

The recipe for this dish is below! You can see the end result here but ingredient list and instructions are in the recipe box below.

instant pot sausage recipes 2

Instant Pot sausage casserole

  • 1.5 qt. casserole dish – oven safe
  • Small loaf of sourdough bread
  • Cheese
  • Bell peppers
  • Sausage links
  • Eggs
  • Milk
  • Seasoning

Just throw it all together in your pan, in on high pressure. Instead of a quick release allow steam to release naturally for best results.

instant pot breakfast recipe

Instant Pot sausage recipe

Printable instructions for this easy recipe is below.

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sausage recipes
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Instant Pot Sausage Recipes

We’ve got lots of Instant Pot sausage recipes for you to enjoy with ground sausage as well as sausage links mild or spicy. Breakfast and dinner are covered.
Course Breakfast, Entree, Main Course, Snack
Cuisine American, Mexican
Keyword bread pudding, casserole, egg free, instant pot, loaf, pressure cooker, recipes, sausage, sourdough
Prep Time 15 minutes
Cook Time 20 minutes
Total Time 35 minutes
Servings 5
Calories 582kcal
Author The Typical Mom



  • Spray inside of casserole dish with non stick spray.
  • Cube your sourdough bread loaf and put inside your dish on bottom, up to about 3/4 of the way full inside your dish.
  • Sprinkle your cajun sausage pcs., green peppers, and jalapenos on your bread pcs., then sprinkle your cheese on top of all of that. 
  • In a bowl beat your eggs, add your milk, and seasonings and pour over bread mixture.
  • Cover your casserole dish with foil.
  • Add 1.5 c of water into your Instant Pot and set trivet in the bottom.
  • Make a sling out of foil and lower your dish on to your trivet.
  • Close lid and steam valve and set on pressure high for 20 minutes.
  • Allow to naturally release steam for 20 minutes, then lift out and allow to cool a bit so it will firm up and you can slice and lift out pieces cleanly. Enjoy


Nutrition Facts
Instant Pot Sausage Recipes
Amount Per Serving (3 oz)
Calories 582 Calories from Fat 234
% Daily Value*
Fat 26g40%
Saturated Fat 11g69%
Cholesterol 192mg64%
Sodium 1198mg52%
Potassium 448mg13%
Carbohydrates 56g19%
Fiber 3g13%
Sugar 6g7%
Protein 29g58%
Vitamin A 1740IU35%
Vitamin C 43.9mg53%
Calcium 284mg28%
Iron 4.8mg27%
* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.
instant pot sausage recipes 2
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Marianne Jackson

Thursday 2nd of January 2020

I was looking for a ONE INGREDIENT RECIPE and your search engine sent me to a page that had numerous recipes that had nothing to do with what I was looking for. Granted, I am new to Instant Pot, but I am not so dumb that I can’t see what I was looking for. I save the link and got the app. I think I’m going to delete it. I’ve just wasted 30m of my time trying to get through your website (can you say OVERDONE AND TOO MANY LINKS BY SOMEONE WITH ADD?). Signed, Someone who just want to know how to cook breakfast sausage.


Friday 7th of April 2023

@Marianne Jackson, wow what a snarky comment. You know the woman who posted this list of recipes doesn't control the search engine right? She is just sharing some recipes. And really, 30 minutes?? Took me 5 minutes to scroll down to the bottom.

The Typical Mom

Thursday 2nd of January 2020

Well, if you just want to cook breakfast sausage in your IP just set to saute with olive oil and cook it. This title does say recipes meaning plural which means it includes many different options. There is a link for pressure cooker sausage which is for links too.

Barbara Fischl

Friday 21st of September 2018

Thank you for all the recipes. I bought an instant pot and I could not find recipes I like. I saw yours and want to try them all!

The Typical Mom

Saturday 22nd of September 2018

Thank you!

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