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Looking for easy ground beef recipes? We’ve got them all! From Crockpot to casseroles and Instant Pot ground beef recipes too. Follow The Typical Mom blog for many family friendly dinners.

First let’s share a few tips on how to thaw ground beef in microwave if you’re in a pinch. Staying in a hotel and that is your only way to cook? Can you cook ground beef in the microwave? You can!! We will show you how.

Asking what should I make for dinner tonight? We have a lot of ideas for you!

Stuffed green peppers are great
Homemade hamburger helper is a kid favorite meal
Cheeseburger macaroni is amazing
Crockpot chili or Instant Pot chili mac is the best with lots of cheese.

What is the most popular meal? Statistics show it is salad, but we’re not talking losing weight here. Next are dishes like meatloaf and tacos. Now we’re talking!

Simple ground beef recipes are so popular because it is an inexpensive protein to buy. 93% lean is the priciest type but even then it makes for pretty cheap recipes.

For things like meatloaf I actually prefer the 73 lean version so it binds a bit better.
When I make things like basic meatballs I prefer a leaner batch.

No matter what way you “cut it” it’s a meat your kids probably prefer.

If you’re looking for Easy Ground Beef Recipes with Few Ingredients you’ll love, try a few of ours!

Old Fashioned Stuffed Green Peppers Recipe

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Ground Beef Hash Brown Casserole

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