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Easy 1 Minute Mug Recipes

Lots of mug recipes you can make for dinner or dessert that take about 1 minute and they’re done! Easy mug recipes, you’ve got to try the brownie in a mug, pizza, and even angel food cake in a mug!

mug recipes

OH MY goodness, do you love easy mug recipes as much as we do??!! We’ve made desserts, and dinner in them! Have you tried making pizza in a mug, or maybe a delicious peanut butter brownie in a mug? Most take only 1 minute to cook so it is perfect for a late night treat, and really fun for kids too. (originally published 1/17, affiliate links present)

My kids love baking in a microwave. Being able to make their own after school snack “all by myself” has been great for them and ME. I love it too because let’s face it, I have a sweet tooth. That is why I started with how to make a mug cake with cake mix and just kept going with lots of others below.

Best Mug Cake Recipes

There are many more things other than cake though. Making a chocolate chip cookie in a mug is a perfect size and just what I need sometimes. Here are a bunch of easy mug recipes you can make right at home too!

You will need this for all the easy mug cake recipes below:

  1. Large mugs and a microwave
    1. smaller coffee mugs will cause batter to overflow
  2. Cocoa powder is used for some chocolate recipes
  3. Milk – could substitute for almond milk

We will start with our pancake in a mug and blueberry muffin a mug! They’re great ways to start the morning.

breakfast in a mug

What can be made in a mug?

After we showed you how to make pasta in the microwave using a bowl we ventured into one servings in a cup. Believe it or not you can really “bake”, boil and cook all sorts of things. The trick is to pair down the ingredients so it fits and doesn’t overflow when cooking in a mug.

Mug Cake Recipe Chocolate Chip

Here are a few questions you might have right about now:

How do you make a mug cake better?

You can add mini chocolate chips, sprinkles, or put a tsp of peanut butter in the center like we do with our mug to make a brownie in a mug

Is it safe to eat mug cakes?

As long as you use a microwave and/or oven safe mug then it is really no different safety wise than making it in the oven. It is just made for one instead of a crowd is all. Small batch cake and cookies are great.

This is probably our most popular mug cookie on our site. Oooey and gooey you’ll be hooked! What’s great about all of these is you just add all the ingredients in a mug, stir, and microwave for 1-2 minutes. From start to finish it is less than 15 minutes before you can enjoy all the sweetness!

chocolate chip cookie in a mug

Chocolate Chip Mug Cake Recipe

Chocolate cake in a mug can be made with any flavor really, even red velvet.

This is a great lunch or quick after school snack the kids can make all by themselves! If you’ve never tried making a pizza in a mug you’re in for a treat.

pizza in a mug

Dinner in a mug

Then make an omelet in a mug for a meal and load it up with meat and/or veggies of your choice.

omelette in a mug

Breakfast in a mug

I guess what we love about easy mug recipes is that you get just enough without having to make an entire cake, or casserole dish full of macaroni and cheese. If you love sweet breads, banana bread in a mug works well if you have a ripe naner on hand.

For an after school snack my kids love pizza in a mug. Especially when it’s Summertime I definitely do NOT want to turn on the oven so a mug cake recipe is just perfect! Great for portion control too when you’re watching your waistline. 😉

bread pudding in a mug

Easy Mug Recipes

Another trick to make your mug recipe “last longer” is use a small spoon when you’re eating it. LOL. Makes it seem like there’s a bit more. Honestly though it is the perfect size for me just about any day.

Dessert in a Mug

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