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The Best Dutch Oven Recipes

Here are 30 easy dutch oven recipes you can use at home or when you’re camping. From dinners to bread and dutch oven desserts too you will find a variety of simple and easy to put together meals here you can cook in your cast iron dutch oven. I love this thing!

dutch oven recipes 3

Do you love easy dutch oven recipes? I do!! Ok I will admit that I am new to the whole concept. Kinda’ like using my crockpot but that seasoned goodness from cast iron cooking. (originally published 2/18, affiliate links present)

Dutch Oven Recipe

  • I have had a few cast iron skillets since I got married and use those frequently but last year I was really curious about using a cast iron pot so I bought one.

Quickly I realized that even baking bread in a Dutch Oven was better than other methods!

If you’re new to using this enclosed cast iron pot, let me share a little information:

dutch oven

I first made this Dutch oven stew that came out SO good and I loved how easy it was to dump everything in. Just throw it in the oven and have a really tender meal is created. All of these are perfect for Fall and Winter time. It’s a feel good comfort food we probably all ate growing up for sure.

Another thing that reminds me of my childhood was this green veggie. Didn’t like it back then but boy is dutch oven cabbage so good now!

Easy dutch oven recipes

dutch oven recipes

This is what my cast iron pot looks like. I have a 7 quart, linked below, which has been a good size for the 5 of us. I would say it is adequate for up to 6 in the family. There are larger and smaller versions too.

It is different from other pots you might have as most come “seasoned” and you don’t wash it and scrub it like you would with a ceramic or teflon pan. You jus need a wipe down really once you’re done.

If you need some tips on cast iron skillet care for your dutch oven we have a bunch of those too! Olive oil is key.

cast iron skillet

How I store my cast iron pans is to put each one inside a paper grocery bag and stack them like that so they aren’t sticking together.

  • If you are curious about it this is similar to the 7 qt. dutch oven I bought which wasn’t too expensive.
  • Another great thing about it is it’s great for camping.
  • Dutch oven recipes are so versatile. Since it holds quite a bit it is perfect for making stew, roasts, soups and more.

However you use it I hope I have a few more recipes you can try in your cast iron pot.

dutch oven recipes

If you’re looking for main dishes for dinner I have a lot of ideas here from my friends. There are also many soups as well as side dishes, dessert, and even how to cast iron bread recipes! Some take 30 minutes and some take a while longer. It is so versatile I tell you.

Dutch oven recipes

If you’re looking for a new way to cook chicken for dinner you’ve got to try this Dutch oven whole chicken recipe (shown below).

Dutch oven ham is perfect for Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner. I mean it doesn’t have to wait until the holidays y’all, make one year round for sure. Then make a ton of leftover ham recipes with it.

dutch oven ham 2

Sometimes for Christmas we ditch the ham and make a dutch oven tri tip instead. It is so moist and delicious I tell you.

Warm Dutch oven broccoli cheese soup is great during the Wintertime. Pair it with some easy pull apart bread with fresh veggies inside for a homemade soup you’ll all love.

quick broccoli cheese soup 2

Flavorful Dutch oven chicken pot pie is our favorite next to chicken soup on chilly days.

oven roast recipe

Throw some vegetables in the pot too to soak up that delicious chicken broth too and you have a complete meal when it is done.

Uncover for a bit to get a nice golden brown on top like this so not only is the chicken moist and delicious but the skin is super flavorful as well.

dutch oven whole chicken

Looking for pasta to cook in your dutch oven, we have a few ideas for you here including a no boil spaghetti recipe above and one of my favorites which is goulash.

I mean we all had that growing up right, and simmered nice and slow in your cast iron pot it is even better.

There is something about dutch oven recipes that brings out amazing flavors!

Mashed potatoes in your cast iron pot are possible too if you have never tried them. Yes they take longer than Instant Pot mashed potatoes but it’s fun to test other methods of cooking to see which one you love most.

pressure cooker mashed potatoes

This dutch oven corned beef and cabbage is amazing and something you should cook way more often than just on St. Patricks Day.

This is where it all started though, with a simple whole chicken in a dutch oven which came out amazing.

Similar to slow cooked as it fell off the bone with NO knives required. The pot though gave it a nice added flavor you can’t get elsewhere.

dutch oven whole chicken

I have a bunch more to choose from here. I love a great pot of soup when it is chilly outside, so do my kiddos. If you didn’t know you could cook a yummy batch of pasta in your cast iron pot, you can!! Give a few of these a whirl too this week like……

dutch oven recipes

Dutch Oven Desserts

Dutch Oven Snacks

You can find more dutch oven recipes on my easy camping recipes and meal planning post.

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Wednesday 23rd of March 2022

Now that Instant Pot came out with their Precision Dutch Oven, I hope you’ll experiment using it with these recipes.


Monday 29th of June 2020

I like your recipes . Thanks

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Sunday 30th of December 2018

Great information! interesting read thanks for sharing


Sunday 29th of July 2018

Very informative for a "rookie Dutch oven user" like me..! I cannot wait till I try to cook & taste one of your "beef stew" recipe..!

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