Easy Camping Recipes and Meal Planning

We love to travel as a family and when you’re planning a camping trip in a tent using only a campfire or grill to cook you need a lot of easy camping recipes to choose from! A lot of camping foods are obvious (like s’mores and hot dogs), but there are lots of other things that are simple to cook over a campfire that you may not have thought about. Of course having the right items to cook with and eat with make a difference too. I will share with you what food to take camping, and the easiest way to cook over the campfire too! I hope this helps make your camping experience great.

easy camping recipes

Ok so you’re going camping but you need some meal planning ideas for when you’re in the great outdoors. If you have an RV you have a lot more options and can use just about any of my Instant Pot recipes for meals, but if you are staying in a tent with just a campfire or grill to cook on it requires a bit more creativity and planning. The above checklist gives you an option for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and a few desserts. You can check off which meals you want to plan on, or use it to mark off when you’ve packed the ingredients to make that meal. Whatever way you use this easy camping recipes meal planning printable I hope it is helpful!

Here are a few items to cook with that will make cooking over the campfire easier, and you will need to make the easy camping recipes below (affiliate links present):

  1. Dutch oven (HUGE help and you can use this for almost all of your cooking)
  2. Roasting skewers
  3. Aluminum foil
  4. Camping mug set
  5. Dish washing basin
  6. Sporks

Easy Camping Recipes

Day 1

  1. Cinnamon rolls cooked in orange rinds
  2. Chicken salad sandwiches
  3. Mini cakes cooked in orange rinds

Day 2

  1. Potato and sausage foil packets
  2. Pastrami sandwiches
  3. Frito pie
  4. Dutch oven dump cake

Day 3

  1. Instant oatmeal over the campfire, or make your own oatmeal (can be used for snacks too)
  2. Peanut butter and jelly (no cooking required, always a good backup and snack)
  3. Grilled stuffed peppers
  4. S’more pies or peanut butter cup s’mores

Day 4

  1. Blueberry breakfast bake foil packets
  2. Hot dogs using skewers
  3. 5 ingredient chili (cooked in 1 pot over campfire instead of slow cooker)
  4. Sausage and vegetable foil packets
  5. Baked apples

Day 5

  1. Pancakes (only water required)
  2. Easy sloppy joes
  3. Foil packet potatoes (use leftover chili from yesterday on top)

Day 6

  1. Oatmeal
  2. Sandwiches (use up leftover meats from other days, pb&j, or try pizza sandwiches)
  3. Skillet bbq and bacon beans (could substitute bacon for hot dogs)

Day 7 (using up what is left over today)

  1. Campfire muffins (or can use pancake mix, above, and just add fruit and a bit of sugar)
  2. 1 pot spaghetti (on campfire instead of stove)
  3. Leftover meal

On the checklist above I made spots to mark off what you plan to bring or what you have already made. Of course you probably won’t be cooking 3-4 times a day but it gives you more choices for easy camping recipes you might want to try and bring along the ingredients for. Whether you’re camping for just a few days or an entire week its nice to have lots of options and try something new!

If you love these easy camping recipes you should see places you can camp free, that is helpful in your planning process too.

easy camping recipes and meal planning

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