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Lots of easy beef recipes made in your air fryer, pressure cooker, Instant Pot, Ninja Foodi, Traeger or grilled are here on The Typical Mom blog.

Looking for a few simple air fryer beef  meals to make this week? These are the best ways to cook thin or thick roast, steaks in a pressure cooker, air fryer, smoked in a Traeger or grilled. How to make each come out tender and delicious every time.

Easy Beef Recipes

easy beef recipes

Fresh or frozen we share cooking methods for both on The Typical Mom blog. Ninja foodi beef recipes use pressure cooking and air fry methods together for a great texture.

Want cheap meal ideas? You can enjoy all of our ground beef recipes here as well. You can make that into tacos as well as casseroles with pasta or rice inside too.

High protein and low fat ideas will make a healthy low carb option that both adults and children will enjoy. Add a tasty sauce to the top and serve with rice.