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53+ Easy Crock Pot Express Recipes

Here is a huge list of easy Crock Pot Express recipes for you to try in your new pressure cooker this week! From dinners to side dishes and desserts too you will surely find a favorite dish here. Simple and delicious meals your family will love to eat and make your life a lot easier in the kitchen.

Crock Pot Express Recipes

Ok so you’re looking for a few easy Crock Pot Express recipes. Well we have a bunch and are adding new ones of our own and our favorite blogger’s recipes every day!! Being able to cook in a Crockpot has always been amazing, but recently, they’ve upped their game.  If you’ve yet to cook with the Crock pot Express crock multi-use programmable pot, you are in for a treat.  Not only does it take place of several appliances that you may be storing in your kitchen, it cuts down the cooking time dramatically for ALL recipes.  Some cook in just 15 minutes total!   (affiliate links present, originally published 2/18)

Can I use Instant Pot Recipes for Crockpot Express

Yes!! If the options below aren’t enough, take a look at this long list of easy Instant Pot recipes too. You can easily adapt to be used in this pressure cooker too. As long as your pot has a high pressure function you can make them all, it doesn’t matter the brand name on the outside. Our quick and easy Ninja Foodi recipes work too for pressure cooking.

You can slow cook, pressure cook, steam, make rice and homemade yogurt, brown, saute and much more….. all with this one “fancy” appliance.  What are you waiting for?  You can find the Crock Pot Express you see here on my counter and try it out for yourself. This is a must-have for your kitchen! 

crock pot express accessories

Free Crockpot Express Recipes

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Looking for some easy new Crock Pock Express recipes you say?  Here are some awesome ones to get you started! There’s nothing this express crock multi cooker can’t do really. You can cook dry beans to tender, protein and rice together at the same time, and vegetables too.

Crock Pot Express Beef Recipes

Let’s start with a cow shall we. I will say we eat a lot of these because we buy half of one every single year from a local farmer. Saves us time, money, and I know where our meat is coming from this way.

  1. Pressure cooker Corned Beef and Cabbage  Get ready for a St. Patty’s day feast!
  2. Pressure cooker pot roast Total comfort food, it doesn’t get any juicier or tender than this!
  3. Asian BBQ Beef Short Ribs  Because you can never have too many ribs recipes.
  4. This pressure cooker roast beef is the bomb!
  5. Beef Bourguignon Get ready for a crowd pleasure with this recipe!
  6. Rustic Italian Beef Stew  Beefy, hearty and delicious.

You can combine a few ingredients together with your meat too though. Essentially if you have the liquid to grain ratio right you can add pasta or rice in there like our beef and noodles recipe. Now let’s move on to the most popular bird to eat too…….

pressure cooker beer can chicken

Chicken Recipes Crock Pot Express

Our most popular is probably our Crock Pot Express Barbecue Chicken – The cheapest and easiest dinner you’ll ever make in this multi cooker pressure cooker. It is a kid fave, you only need 3 ingredients and made into tacos they are always a huge hit.

For a whole chicken there are several choices. All of which you want to sit on a trivet with some liquid in the bottom. Add garlic and fresh herbs into a stuffed whole chicken or leave empty inside.

  1. Crock Pot Express Beer Can Chicken – Oh yes you’ve gotta’ try it. (photo above)
  2. Chicken Tikki Masala Looking for an Indian flavored cuisine that you can make in under 30 minutes?  This recipe is for you!
  3. Sweet & Sour Chicken Packed full of flavor!  Better make enough for seconds!
  4. Easy Instant Pot Chicken Nacho Dip works well too, Warning, this dip is addictive.
  5. White Chicken Chili This chicken chili is just waiting for you to try it!
  6. 7 Minute Chicken Soup in pressure cooker –  You’ll have to try this recipe to believe it!  Chicken noodle soup in 7 minutes?! Just brown saute the meat, add everything else and it’s done in a few minutes.

I will tell you that soups work probably the best for a fast meal. You can start with dry beans or peas too and start from scratch quite easily. A cheap meal that goes over well especially if it is cold and snowy outside.

crockpot express chicken noodle soup

Recipes for Crockpot Express

I always use simple ingredients. You can always swap out spices or seasonings you would rather use than my suggestions. Most important part to take into account is how much liquid is necessary for each one. If not enough is included the pot will stop working and you’ll be frustrated.

That comes into play more than ever with grains like our pressure cooker lentils and rice to get it tender.

  1. Chicken Pho Best pressure cooker chicken feast for your family
  2. Crockpot Express Whole Chicken  What else can cook a whole rotisserie chicken in under 30 minutes?  Your machine can.
  3. Pressure Cooker Pulled Chicken Shred it and pair it with any veggies of your choice.
  4. Yummy Chicken Orzo Soup  Soon to be a staple on your weeknight meal plan!
  5. Tomato Basil Chicken Breast Not only does it look great, it tastes even better.
  6. Chicken and Dumplings pressure cooker  A true crowd favorite.
  7. Cooking a simple Bone In Chicken Breast Recipe is done under high pressure in just 12 minutes!

Go from your grandmothers favorite dish that took all day to make to less than 30 minutes flat. Using leftover rotisserie chicken or fresh meat this one turns out fabulous every time. You can throw together our healthy soup recipe here and pressure cook for just 3 minutes to soften and done.

crock pot express barbecue chicken 4

Crock Pot Express Pork Recipes

I mean these are fabulous too. You don’t only have to use defrosted either. Instant Pot frozen pork roast turns out amazing too, and will save dinner if you’ve been forgetful.

  1. Crockpot Express Ribs  Who doesn’t love ribs?!
  2. The best Crock Pot Express pork chops

Easy Crock Pot Express Soup Recipes

  1. Crock Pot Express split pea soup – seriously the best healthy and flavorful soup in just 18 minutes.
  2. Simple and homemade Crock Pot Express Pinto Bean Soup Healthy and full of flavor.
  3. Chili  In need of a hearty chili, but don’t have a ton of time to prepare?  If you an hour to spare,  you’ve got time with this chili recipe.
  4. Loaded Baked Potato Soup Everything you want on your baked potato will be also found in this soup.
  5. 5 ingredient Chili Full of beans and cheese!
  6. Rustic Pressure cooker Chicken stew AND sausage?  Perfection.

And during the Fall months you should go with our Pressure Cooker Kabocha Squash Soup for a nutritious dinner idea.

Crock Pot Express Side Dishes

  1. Crockpot Express white rice – fluffy and perfect every time
  2. Breakfast Crock Pot Express grits
Crockpot Express Pinto Bean Soup 3

Electric Pressure Cooker Recipes

Let me tell you that you should not try slow cooker recipes in this thing. That function doesn’t work well and you’ll be disappointed. Just use your old fashioned pot for that because that is what it is for. More recipes please??!! Here you go!

  1. Pressure cooker Oxtails Super simple…and tender meat recipe.  A fun take on a classic dish.
  2. Quinoa Black Bean Crockpot Express Stuffed Peppers
    • Enchilada-Style Stuffed Peppers Meat, cheese, and veggies?  A complete meal in one! You really can stuff these with any ingredients you want.
  3. You can cook any sort of organ meat under high pressure as well. Pork, beef or deer liver gets tender nicely this way in just a few minutes.
  4. Bolognese Sauce  Great recipe to serve over noodles!

For a treat I would try pressure cooker lobster tail. You can start from frozen or fresh, a great way to steam seafood.

Crockpot Express Salmon cooked in 5 minutes?  Game on. We love that one for an easy and healthy dinner option. If you are wanting to venture out to try something new, pressure cooker cow tongue may be the way.

crockpot express salmon

Crockpot Express Cooker

If you’re also looking for Ninja Foodi recipes, we have a resource for those too on our site! You can make any of those on that tab, they work just the same way. Things like air fryer mustard chicken get super tender with crispy skin with sauce on the outside.

For a family friendly meal with frozen meatballs you should try our quick and easy Meatball Stroganoff recipe.

  1. Creamy Mac and Cheese   Unbelievably delicious, and super cheesy.
  2. This is how long to cook collard greens in your pot to tender and buttery.
  3. Pork picnic roast is one that typically is cheap but with your favorite sauce makes for great pulled pork.
  4. Chorizo and Kale Stuffed pressure cooker Sweet Potatoes  This dish has all the flavors.
  5. Crockpot express Quinoa and Tofu  Love tofu?  You’ll love this!
  6. Turkey Breast and Stuffing  Thanksgiving dinner in your Crockpot Express?  Absolutely.  

Have fun and if you have another one that should be featured on our Crock Pot Express Recipes post let us know!   You will be in awe and amazed at how efficient it is and how well it cuts your cooking time down!  

Express Crockpot

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Crockpot Express Recipes

Lots of easy Crockpot Express recipes with chicken, beef, pork or vegetarian pasta dinners. Simple pressure cooker one pot meals to make.
Course Entree, Main Course
Cuisine American
Keyword beef, chicken, crockpot express, pork, pressure cooker
Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 15 minutes
Servings 6
Calories 174kcal
Author The Typical Mom




  • Put medium size boneless skinless breasts, frozen or defrosted, into your pot + 1 cup broth or water. Sprinkle with salt and pepper or other seasonings of choice.
  • Close lid and pressure release valve to closed. Select high pressure for 12 minutes. When done allow pressure to naturally release (meaning don't touch valve) for 3 minutes.
  • Then open valve and allow rest of steam to be released.
  • Drain liquid in pot, use two forks to shred or put on to cutting board and shred or cut into small pieces. Put back into the pot or a bowl and toss with your favorite sauce until coated. Serve on buns as sliders!
Nutrition Facts
Crockpot Express Recipes
Amount Per Serving (1 oz)
Calories 174 Calories from Fat 36
% Daily Value*
Fat 4g6%
Saturated Fat 1g6%
Trans Fat 0.02g
Polyunsaturated Fat 1g
Monounsaturated Fat 1g
Cholesterol 97mg32%
Sodium 320mg14%
Potassium 565mg16%
Carbohydrates 0.2g0%
Sugar 0.2g0%
Protein 32g64%
Vitamin A 46IU1%
Vitamin C 2mg2%
Calcium 9mg1%
Iron 1mg6%
* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.
Recipe Rating

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Sunday 8th of January 2023

Amazing collection of recipes for the crock pot. Thanks for sharing

Sara Welch

Sunday 8th of January 2023

What a great roundup of recipes for the New Year! Looking forward to adding these into my dinner rotation for the week; they look too good to pass up, indeed!


Sunday 8th of January 2023

Love using my crock pot express this time of year. This is a great list to make my way through, bbq chicken has been our fave so far!


Sunday 8th of January 2023

The ribs recipe was extremely helpful. Thanks for sharing that one and the rest of these ideas I can work thru!


Sunday 8th of January 2023

I love crock pot express recipes and there are so many here I can't wait to try! That loaded baked potato soup has been a hit so far - ribs might have to be the next!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.