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Best Air Fryer Vegetable Recipes

Best air fryer vegetable recipes you’ll want to make every night with dinner. How to make healthy low carb cauliflower, broccoli, brussels, zucchini & more!

air fryer vegetable recipes

Ready for a few air fryer vegetable recipes to serve with your meal tonight? We have a ton to choose from that adults and kids will love. I bet you’ll ask for seconds too from this air fryer recipe list.

Vegetable air fryer recipes

  • Give a crisp to the outsides without having to submerge them in oil.
  • May make your children love greens, I kid you not.
  • Allow you to eat healthier
  • and cook quicker!

Let’s start with our most popular air fryer mixed vegetables recipe that everyone loves along side air fryer popcorn chicken!

vegetables in air fryer

I think the reason why this is such a hit is it is super cheap to make, number one.

It comes out perfectly every time with perfect browning on the outside and bold flavors like Old Bay and more.

Can you steam vegetables in an air fryer?

Well, kinda’. There are certain greens that are tougher than others, those require a bit of water underneath the air fryer basket.

  • I had to do this when cooking broccoli in an air fryer.
  • In the first attempt I didn’t, and it wasn’t tender enough inside for me.
  • With just a bit of water added under the basket, into the drawer itself made all the difference.
  • That helps when you make air fryer artichokes too.

To cook frozen vegetables in air fryer it is easier than ever. We make air fryer frozen cauliflower all the time and you’d never know it wasn’t fresh to begin with. Things like air fryer beets get nice and tender with a good helping of olive oil tossed into the mix.

cosori air fryer

There was one other time when I thought this method was needed, with cabbage. That is on the firmer side and although you want it to stay that way a bit, it needed steam to become a bit more tender.

Yes there are a lot of different models out there but almost all electric air fryer machines have a small space like you see above. It is underneath the basket when you lift it out. Then replace and cook as directed.

  • The only one I have that doesn’t offer this option is our large air fryer that has racks instead of a basket.

You can try our popular air fryer cabbage steaks right here. If you’ve ignored this “old fashioned” veggie in the past, it’s time to air fry it!

cabbage recipe

Now why is this method better than deep frying? I don’t really think I need to explain why less oil is better but I do in our air fryer benefits post.

Yes having olive oil spray is a must but not submerging required.

  • Yes it took us a while to get the hang of this machine but once we did we now air fry everything. I am serious.
  • To help you out so you can make less fried food and air fry veggies more, print out our air fryer cook times chart.
    • It has times for all sort of main dishes and side dishes too
  • All you need is a little spritz on top now to brown the top like air fryer acorn squash and other items.

Now let’s move on to how to cook the best brussel sprouts in an air fryer! Yes you can just use salt and pepper but our sauce has a bit of lemon too.

Easy Brussel Sprouts 3

Should you pre heat your air fryer?

My opinion is yes. It is important to do so because your food will then cook at the correct temp. the entire time. Especially for really crispy things like spinach chips it is a must.

How do you preheat Ninja air fryer?

This machine doesn’t automatically set to the usual 5 minutes so you’ll need to do it. Just close the air crisp lid (attached), set to temp. for 5 minutes. Once it beeps it is ready.

Now let’s talk about other roasted veggies in our hot air machine like how to cook sweet potatoes! We also share how to cook air fryer baked potatoes here. Both are great dinner options.

air fryer sweet potatoes

Can you air fry frozen vegetables?

I guess so, but other than air fryer corn I just think fresh is SO much better and rarely buy them frozen.

  • Frozen does take a little more time, because you’re defrosting the veggies as they cook
  • Just know that the texture will not be the same
  • One thing that is “technically” a vegetable we love to make are frozen french fries in air fryer. Frozen onion rings in air fryer too.
    • They do come out SO much better than the oven and crispier than ever.
    • Pair with dipping sauces and it’s the best snack.

If you want to try fresh though, we do share how to cook air fryer french fries here. It’s crazy that in 30 minutes you can make homemade restaurant quality potato wedges. For a low carb option, try turnip fries air fryer style too.

Air Fryer Potato Wedges

Making frozen or fresh sweet potato fries isn’t really any different. Just use the directions above and enjoy.

Wait….but there’s more…..

Recipes for cooking vegetables in air fryer

And let’s now talk about zucchini chips in air fryer shall we. They are the best by far. We’ve made zucchini fries this same way too, choose whichever you prefer. Sliced thin you can get air fryer jicama fries really crispy, or use another veggie of choice.

zucchini chips

Is cooking vegetables in an air fryer healthy?

So much better than in a deep fryer for sure! Of course you can bake them but I haven’t found anything that doesn’t get crispier this way so we prefer it. Top of the list is air fryer spaghetti squash.

My kids will seriously eat air fryer green beans with parmesan as a snack. I will too.

Air Fryer Breakfast Stuffed Peppers

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