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Free Air Fryer Cooking Times Chart

Free air fryer cooking times chart you can keep handy so you’ll know just how long to cook frozen foods or fresh meat in your Ninja Foodi or other brand. 

air fryer cooking times chart

This free air fryer cooking times chart makes cooking easy air fryer recipes even simpler! From frozen foods to meat or air fryer vegetable cook times it has it all. Print and put one on your fridge like us too. 😉 (originally published 9/19, affiliate links present)

I love sharing free printables here on The Typical Mom site. It saves me money and makes the info. I need handy.

This started at the beginning when I didn’t know how long to cook things like frozen chicken wings or air fryer beets. Having the times handy was so great. We hope this helps you on your journey to air fry everything!

If you love air fryer recipes too, here are some resources to start with:

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cosori review

Now that you have the basics let’s get down to business. Below is a quick look at the bottom portion with times and temps you need.

Of course you may need to adjust a minute or two depending on how large your pieces of meat or veggies are. BUT it is a great starting point so everything comes out absolutely perfect the first go around.

  • The link to print it out is at the bottom so hold tight.
ninja foodi

I not only share what you need to know when air fryer vegetable recipes but all sorts of meat and seafood times.

Want to try air frying onion rings too? YES there is a difference and they’re way better than baking for sure.

Printable air fryer cooking times chart

air fryer cook chart

Well when I first started creating Ninja Foodi recipes I was kinda’ starting from scratch since it was such a new machine.

I wondered a lot how long should I air fry? certain foods that it was easier to write them all down. 

  • After I collected a lot of air fryer times that worked well for me I decided to create a list to keep on my fridge.
  • Since I am all about sharing I thought I’d share with all of you too because I couldn’t be alone in this journey.
How long does an air fryer take to cook?

Well that depends on what you’re making. I will say that everything I have cooked has taken a lot less time than in the oven. It takes 5 minutes to preheat, so add that to your total cook time.cosori air fryer

What temperature do you air fry?

Again, that depends on what you’re making. If you want air fryer tilapia it would be set lower than air fryer baked potatoes for example.  
Typically though the temp. will be between 325 and 400 degrees F.

Can you put battered food in an air fryer?

Yes, in a way. You cannot use a wet coating like tempura batter, but rather a nice egg and breadcrumb coating works well like with our air fryer zucchini.

You can grab a copy when clicking on the link at the very bottom of this post.

Here are a few air fryer recipes you should try out once you have the timing sheet:

It’s been invaluable to know how to cook my air fryer cauliflower so it was the right texture, and ensure my air fryer zucchini chips came out perfectly.

Do you preheat an air fryer?

I almost always do at the temp. you need for 5 minutes before adding any food inside the basket.

  • If you do not preheat your dish may take a bit longer to cook.
  • Preheating takes about 3 minutes and I would recommend it if you remember, but if not don’t fret.

My Cosori has a preheat button which I love which makes things easier.

air fryer cook times

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Air Fryer Times

Time needed: 5 minutes.

Air Fryer Printable

  1. Print

    Grab your free air fryer cook times printable sheet here! I think it is super handy to have on my fridge!air fryer cook time printable

  2. Keep Handy

    Tape or use a magnet so it stays on your refrigerator. Then next time you want to make something new you’ll know what time and temp.

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Wednesday 17th of March 2021

1. I own 2 Cosori air fryers & use them almost daily. They're the best.

2. I do not appreciate this site giving me the 'runaround' looking for the printable air fryer times. It is impossible to find if it actually exists. VERY disappointing. V E R Y !


Thursday 6th of August 2020

Are your cooking times for the Ninja Foodi based on per pound? I’m assuming so. Correct? I hope so. 🤞 Thanks so much for the amazing information!!!


Thursday 23rd of July 2020

Interested in receiving your recipes and tips on cooking in a Ninja Foodi. Thank you. Marilyn


Friday 10th of July 2020

need times for air fryer please send

Sandra Sumner

Friday 19th of June 2020

I'd love a copy please

The Typical Mom

Saturday 20th of June 2020

LInk to printable at bottom of post

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.