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How to Declutter Your House Printable

How to declutter your house one month at a time with free monthly organization printables on The Typical Mom! One room at a time to organizing and purging one room at a time is the key to your success.

How to Declutter Your House

This is how to declutter your house printable one month at a time with our free printable monthly organization checklist seen here! It’s the final monthly purge checklist provided to you on The Typical Mom, they are all found on our organization printables page. (affiliate links present)

Declutter List for Home

I have one for each month, this is for December. We’re focusing on the garage, holiday decorations and the kids’ rooms too this time.

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I started all of this a few years ago when I created this January purge checklist. Everyone raved about and asked me to create one for every month of the year….thus, here we are in December. It’s not too late though you can print all of them on my organization printables page so no worries.

As I’ve stated before, it is much easier to focus on a few rooms in your house each month. That way you can really purge and clean them instead of tackling the whole house all at once.


Declutter Your Home Checklist

I know I don’t do well with an overwhelming task. So I decided to create organization printables for each month that tackle just a few areas of your home.

If you missed the other months you can find them on our organization printables page. I suggest making a home organization binder with each month inside a sheet protector.

Then you can check off each item with a wet erase marker. Wipe it clean when you’re done, and then use them over and over each year! No this isn’t a once and done for the next 10 years kinda’ thing, you need to do this on a yearly basis to keep up. Believe me, as time goes on you will really think about “do I really need this” when at the store.

If you’re ready to do some more here are some garage organization ideas. It’s a great way to stay purging that overwhelming area too! Start with lots of see thru bins and a permanent marker so you can label what is EXACTLY in each box. Then your husband won’t buy 8 levels because he can’t find it again….well hopefully not.

garage organization tips

How to declutter your house in one day

Yes you can definitely do this in a single day if you want to. Spend time on each item on the list not leaving that area, like the living room or laundry room, until each living space is complete and clutter free. Start decluttering paper clutter as most of that can be shredded or just thrown away.

Then a simple step to conquer the rest is to get a few cardboard boxes to separate donate items from keeps like seasonal clothing that can be stored in storage spaces. Invest in sturdy totes and store in vertical spaces like a garage or area under your stairs that may be hollowed out.

Decluttering after Christmas

Replace cardboard boxes with plastic bins – specifically I am referring to boxes full of ornaments and your tree as well. We replaced our old cardboard boxes with these plastic ornament boxes years ago. It prevents a lot of breakage and it is so much easier to put them away!

We also bought this Christmas tree storage bag with wheels and it has been so much easier too. Keep it all in a storage room in your home if possible, if not use your rafters.

christmas tree

You do NOT need to pay a professional organizer to do this my friends. If I can do it so you can you with our decluttering tips here.

Declutter your house

  1. Rotate toys – before Christmas arrives is the perfect time to rotate toys!! I show you how to rotate toys here in this post. I know it seems like such a big and overwhelming job but I’m here to tell you that even the kids will appreciate it when their room has more space.

While you’re rotating you can bag up toys they have outgrown and purge those too….two benefits in one! Bring all the items they haven’t touched in a year to the Goodwill or local charity for someone else to enjoy.

  1. Bag puzzle pieces – my kids are more likely to do puzzles if they’re all in one place and organized well. The easiest way I’ve done this with puzzles is take them out of the boxes. Put them into a large freezer bag.

Then I cut the picture of what the puzzle should look like. Put that in the bag with the pcs. and zip it up. They can grab it and go, zip it back and pcs. get lost a lot less often!

toy rotation

How to Start Decluttering When Overwhelmed

Take it one month at a time. Ready to tackle your bedroom after this?? Start with your medicine cabinet and purge what isn’t needed and/or is expired. You’ll be surprised at what you find in there for sure. Once you’re done with this one print out the rest of the months and go on from there. You’ll be happy you did!

I always feel SO much better when I get all the unneeded items out of the house, and especially after I declutter the kitchen from appliances and items I was given but never ever used. Let someone else enjoy it instead while you enjoy the empty cupboards that can now be organized and labeled to your hearts content.

This is how I organize a pantry so everything can be seen and found easily. My daughter and I did this last year and it was so worth the few hours of time for years of now knowing where everything is y’all.

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Sunday 22nd of December 2019

Do your favorite thrift store/donation center a favor. Box up those unwanted holiday decorations and set them aside until at least April. The personnel at the donation center where I take things tell me that just before and months after the holidays they're swamped with glitter, tinsel and fake greenery.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.