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Organizing Kids Rooms & Toy Rotation

Organizing kids rooms with a toy rotation and how to organize their seasonal clothing too. How to organize rooms one at a time throughout the year.

toy rotation

It’s a never ending battle right?? Kids are prone to drop things when they’re done with them, and tend to NOT put things back where they belong….especially when they have a lot of toys to choose from! I’m a bit of a clutter fiend and cannot stand when there’s a lot of this and that around the house where it shouldn’t be. About twice a year I spend some time organizing kids rooms in order to whiddle down the amount of toys they have to choose from….here is what I do. (affiliate links present)

Toy Rotation

I have 3 children. Two are close in age and still young enough to play with games, toys, and stuffed animals…..and love to make messes. 😉 I find the more toys they have the less they play with them, and most of the time don’t even realize what they have!

Organizing your kids room

Organizing kids rooms

Take these LEGOs and Star Wars figures that were once my husbands. They had these scattered about and hadn’t played with them in several months (probably because they didn’t know where the pieces were).

Taking some time to gather the pieces together and put them in the appropriate bin made all the difference as well as a med. sized plastic container to hold the Star Wars figures with a sticky name tag on the side labeling what was inside.

I found this little table at the thrift store and grabbed two of these seats/foot stools that have storage underneath online  so they now have a table to build things and/or play with their figures (plus you can store things under the table)….great way for organizing kids rooms.

toy rotation

Now, let’s get to the idea of toy rotation. Twice a year I use storage tubs and pack away about 2 bins worth of things they haven’t played with in a while.

Typically I do this in Nov. (right before Christmas), and then again right before Summertime. It works great! It’s a free way of getting your kids excited about “new” toys…..they were already theirs months before but seriously they will hardly remember that!

organizing kids rooms

How to Organize Kids Rooms

I have used large storage bins as well as older laundry baskets to store and rotate my kid’s toys, either is fine. We each have a designated laundry bin in our laundry room, you can see why and how I organize my laundry room here, so if they need to be replaced around the time I am rotating toys I have used these.

It isn’t long enough for things to become terribly dusty, but if you want it enclosed large storage bins really do work best . Just find a variety of things they haven’t touched in a while, get rid of toys that aren’t age appropriate anymore, and rotate seasonal books too.

Organizing kids rooms

Organizing a Small Kid Room

Fill storage containers and/or laundry baskets full of toys and books and put them in the closet or garage. In about 6 months pull them out to reveal “new” toys!! Seriously, they get excited. 😉 I also do this with their clothing at the same time.

These long shoe holders  are perfect to store bathing suits in November that they won’t be wearing again until May or so when you rotate the toys again. Dresses and heavy coats can be swapped as well at this time too! These are just a few ways in organizing kids rooms and make old toys new again for them!

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Friday 8th of January 2016

Your organization skills and tips are fantastic! I've scheduled this post for sharing on Facebook.

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