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How to Organize Your Laundry Room

How to organize your laundry room. 5 easy steps to make laundry more bearable! From bins to racks, purging outgrown clothing, we talk about it all.

organize your laundry room

Ever since I found a few great items to organize my laundry room things have gone so much smoother!! It is always an overwhelming task, especially if you have a few kids, and even harder if you both work full time too. Any little tip to make the endless task of doing the laundry easier I love, and let me tell you these few changes that will help you organize your laundry room too.

What is the Best Way to Organize a Laundry Room

I used this rod to create a place where you can immediately hang your clothes after taking them out of the dryer. This eliminates folding of shirts and jeans you would hang anyway, and also allows items that need to be hung a place to dry.

organizing your laundry room

How do I maximize my laundry room

This is a HUGE help and I have had one at each house I’ve lived in!

Another thing that helps is creating more shelves to put things on. A laundry room is a good place to not only keep clothing and detergents you need, but some big pots that can’t fit in your cupboards can be stored here on top shelves (like our turkey pan that fits nowhere and gets used only once a year).

How to organize your laundry room.

How to organize a tiny laundry room

My next trick to organizing your laundry room is to have a basket for everyone. When clothing comes out of the dryer and will be put in drawers folded, they can first be immediately put into the designated persons laundry basket. This is a great way to have kids help too.

When their basket is full hand them their basket full of clothing to put away! Take a peek at my list of chores appropriate for age here, laundry is a good start to get children to help out around the house when they’re old enough.

How to organize your laundry room.

What is this basket for you ask……well if you have kids you need one!!

I keep this extra basket on the top shelf so when I pull clothing I KNOW doesn’t fit my kids anymore I can throw it in here and either donate them or take them to the local children’s resale shop and turn them in for cash.

Best way to do laundry

I am a huge advocate for shopping and selling your gently used children’s clothing at resale shops and there is probably one or more in your area if you search “children’s resale shop” + your zip code online. It’s a great way to avoid my girls coming down in their favorite pair of (now) high waters and fighting them to realize that they just don’t fit anymore.

They’re just gone out of their drawer after being washed and put into this “doesn’t fit anymore basket”.

You can find storage bins and baskets cheaper if you buy several at a time online I’ve found, and who couldn’t use a few at home. Here are some more organizing tips on how to organize your kids’ rooms too!

Laundry Tips

Organizing rooms in your house

My last tip is to have a dirty clothes bin in the laundry room itself. Depending on where your laundry room is it is sometimes better to have one there for items that are truly filthy and you don’t want the grime tracked thru the house.

Our laundry room is downstairs with an entrance to the back yard so especially when it is slip n slide season and I don’t want drips of water and sometimes mud inside my house they can leave them all in the laundry room to be immediately washed and grab something dry and clean out of their designated laundry basket!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.