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Quick easy dessert recipes with chocolate and other ingredients. All are simple to make and your family will love them. If you’re looking for desserts, we have lots!

Easy Homemade Gingerbread Dough Recipe

Homemade gingerbread dough recipe so you can make and decorate gingerbread men or cookies at home at Christmas time. Fun kids activity. This is an easy gingerbread dough you can make during the holidays. A delicious, moist spice cookie that kids can decorate and enjoy together. One of many quick easy dessert recipes we’ve shared …

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Melting Peppermint Candy or Canes

Melting peppermint candy is easy! Make Christmas ornaments, bowls, plates, all sorts of gifts. Just one ingredient baked in the oven this way Melting peppermint candy is way easier than you might think. With a baking sheet and some cookies cutters you too can make all sorts of homemade gifts this way. Fun edible crafts …

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