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Quick easy dessert recipes with chocolate and other ingredients. All are simple to make and your family will love them. If you’re looking for desserts, we have lots!

Baked in the oven is the most obvious when it comes to pudding cake recipes for example but there are so many more. From baked apples on the stovetop you can also use small countertop appliances to “bake” as well.

Let’s start with fresh fruit desserts, these are the best especially during the summertime. We love pears, apples and pears for sure. They are great sliced right off the tree like our fresh peach dump cake but also you can make them from canned.

Peach Cake with Fresh Peaches

Quick Dessert Recipes is where it is at with us. Want something that is semi-homemade but still delicious? We have a lot of those to choose from like our boxed cake mix recipes ideas. You can amp it up with a can of fruit or a can of pie filling!

Some only need 2 ingredients, you can make cakes of course but cookies and brownies out of the mix as well. All different flavors work from pumpkin cake mix cookies to gingerbread cake mix cookies and more.

Black Rice Pudding with Coconut Milk

Homemade black rice pudding on stovetop or with our tender Instant Pot black rice recipe turns out great. How to cook rice pudding with this grain so it’s sweet, dairy free and a tender dessert everyone will love. Rice Pudding with Black Rice Black Rice Pudding Recipe Remember that the texture of this grain is …

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