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If you are here you are probably looking for lots of beginner cooking recipes. New to the kitchen and not know where to start?

We have a lot of how to cook recipes here so you can get started on the basics. Start easy like with;

  • How to cook frozen hot dogs because that is always a cheap meal that everyone loves and then go a step further into..
  • Our post on how to cook ground beef all sorts of different ways. From casseroles to taco meat and more there are tons of recipes using this.
  • Ready to start baking but you’ve never baked anything in the oven? Start with how to measure flour properly because that is a game changer if it isn’t done right.

Would love to get to understand a few slow cooker recipes for beginners? I love my Crock and will share a few easy and cheap ones to start with.

There are a lot of cooking basics we share on our site so you can go from a beginner to feeling confident in the kitchen in no time.

Cooking Recipes for Beginners are here!

cooking recipes for beginners