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Cooking basics explained here for you. If you are a beginner cook I have tips for you to cook well in your kitchen and understand the basics of making food.

Cooking basics for beginner cooks is important to make recipes right. How to measure flour properly, what cornstarch does to sauces, different uses for chicken broth are all discussed and explained.

Once you have these basic rules for cooking down you will be able to advance when making meals in your kitchen. Easy instructions to help you understand how to cook well.

And allow you to move on to beginner cooking recipes on our site.

Needing to improve your basic cooking skills so you can make recipes for your kids and spouse at home? I have step by step videos and explanations for all different methods. Pressure cooking, air fry and oven baking.

cooking basics

How Hot Should Oil be for Fried Chicken

Tips and tricks for how hot should oil be for fried chicken legs, a fish fry or frying foods of any kind on the stove. So important for perfection Fried foods are great if you can obtain the perfect crispy golden exterior and tender insides. Achieving that ideal texture and flavor requires getting the oil …

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How to Tell if a Pumpkin Pie is Done

Baking the perfect pumpkin pie, requires more than just the right recipe; you need to know how to tell if a pumpkin pie is done. Overbaking can lead to a dry, cracked pie, while underbaking may result in a custardy, uncooked center. Let’s explain tips and tips for determining when your pumpkin pie is perfectly …

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