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Easy Smoker Recipes You’ll Love

Here are some easy smoker recipes we’ve made that have come out amazing! From beef to chicken and pork with a side of vegetables you’ll fall in love.

easy smoker recipes

Whether you’re a beginner or pro you might want to try some easy smoker recipes this week! More electric smoker recipes are here for you to try too. (originally published 8/18, affiliate links present)

We have a bunch of them that not only have we fallen in love with but our kids rave about them too (they’re the worst critics).

  • If you’re new to smoking meats we have step by step instructions on how to make each one and instructional videos for most of them.
  • Start with our post on the best meats to smoke to start with and then come back for more.

Smoker recipes

  1. Wood chips or pellets – we have bought this wood chip variety pack for years which is great because you don’t want the same type for every recipe. We also love these Jack Daniel’s wood chips. Apple pellets are our go to for our pellet grill and smoker.

Traeger Grill Ideas

  1. Smoker – we have a simple electric smoker right now but are looking into getting this larger version that uses pellets! If you are just starting a basic model will be fine. All of these smoker recipes will work for an electric or other smoker models.
  2. Meat and vegetables – you can smoke anything! It’s not just for large cuts of meat like brisket or roasts.

You can cook potatoes and other vegetables too to pair with your main dish. Let me tell you it brings deliciousness to the next level!

meat thermometer
  1. Timing – you’ll need this meat smoking chart to know what temp, how long to cook each meat, and this internal meat temperature chart. If your smoker doesn’t have a built in digital thermometer you’ll want that too so you can check if it reaches an internal temperature that’s needed.
best smoker recipes
What can I smoke in a smoker?

Just about anything I tell you! Chicken – whole, breasts, thighs, and wings are some of our favorites with smoked vegetables of course.

For beef – steak, roast, brisket, and ribs are killer. Pork favorites are – steaks, ribs, chops, smoked pork butt, tenderloin. You can even cook dessert with this Rhodes cinnamon roll recipe in there!

What meat can you smoke in 4 hours?

Typically longer is better at a lower temperature however some things are a bit quicker like: Smoked brats or how about Lamb!

smoker pellets

Really when it comes to smoking meats it comes down to great wood chips and being patient! Slow and steady is the key to really bring out the flavors of your meat and/or vegetables in your smoker.

  • Whether you have an electric smoker or not the steps are generally the same. You can really think outside the box when creating unique smoker recipes.

Wrap just about anything in bacon and OH MY is all I have to say. We love smoking meats. 

Dry rubs are ideal when you’re creating easy smoker recipes because it won’t drip all over. But rather permeate the meat and create the perfect bite.

Rub it over your pulled pork or when you’re smoking a brisket and it will take it from good to out of this world. Then you can slather sauce on it too if you want A LOT of flavor! Keep paper towels handy to sop up the drippings.

Smoked Bacon Wrapped Pork Chops 2

Smoker Recipes

We will continue to add to on a weekly basis so PIN this Page to refer back to it later. 😉

  1. How to smoke salmon
  2. Smoked pork recipe with apples (pic. at top of post)
  3. You’ve gotta try these Smoked hatch chiles – amazing topped on a burger
  4. Seen above these Smoked bacon wrapped pork chops
    1. the addition of brown sugar to this pork dry rub takes it over the top

Now with all of these proteins you’re going to need a side dish too! We just made this garlic cheesy smoker bread that’s like a pull apart loaf. Packed with flavor and easy to throw together, it’s sure to be a hit with y’all too.

smoker bread
  1. The best Smoked baked potatoes – we put these in with our smoked pork chops and they’re done right around the same time.
  2. Smoked pork steaks – 2 dry rub pork recipes, one is a bit spicier than the other but both are excellent.
  3. A smoked brisket recipe is always on your mind when you first bring this baby home. Try that next.
  4. Best way to smoke ribs is here!! With our world famous dry rub ingredients you too will go crazy crazy over these. Fall off the bone and packed with tons of bold flavors I tell you.
Best Way to Smoke Ribs 3
  1. Best way to make Smoked burgers recipe
  2. Try Smoking a cooked ham during the holidays!
  3. This Smoking a boneless pork loin recipe is amazing using the rub my husband has created
  4. A smoked pork shoulder is excellent as well
traeger recipes
  1. Have you tried Smoked bacon yet, and our cheese stuffed smoked meatloaf recipe
  2. Smoked beer can chicken is just amazing.

What have you been smoking lately?? I mean meats, don’t go letting your imagination add to this question. 😉

I love new ideas and nothing is off limits for us, let us know what we should make and add to this list of easy smoker recipes.

best smoker recipes 2
smoked steak

Then try our smoked sausage and cabbage recipe! We love this green veggie that’s so cheap but gives food a great texture.

traeger smoked cabbage
  • Try smoked pulled pork Traeger style too. Shredded and made into mini sliders, they’re a great football appetizer or complete meal topped with cole slaw.
  • This smoked tri tip rocks too. We have made something like this for Easter before instead of ham and everyone agreed it was their fave.
  • Ready to make an amazing Traeger pizza roll up tonight??

Then try our Traeger smoked chicken thighs with a teriyaki marinade.

electric smoker recipes

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