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Traeger Best Smoker Recipes

Here are the best smoker recipes for fish beef and just about anything you can imagine! If you’re wondering what the best things to smoke in a smoker are I’ve got a lot to choose from here. Whether you have a traditional or need electric smoker recipes, these come out great and make for a great get together.

easy traeger recipes

With the summer months quickly approaching you’re going to need the best smoker recipes to try!! That much-anticipated flavor is starting to become a reality. You know the flavor…smoked anything. Yep, during the months of warm weather, nothing tastes as good as eating some amazing smoker recipes hot and fresh from your grill or smoker. (originally published 4/18, affiliate links present)

Best Traeger Recipes

So much time and perfection go into creating the perfect smoked recipe dish. And did I mention patience? The smells that billow out of your smoker literally just tempt you the entire time to open that door and peek and sample. And while it may be tempting, don’t.

Especially for large cuts like beef brisket flat smoked you need time, lots of it. Not long enough and it won’t break down the connective tissues to get it tender enough. Follow the directions exactly and you’ll realize how worth it it was.

Best Smoker Recipes

Recipes Traeger

You’ll let out a ton of that smokey flavor and it will cause your temperature to fluctuate quite a bit as well.  If you can wait until the end and when the recipe is cooked completely to perfection, that first bite is one of the most amazing bites…and it’s absolutely, without a doubt worth the wait.

The best part of cooking and creating smoker recipes? You can literally smoke any type of food that you want to try to. Meats, cheeses, veggies, fruits, nuts…you name it! If you have a food item that you’ve been wanting to give a smokey flavor to see how it would taste, give it a go!

To get your meats absolutely perfect we have this printable meat smoking chart to refer to so each and every time it will be fork tender.

  • Recently we upgraded to this Traeger pellet smoker and grill and love it.
    • We started with an electric smoker that was a Charbroil which worked well to start with.
  • I like applewood pellets, we always have those on hand and make almost everything.
  • This smoker cookbook has some more great ideas if you want to cook outside more regularly.

You never know when you may have created a new smoker recipe masterpiece. Start off with a quick appetizer like our smoked jalapeno poppers, on to dinner, and even dessert can be done. Now that I’ve got your mouth-watering, why not give a few of the best smoker recipes you can try this summer?

  • To start with this is the electric smoker I have and quite frankly is the best smoker for beginners to use since it is small and simple. It is inexpensive but works amazingly well. We love smoked fish, ribs, and just about anything else I can throw in there. If you’re new to smoking you won’t be disappointed I promise!

Traeger smoker recipes


This is just the beginning to the best smoker recipes you should try….we are adding more each week!

Find more below…..

smoked bacon wrapped pork chops

Recipes for Pellet Smoker

First if you love pulled meat you should try our Smoked Pork Roast with a dry rub, this is a classic, smoker favorite. Want to try something new with a whole bird by cutting the backbone out? Try our Smoked Spatchcock Chicken recipe here.

  • During the holidays you should make a Smoked Ham. This recipe and our smoked oxtail are like a match made in heaven for your smoker.
  • Smoked Pork Shoulder Roast. Delicious fresh, and simple to store and freeze for later, too.
  • For a ton of flavor, give these Smoked Coca-Cola BBQ Wings a go. A flavor combo that packs a punch.
  • Smoked Mac & Cheese. No words are even needed…just make certain this recipe happens!
  • For seafood, try Smoked Lobster Tails. Is it possible to make lobster even better? With this recipe it is.
  • For breakfast, Smoked Oatmeal with Coconut Milk is a surprising win. Who says you can’t have your breakfast from the smoker?
  • Our bacon and cheese filled Smoked Meatloaf is out of control. Give that meatloaf a twist with this fun smoker recipe.
  • Ever tried making dessert on this machine?? If not give these Smoked Lemon Bars a try. Who knew it was possible to smoke even desserts on the grill?!

You can even make Traeger appetizers before the meal even starts too!!

Traeger Appetizer

Easy Recipes for a Smoker

Let’s start with a favorite of them all probably. If you first got your machine you might want something simple like smoked pulled pork or something like that. During the holidays it works fantastic too for the main meal. Love smoked turkey? You should try it yourself.

  • Smoked Deviled Eggs. This combo is a wake-up that your taste buds will be happy that you disturbed them for.
  • If it is Tuesday you might want handheld dinner ideas. Try Smoked Carnitas Tacos. Better make extras with this delicious recipe.
  • Cold Smoked Cheese. Take your cheese to another level by smoking it!
  • As a side dish you can try Smoked Stuffed Cornbread. You had at me “stuffed”.
  • And if you want vegetables on smoker you can mix a few of them or just make one like Smoked Cauliflower. This is a must-try for your summer BBQ plans!

While this list is just a small glimpse into the vast options of amazing smoker recipes out there, it shows you have popular and simple smoking different food items can be. Whether it be meat, veggies, or cheese, create a menu for the upcoming week and try your smoking skills out with some of these fun recipes.

You will learn a ton about smoking, and you and your family will have a blast taste-testing everything that you can create!

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