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Free Printable January Purge Checklist

Free printable January purge checklist that helps you purge and clean your house room by room. Monthly organization printables that are so helpful!

january purge checklist

A new year means a new start. I usually set goals as far as my business, health, and parenting, but I love purging too! If you’re like me here’s a January purge checklist you can print out to be out with the old and leave room for the new this year. Find more organization printables here. (originally published 12/16, affiliate links present)

I have a link to other months beyond this January purge checklist on my printables tab to help you too! Here are a few things I will elaborate on that are on this list.

It’s time to purge all the things y’all. Believe me, it will be cathartic.


You know you have a lot of things that someone else could use more. Donating items is so important to organizing your house.

Then you can move on to combine cleaning liquids – Of course only combine bottles with the SAME liquid.

Mixing chemicals isn’t safe, but 2 half bottles of window cleaner or liquid hand soap can be combined into 1 container and save you quite a bit of space.

  • Scratched pots and pans – I am surely not the only one who keeps her pans longer than she should. Look at them and see if the Teflon is scratched. If so that is not good. It can flake off and end up in your food. 

This is a sign that you need to replace them. Over the years sets have gotten a lot cheaper and you really deserve a new set! 😉 Below are my favorites that sit inside one another to save space.

neat nest pots

Shredding documents AND credit cards – Make sure when you are getting rid of important papers that you use a good paper shredder like this one that will also shred old credit cards so that information doesn’t get out either.

  • Tupperware / Storage containers – If you have genuine Tupperware you can buy replacement lids.
  • Most of us have no name plastic storage containers and many don’t have lids. Treat yourself and just buy a new storage container set for yourself!!

With kids there’s always a constant rotation of outgrown clothing, toys, electronics and more around the house.

Throughout the year I’m always pushing aside the things I really need to purge like clothing I haven’t worn in at least 6 months. It’s now time to tackle your closet!

diy walk in closet

When you’re in the playroom, and once you’ve purged what the kids have outgrown and won’t play with anymore I suggest starting a toy rotation schedule too.

  • It’s a great way to make toys “new” again and keep clutter down to a minimum (last item on the cleaning checklist under playroom).

Now is the best time to start since the holidays are over and it’s really nice to start the new year fresh and clutter free! Once the leftovers are used you might want to do a complete refrigerator clean out too.

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Monthly Cleaning Schedule

I feel SO much better after a good purge and cleaning of the house every year, let me know how yours goes and follow The Typical Mom for more goodies like this one!

Free Printable January purge checklist

I went room to room and listed major things to focus on and get rid of and simplify as well.

The following items on this list need attention at least once a year. Now you can print this free January purge checklist so you can check them off.

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I also have a black and white January purge list. It’s here if you need a printer friendly version. 😉

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