January purge checklist

Ok, so the new year means a new start. I usually set goals as far as my business, health, and parenting are concerned….but the start of a new year also means major purging for me!! If you’re like me here’s a January purge checklist you can print out to be out with the old and leave room for the new this year too. It’s a perfect time to do this since the holidays are over and it’s really nice to start the new year fresh and clutter free! Make sure you sign up for my newsletter below so you receive cleaning checklists and organization printables for each month thereafter too. 😉

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january purge checklist

January purge checklist

I went room to room and listed major things to focus on and get rid of and simplify as well. To remind you of things like this that can be forgotten and need attention at least once a year you can print this free January purge checklist, (I also have a black and white January purge list you can print here if you need a printer friendly version. 😉 I have a link to other months I’ve created below to help you too! Here are a few things I will elaborate on that are on this list. (affiliate links present)

  • Combine cleaning liquids – Of course only combine bottles with the SAME liquid. Mixing chemicals isn’t safe, but 2 half bottles of window cleaner or liquid hand soap can be combined into 1 container and save you quite a bit of space.
  • Shredding documents AND credit cards – Make sure when you are getting rid of important papers that you use a good paper shredder like this one that will also shred old credit cards so that information doesn’t get out either.
  • Tupperware / Storage containers – If you have genuine Tupperware you can buy replacement lids and it does come with a guarantee but most of us have no name plastic storage containers and many don’t have lids. Treat yourself and just buy a new storage container set for yourself!!

With kids there’s always a constant rotation of outgrown clothing, toys, electronics and more around the house. Throughout the year I’m always pushing aside the things I really need to purge like clothing I haven’t worn in at least 6 months, Tupperware that has NO lid anywhere in the house, and stacks of paperwork that really need to be shredded instead of thrown away.

When you’re in the playroom, and once you’ve purged what the kids have outgrown and won’t play with anymore I suggest starting a toy rotation schedule too…it’s a great way to make toys “new” again and keep clutter down to a minimum (last item on the cleaning checklist under playroom).

** I have all the other months to help you purge and organize each area of the house one at a time here on my organization printables page! **

I feel SO much better after a good purge and cleaning of the house every year, let me know how yours goes!

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13 Responses to January purge checklist

  1. Love the lists!!!! I would be lost without them.
    Have you ever heard of Clever Container? Its a Direct Selling Company that has affordable products for home, office, car, closets, kitchen, pantry. Love their products!!! I love helping people get organized and save money.

  2. I love that your list creates the motivation to do it, not just the task ahead because it’s small and doable!

  3. Excellent list, but please fix: “cords”, not “chords”, unless you are a very picky musician!😉

    • Well, actually. I am dumb, the date threw me for a loop. I for some reason thought this was published last year.
      So I *LOOK FORWARD TO* this series, haha.

      • I will add each month, February is here and will continue beyond that on tab for organization printables.

  4. This is a great list. Going to try to go through it. Is this something you are posting monthly? We are getting ready to down size and this seems to make the a monumental task manageable.

    • Yes! I usually post daily. Please sign up for my newsletter so you will get all my posts. There is a sign up form on my sidebar on desktop and a link at the bottom of this post.

  5. Do not throw away real Tupperware! Replacement lids can be purchased for minimal cost & has a lifetime warranty!!

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