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Do and Don’t Laundry Tips

8 laundry tips and tricks that will save your sanity and help you do laundry more efficiently! How to organize your laundry room, get wrinkle free clothing, and save money all at the same time. Laundry hacks are the best when you’re a busy mom trying to get it all done!

laundry tips

Let’s be real with one another, we all need good laundry tips! Sometimes that giant pile of laundry that is just sitting there in your laundry room staring you in the face can be quite frustrating to say the least. And how does laundry seem to multiply so quickly? Seriously, it’s as if the pile of dirty clothes multiplies overnight. Follow these and our other organization printables here.

Dos and Don’ts of Laundry

  • It has to be one the most monotonous chores out there, right? You put a pile of dirty clothes in the washing machine, switch it to the drier, fold and repeat. Over, and over and over. Day after day the same laundry structure, never varying.

To be honest, while it may feel as though you are doing the same task over and over, it also seems like those tasks take forever.

  • Have you ever found yourself checking your washing machine to see if it was done, only to find out that it’s nowhere near even being close to the rinse cycle? It’s happened to all us, trust me.

But, there is a silver-lining to the laundry world. There are ways that you can do your laundry more quickly and more efficiently.

Laundry tips for beginners

Laundry Tips

Laundry tips and tricks

  • Stop sorting clothes right before you put them in the washer.
    • While sorting clothes is important (no reds with your whites!), why waste the time and energy of adding ANOTHER step to your laundry list when your clothes can already be sorted and ready to go from the beginning?
    • Have a clothes basket separator like this set up in your room for your whites, darks, and colors. Then when its laundry time you literally just have to pick up the hamper and throw the contents in the washing machine. Super fast, super easy and that should make you super happy.
  • Have each member of your family carry their dirty clothes directly to the washing machine (or install a laundry shoot like we have).
    • How many countless hours do you think you spend walking around and gathering up each and every piece of laundry that needs to be washed for all your family members? Instead of wasting your time in doing that task, why not have them all take their dirty laundry directly to the source and make it a bit easier for you?
    • Take it a step further and have them separate their clothes out as well using a laundry basket separator like this.

Here are tips on how to clean a white shirt when it’s dirty and you’re worried.

Before you throw in a load you need to do THIS in order to save money and ways to conserve energy in your home AND have your dryer work more efficiently!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.