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How to Get Into Disneyland for Free

This is how to get into Disneyland for free seriously!! We’ve done it ourselves! Easy way to get free tickets and works for free Disney World tickets too.

how to get into disneyland for free

Let me start by saying I’m cheap frugal, but love to travel and take my family on fun vacations and adventures. I try my best to do it all at a discount or better yet for free, this is how to get into Disneyland for free + it works for free Disney World tickets too! One of many tips for you featured on our road trip blog. (originally published 4/17, referral links present)

This totally works. Not only have I used this method to get free Disneyland Theme Park tickets, my cousin who lives in another state did this to get free Disney World tickets too. It’s so easy too!

There are 5 of us in our family so it adds up when you think of the gas, airfare (if you live far), food, and entrances to each park.

Of course when we take trips we always bring our own food to cut down on the cost of things. However ticket prices are pretty set in stone wherever you go.

Free Disneyland tickets

How to get into disneyland for free

In order to meet your favorite characters at Disneyland you need the money or credit in the form of Disney gift cards to purchase your Disneyland tickets.

First I signed up for Swagbucks for free here. It is free to join and you can do A LOT of things once you’ve joined to earn points.

The more points you earn the more $$ you earn in the form of gift cards. This is what I did to earn enough points to redeem for gift cards in order to get in for free.

How to get into Disneyland for free

I also took short surveys (at night while watching t.v.) to earn points.

How to Get Into Disneyland for Free

This is how you change your browser to Swagbucks (I earn a TON of points this way and it just does it automatically)

WATCH THIS VIDEO showing you how to change your browser to make the most points!

  1. Sign into your Swagbucks account first
  2. Go to the top search bar (where you type something in when you’re searching)
  3. Right click at the top right of that search bar and this box will pop up
  4. Click edit search engines

Then this bottom box will pop up and click on where it says swagbucks so it now says default next to it like mine does. Done!

how to get into disneyland free
how to get into disneyland free 2

I work from home so I search online for things ALL day, now when I do that I earn points which can then be traded in for free gift cards.

A super easy way how to get into Disneyland for free, or at least earn enough points to translate to free gift cards in order to get those tickets.

Let me tell you how to exchange all of your Swagbucks points (bucks they call them) into the gift cards you need for free tickets.

How Can I Get Free Disneyland Tickets?

  • Join Swagbucks for free
  • Shop online thru their site
  • Take short surveys
  • Change your browser to Swagbucks to earn tons of free points daily
  • Redeem your earned Swagbucks for Disney gift cards
  • Go to Disneyland and use your Disney gift cards to purchase park hopper tickets to Disney California Adventure Park day passes
    • use leftover credits for merchandise too!!

Or use to stay at the Disney World resort or resort hotel like the Disneyland resort around downtown Disney in SoCal.

how to get into disneyland for free

You can also redeem your points for Sam’s Club gift cards and purchase your Disney gift cards from there at a discounted price. A $150 gift card is just $142.98 etc… You can use these for merchandise while you’re inside Disneyland too!

THAT is how to get into Disneyland for free!

If you want to start earning and do this too just start by joining Swagbucks for free and watch your points rack up until you have enough to redeem them for the tickets you need (psssst, you can get free airfare too if you need it on several airlines by redeeming points for airline gift cards too).

See how we’ve used this to travel for free too to other locations.

What is the cheapest way to get Disneyland Tickets?

disneyland tickets discount

When you have your cheap Disneyland tickets then order some customized Disney shirts and you’re set!

They are changing the options and adding new gift cards all the time too. If you want to take a long trip and leave the Disneyland area you may be able to snag Universal Studios tickets too now.

  • We always grab tickets to the happiest place on earth first with at least day tickets for all of us.
  • Next year we are planning on visiting Walt Disney World so we’re saving all we can. If we’re a bit short we just grab discounted tickets which cuts our overall costs by a bunch.

I hope this helps you plan a cheap vacay with your family so you too can visit cast members and have a blast together.

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8 ball

Friday 6th of November 2020

I really like reading through a post that can make people think. Also, many thanks for permitting me to comment!


Thursday 20th of June 2019

you wi ll not get free Disney Cards using SwagBooks. That is a bunch of bull.


Wednesday 28th of March 2018

How do u change the search engine from a smart phone

Karma bergstad

Friday 12th of January 2018

I saw this post and found it very interesting and wanted to try it for myself because I’ll be going to Disneyland not too long from now and saving money in any way is always great! I made a Swagbucks account and I’m trying to take surveys to earn points, but every time I do one it says I don’t qualify for the survey. Like no matter which survey I do I never qualify. Wondering if you know anything I could do about that being that you’re more familiar with the site than me. Thank you!


Sunday 3rd of December 2017

How long did it take you to have enough points for Disneyland tickets?

The Typical Mom

Monday 4th of December 2017

It took me about 6 months or so.

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