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Road Trip I Spy Printable Game

This printable Road Trip I SPY scavenger hunt game will keep your kids busy on your next vacation! Road trip bingo is great to put in their busy bags and it’s fun for all ages.

road trip i spy

We always put together busy bags in preparation for our trip and in it we just made this road trip I Spy game to keep them busy! On our way they can keep their eyes open for all of these items. When they find them they can check them off or if they don’t have a pencil or pen they can simply stick their finger thru the picture to show they found that one. (originally published 5/17, affiliate links present)

Road Trip Scavenger Hunt

  • You can also make this into a road trip bingo if you have several children.

Just print a road trip scavenger hunt page for each person (link below).  When they see something they yell out what they see. Parents can validate they are correct and then they can mark it off their paper.

  • Believe me, this needs to be in your kids’ road trip busy bags to keep them entertained in the car.
Packing For a Road Trip

Free Road Trip I Spy

What you need to make this road trip game great.

  • Print out this road trip I spy printable scavenger hunt game.
    • It has animals as well as road signs on it.
    • You could create one with different states and identify license plates along the way too to play that way.
  • Give each person a highlighter pen
    • or have them push their finger thru that picture to make a small hole and keep track of what they’ve found.
    • The first person who marks off everything in a row like bingo wins!

You could bring small toys or treats with you for the winner(s). Or let them choose something at the next gas station or pit stop as a reward. That’s what works great for us.

Let me tell you, we’ve been on a lot of road trips and talk a lot about how important family travel has been for us. We love to sharing our best family vacations with you so you get involved too.

This is just one of the things we have found helpful.

Free Road Trip Scavenger Hunt

Of course you can sing song, ask questions, look out the window, talk, and maybe read. But when you have kids you need to be uber prepared with activities!

I bought each child her own “special bag”  the first time we went on a long car ride. I packed each one with snacks she could eat whenever she wanted to, a book, word searches, and a lot more.

  • This was a God send I tell you! I will never go on another trip without packing this for each child again. It saves your sanity and keeps them happier. It’s a win win.

Looking for more road trip games and tips?

What to bring on a road trip
Road Trip Scavenger Hunt

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