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Free Printable Summer To Do List

Here’s a free printable Summer to do list with lots of free and cheap activities to do with your kids during the Summer months! From free bowling and roller skating to crafts for kids you can do right at home for little to no money at all, here’s a checklist so you can have fun and save money at the same time.

summer to do list

When summer arrives we are always looking for cheap but fun things to do. Here is a Summer to do list full of 50 fun things to do this summer that you can print out and mark off day by day! (originally published 6/16, affiliate links present)

  • It’s a fun free summer printable that helps you think of new things.
  • Most don’t cost a lot of money, or are free to do.
  • I’ve included links to sign up for things like free roller skating, bowling, and more.

We’ve created a summer bucket list for teens list too if your kids are older.

I encourage you to take advantage of as many as you can. There is nothing better than traveling and exploring with your kids.

free roller skating

Fun Summer activities for kids

So, before the kids are out of school brainstorm about where you might want to go and get that planned! Check out our road trip blog for some great ideas.

travel for free

As you can tell I’m a cheapskate, I mean frugal. 😉 My philosophy is the more I save the more fun things we can do together. So, start with the fun free activities for kids and then go from there. 

Free Summer activities

** Here is your free 50 Fun Summer Activities printable!

  • That way you can get started with lots of fun activities now!
    • There really are so many free Summer activities you can do, but sometimes you have a brain freeze (I do). It’s nice to have a few ideas to spark even more!
  • We keep busy with summer activities for children, I like free activities whenever possible. Making a kite and visiting a local park can be a day long event everyone will love!
  • There are many fun educational apps your kids can play.

Go to the movies for just $1.00, many theaters participate in this program so check my list here and/or your local theater. Going to a drive in movie is fun too!

edwards summer movies

Think of this as a summer bucket list of sorts! Flip it over and write other things you think of too! Print a few pages from my free printable monthly calendar and add activities from this summer to do list on each day.

There are actually tons of free summer activities you may not know about like free bowling and free roller skating in your area too….the secret is out now! 😉

Do you have a reading nook at home?? If not, make one yourself and it will be great to have throughout the new school year!

minted teepee
summer to do list
slime without borax 3
  • 201+ free & cheap indoor activities for kids
  • How to make edible chocolate playdough
  • Making ice cream at home is really fun and super cheap too! Add that to your list.
    • Seriously, all you need are a few ingredients and some ziploc bags to make it.
    • Then create a sundae bar and have ice cream for lunch one day. It’s totally okay moms.
how to make ice cream at home

What do you have on your summer to do list that I don’t have listed yet??

Want to see a few of my favorite things you might want to write on your Christmas list this year??!! 😉 Take a peek and see how many you might already have…twinsies!

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