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Free Educational Websites for Kids

Free educational websites for kids. The Top 12 learning websites and apps for kids to play games, practice math facts and improve reading skills.

Free educational websites for kidsHere is a list of the Top Free educational websites for kids. Whether school is in session or it is the summertime, we have great choices either way. All of these are FUN games and activities with teaching involved too.  (originally published 6/15, affiliate links present)

Over the years we have found many free educational websites for kids.

These Top 10 (and counting) got 3 thumbs up from my girls, and are great resources for yours at home.

  • There are TONS of free educational apps here – Offered thru Amazon they have pages you can scroll through with descriptions according to age.
  • Star Fall – at This is probably the website we’ve used the longest and is their favorite. It’s so easy to use and has so many different fun games. Kids can practice their phonics skills with read along stories and a lot more.
  • Fun Brain – at This fun and free kids educational website has reading activities that look like comics. As well as games to practice their reading skills + match facts too.

zip zap math

Of course things do change so some of these free educational websites for kids may now charge a small fee.

Check each one and if there is a small fee to install, decide which one is best. Like I said these are the ones we’ve tried over the years and have found to be helpful and FuN!

  • IXL – at – This is a very comprehensive site offers programs for kids of all ages. Even High School students can use this for practicing Social Studies, Math games and Language Arts skills. Kids can play a limited version of this for free. If you choose, from there you can sign up for a broader version for $9.99 a month.
    • Switcheroo Zoo – at This is a really cute and fun website for animal lovers!! You can watch and listen to music played by animals as well as build online habitats. My middle daughter who LOVES any type of animal thinks this one is great.
  • Brainscape – at This one is my oldest daughter’s favorite site and designed more for older students, Teachers, and Parents too.
    • They offer online flash cards you can create and share to help strengthen your memory and math skills.
    • It has been recognized by many large companies such as Forbes Magazine as a great free online resource based on brain science.
  • Then try Highlights for kids online!
    • Watch videos and find hidden pictures. They offer basic math, science, science and art lessons for younger children.

highlights games for kids

Even National Geographics for Kids offers educational games online now.

  • Seussville – at This is a great educational site for kids who love Dr. Seuss….who doesn’t? There are books, activities, educational videos and more with all your children’s favorite Dr. Seuss characters in them which makes it fun.
  • Then try NASA kids club that offers STEM activities online.
  • ABC Ya – at Providing free educational games for kids in grades K-5 this is a great website. They can practice math and reading skills as well as playing fun games that have learning activities within them.

Free educational websites for kids

If you’re interested in limiting screen time for children or guiding them into better choices. We’d recommend these learning APP websites.

  • Nat Geo for Kids – at Another one that is great for kids who love animals! Kids can learn all about Geography, where animals live, and interesting animal facts.
  • Into The Book – at This site is great for Teachers too with free resources. Students can play games that focus on reading comprehension and more.
  • Curious World This site is one of my kids’ favorites because it has a lot of animal information as well as books and educational games to play.
  • Zap Zap Mathematics website specifically for Kindergarteners to practice facts and common core curriculum topics. App is $3.99 but then it offers many free educational games.
  • PBS Kids – at Who doesn’t love the resources that PBS channel offers?? Now there’s a website online with it all + more! This site has tons of different activities and videos as well that provide fun and educational games even for much younger children.

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