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Laundry Detergent Slime

This is how to make laundry detergent slime at home with only 2 ingredients! Easy goo recipe that is made with glue, detergent, and any color you like. It’s a fun and simple slime recipe with detergent we made together and you probably have everything you need already in your cupboards. Try it!

laundry detergent slime

My kids are like all the others around the world and love slime and goo! This afternoon we made some 2 ingredient laundry detergent slime using things we already had at home. A few months ago we wrote about how to make slime with glue and my kids had a great time adding glitter and colors to that. This time we didn’t have any borax at home so we attempted to just use the laundry detergent we had at home and glue which seems like the key ingredient in all slime recipes. (originally published 4/17)

  • There was no food coloring needed to make this laundry detergent slime!

But it still came out a nice light blue color. We have many more listed on the best way to make slime page on our site too! (similar to our first batch a few months ago).

Recently we showed you how to make edible slime and easy baking soda slime too, that’s fun to try after you make this one!

Make sure safety precautions are taken when any experimentation is done with children and you must be present with your child when they are using required items in this recipe.

  • Please read our safety disclaimer here before starting this process as parents must be present when experimenting begins.

If you are looking for a borax free slime way of how to make slime with laundry detergent this is what you will need:

  1. Glue
  2. Laundry detergent (liquid Tide is what laundry detergent is best for slime , other brands may not work)
  3. Stick or spoon
  4. Food coloring (if desired, better if left out for consistency purposes)
  5. Containers to store your slime – so much better than them taking your tupperware

Watch for step by step instructions from The Typical Kid! (adult supervision required)

laundry detergent slime 2

It’s quite easy to do and it has a good consistency that is not too icky, sticky, or tough. Just glue and laundry detergent slime is just a matter of mixing slowly until you get the consistency you desire.

She was able to create this all on her own (with me supervising on the side) as she added one tablespoon of detergent at a time and watched as it changed consistencies.

It was fun for her to experiment and see things change as the two ingredients were combined to make something she loved, slime! 😉

How To Make Laundry Detergent Slime

    • Add some white glue to a bowl, maybe about 1/2 c. worth to begin with
    • Add 1 tbsp. of liquid Tide laundry detergent at a time stirring in between until it thickens (other brands may not work)
    • (She added and stirred probably 8 different times until at the touch it didn’t immediately stick to her finger)
    • Once it is thicker and not sticking to sides of the bowl pick it up and knead it
    • The more you knead it the better consistency / stiffer it becomes
    • Done!

Store in an plastic containers to stay pliable for longer this way.

laundry detergent slime 4

I hope we answered your question of how to make slime with detergent. It was a fun afternoon activity that didn’t cost very much to make and was easy for her to do herself as I watched. She started with a small batch to see if it would work and then her sister’s followed suit with a batch of their own.

She then went on to experiment with other ingredients which she is working on now and we will share if those experiments are successful. lol

Once you’re done and stored it may take a little kneading to regain the same consistency if it has sit for a day or two but it doesn’t take much and it is back to being “new”.

Of course you will need your children to wash their hands after making and/or playing with this laundry detergent slime and especially before eating and after playing with this and adult supervision is always required since you are using detergent to make this.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.