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Free Disney I SPY Printable

Disney I SPY printable game you can take with you on your trip to pass the time while waiting in line and walking around the park. It’s like our Disneyland scavenger hunt everyone can play.

disney i spy

We lived in Southern California for many years so we were lucky enough to visit the Disneyland Theme Park fairly often. There are things about the park that are a bit difficult for little kids…..the waiting…..and anything you can do to make those times more bearable definitely help. Take a look at our Disney I SPY game that is a sort of Disneyland scavenger hunt of sorts, and print it out before you leave! (originally published 6/16, affiliate links present)

Free Disney Scavenger Hunt

How you can plan affordable Disney vacations you might ask if you’re in the initial planning stages, we can help:

  1. Here is an easy way you can get Free Disneyland tickets, I am serious…we’ve done it time and time again (works to visit Disney World for free too)!
  2. You can always get discount Disneyland tickets here
    1. Cheaper hotels surrounding the park are available to purchase with your discount Disney tickets, or if a rental home is more your style (it is for us) here’s the best place to find vacation properties.

I Spy Disney

disneyland tickets discount

Disneyland Scavenger Hunt

Here are a few top tips we like to share to those who may be new to the park, or even if you have been there for years;

  1. We share here how to eat for free at Disneyland…seriously, it works.
  2. Make sure you’re prepared with a backpack filled with sunscreen, a hat for everyone and sunglasses.
    • I like to sneak a small Mickey Mouse plush toy in my bag and pull it out as their souvenir for the day (will be triple the price inside the park for the same thing).
    • Bring an official Disneyland autograph book with you to keep you busy inside the park and have as a souvenir too (way cheaper to buy it here and bring with you).
  3. Believe it or not there are several free things to do in Disneyland that won’t cost you a dime.
  4. If you’re coming from quite a distance away here’s how we get free airline tickets to travel with our family, and how we travel for free when we take road trips and beyond.
  5. Here’s a resource on how much money to budget for a Disneyland trip so you’re prepared ahead of time and there are no surprises…we want fun, not stress.
  6. If you’re headed to Florida here are tips to plan a Disney World vacation.

Once you have your travel plans booked you will need ideas on things to do at Disneyland with your kids. This Disney scavenger hunt printable is one free resource. We have others too I will share with you to keep your overall cost down and keep the kids busy.

disneyland scavenger hunt

Disney I Spy Printable

We have lots of Disneyland tips to help you on your special day(s) too:

  • In or around the park you can always try Geocaching. See if there is anything around…it would be really fun if someone left treasures inside Disneyland itself. You never know.
  • I have lots of free Disney printables for you to take and keep the kids busy.
  • If it is still available make sure to grab a seat EARLY to see the Disneyland electrical parade.
  • Ride a few of the scariest rides at Disneyland. In case you want to seek them out, or avoid them because your wee one’s won’t be fans.
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Printable Disney Game

Print this Disneyland Scavenger Hunt to help your kids stay busy while you’re walking around the park. Helps keep their minds off the times when you’re standing in line! Just mark them off with a pen or they can stick their finger thru the pic. when they find it. Fun!

If you are having a party there you might enjoy a Disney bingo game too that can be fun while at the park, or a get together right at home.

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