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How to Get Free Airline Tickets

This is how to get free airline tickets year round! We haven’t paid for a flight for years using these 2 methods. They’re easy to do and enable you to fly for free no matter where you want to go. 

Free Airline Tickets

We travel a lot! Whenever my kids are out of school we are off on some sort of trip and that is why we started this road trip blog to share our adventures and tips for family travel. Every once and a while we fly somewhere, or need to go somewhere for work and we always use free airline tickets to do so! (originally published 5/18, referral and/or affiliate links present)

Free Airline Miles

We haven’t paid for plane tickets for over 17 years. We signed up for this credit card back when we got married and that is how we have gotten free airline miles that translate into free tickets. There is another way we will explain below but first off I suggest you grab one of these and do both things I suggest in this post. Double duty = success.

  • I had so many people ask how we fly free all the time that I decided to write a post.
  • This way if you follow my tips you could travel for free just like us.
  • It’s the only way to go I tell you!

If you’re reading this and thinking “this can’t really work”, I’m here to say I am a regular “typical” mom who REALLY does this all the time. I wouldn’t share anything that didn’t work for me first hand…..

I am super cheap and years ago when we wanted to start traveling more I went in search of ways to get free airline tickets and found TWO methods that have worked for us year after year, I will share both methods here….

free airline miles

How to get free airline tickets

This is method one I use regularly;

  1. Sign up for Swagbucks
  2. You will earn points which will translate into free airline tickets this way
    1. Before you shop online bring up (I bookmark it) and type in the site you want to shop thru and click the shop button = you’ll earn points that will get you closer to obtaining free tickets this way
    2. Take short surveys to earn points
    3. To earn the MOST points on a daily basis change your browser default to Swagbucks, this is how you do that:
      1. Right click with your mouse on the top right part of your search bar (where it shows https:….whatever, go all the way to the right and right click)

A box will appear and you want to click on Edit Search Engines.

  1. swagbucks promo code
    1. Then this box will pop up. You want to click on where it says Swagbucks (must be logged into your Swagbucks account to have this choice).
      1. swagbucks promo code
    2. Now each time you search the web you automatically earn points that you can eventually redeem for free gift cards.
swagbucks promo code

When you are Christmas shopping it is a GREAT time to use this method!!

If you shop online 95% of the time, you’ll earn tons of points. These can be later redeemed for free flights, or free Amazon gift cards.

On to method two.……

Free Airline Tickets 3

Like I said, I do both of these things and haven’t paid for a plane ticket for over five years!!

Combining both is the best way to rack up points really quickly. Especially if you’re traveling with your kids you’ll need several tickets. So the faster you can earn them the better right.

  • Ok so first off I will say I use my Southwest and Alaska Airlines credit cards to pay for everything AND every dollar = free miles to fly anywhere you want.

With my points I keep track of their deals and Southwest cheap fares online to combine the two. If you pay with airline points you can not only get the tickets free but you will be able to change the date or time with NO penalty + 2 free bags per person!!

I have done this many times. They just refund all my points back into my account so I can book another flight later on.

southwest airlines deals

Free airline tickets

This is how we do it on Southwest year round for the 5 of us.

  • We signed up for their airline miles credit card
  • All bills that are eligible we put on our Southwest card
  • Everything is put on this card. We pay it off at the end of the month means so we don’t pay interest. BUT we get tons of airline miles!
  • For your yearly minimal fee you get 2 free airline tickets to begin with. Then you earn airline miles with your purchases thereafter.
    • We haven’t paid for an airline ticket in years using this method!!

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How to get a Free airplane ticket with out paying for it

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