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How to Eat for Free at Disneyland

This is how to eat for free at Disneyland for real! We get free Disney tickets all the time and free food while we’re there too with this secret tip that will work for your family as well. It’s the only way to go when you’re planning a trip to Disneyland or Disney World. It works for both parks too!

How to Eat for Free at Disneyland

We are back with tips on how to eat for free at Disneyland! It isn’t hard at all to do! If you love Disneyland and Disney World you know it can get pricey for a family. This is how to get free Disneyland tickets, hotels, airfare, and food. Any way I can find deals for our necessities I’ll take it so I share them with you too. (originally published 4/18, referral links present)

Many years ago we shared our secrets of how to get into Disneyland for free with all of you.

There aren’t a lot of places to find cheap Disneyland tickets but I do have one that offers them all the time, as well as hotels around Disneyland at a discount.

disneyland tickets discount

There are some obvious ways to save money on food at Disneyland Park and Disney California Adventure. Start with hydrating yourself, and sharing treats like dole whips too!

Eat free at Disneyland

  • Drink plenty of free water – Especially if you’re visiting during the summertime you will get thirsty! Drinks are pricey so make sure to bring a large empty water bottle for everyone when you go. That way you can refill them all day long at the many drinking fountains free of charge.
    • This will not only save you money but keep your energy up (getting dehydrated will make you sleepy).
  • Kids under 3 eat free at Disney – At select Walt Disney World resorts and buffets kids eat free! If you are on vacation and have purchased a Disney dining plan you don’t have to purchase one for your kids under 3 because they can eat for free there.
    • Ask cast members when you enter the theme park which Disney restaurant locations participate in the program. Then you can plan ahead for lunch and dinner time. Bonus!

Make sure to eat free breakfast at your hotel before leaving too! Money saver for sure.

where kids eat free

Bring your own food – You can bring your own food to Disneyland and Disney World, they just ask that you leave it outside in the lockers. This is a great way to eat for free at Disney especially if you have dietary restrictions.

  • Make lunches and come out to eat a picnic outside the park, or at Downtown Disney. We have done this a few times to save money but now use the below method to eat free at Disneyland.
  • How to eat for free at Disneyland Resort – Ok so I’m always the mom thinking outside the box when it comes to finding anything for free and figured out this method of getting free food at Disneyland years ago. I’ve done it ever since. What I do is I get Disney gift cards for free and then use those to pay for our food at the park, it works for either one you want to visit. Here’s how to get free Disney gift cards.
    • Sign up for free for this program where you earn points for searching the web. Then later redeem those points for free gift cards.
    • You can take surveys, and answer questions to earn points but mostly I just shop thru their website to earn points and get points by searching the web
    • To shop online & earn points you just go to their website, type in the store you want and it automatically puts the points (according to how much you spent) into your Swagbucks account
    • Change your browser and earn tons of points each day, here’s how:
      • Log into your Swagbucks account
      • Then go to the very top right of your search bar and right click on your mouse, this will then pop up
      • Click on Edit Search Engines
      • Then this next  bottom picture will pop up and you want to click on where it says Swagbucks and it will put the (Default) next to it meaning every time you search on the web you automatically earn points for doing so!
    • This is how to make the most money on Swagbucks
how to change your browser
how to change your browser

It is that easy!

If you shop online a lot like I do you earn a ton of points during the holidays. If you do a lot of Amazon shopping for household products just type Amazon in your search bar. Instead of typing and going directly to the site just type the name.

That way a box will pop up for you to click on and earn points that way too!

swagbucks promo code

If you shopped online now you would get points in the amount of 3% of your total purchases. It’s deposited into your account.  You then build up points to redeem for free Disney gift cards. Use them for free food while you are at the park.

  • If you shopped at Walmart you’d get 2% and so forth. The percentages change from day to day and I’ve seen them upwards of 7%!

The general idea is for every 1,000 points you earn you get a free $10 gift card. I redeem for this, free Starbucks gift cards, and Amazon the most. You can figure out how much you’d need to get free Disney tickets and food while you’re there. Then redeem them all before you head out.

They send you gift cards via email. It takes about 2-3 days to arrive to your inbox so keep that in mind when you’re planning.

The paper Disney gift card works the same as a plastic one. You can use it at the ticket counter and at the concessions as well as the gift shops as well.

It’s not hard, sign up for free now and start earning!

How to Eat for Free at Disneyland 2

Those are our tips on how to eat for free at Disneyland! If you’re trying to plan affordable Disney vacations we have a lot of tips here on The Typical Mom for you to do so.

Here is a quick rundown to save money at Disneyland in Southern California.

  1. Using this same method this is how to visit Disney World for free and it works for Disneyland as well…do it all the time
  2. Many times you can get adult Disneyland tickets for the kids price here as well as cheap Disneyland travel packages
  3. If you need airline deals this is how we get free flights all the time
  4. If you are driving there and/or flying this is how we travel for free year after year
  5. Here’s our first article on how to save money at Disneyland with kids
  6. Refer to our things to do in Disneyland complete with a free Disney scavenger hunt and other tips
  7. All of our other tips and tricks for traveling with kids are on our road trip blog so please refer to that too!

When you’re ready for your Disney vacation don’t forget to splurge a little (they’re rather inexpensive) and order customized Disney shirts for your trip too!

How to Eat for Free at Disneyland 3

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