Linen Closet Organization

It’s the New Year and right about this time I’m looking to purge and organize. I found easy ways to organize my laundry room a few years back, then moved on to organizing kids rooms, and this year it was all about linen closet organization… was a disaster!! Here is one simple tip that has made my life so much easier when trying to find matching sheets in my linen closet, hope it helps you too!

linen closet organization

Yes…..pillow cases are the key to my linen closet organization strategy!! Before we start this let me show you what my linen closet looked like before I organized it, you may want to sit down for this (or maybe it looks just like yours).

Linen closet organization

How to organize your linen closet

Ok so it’s not my top priority and before I started to think outside of the box on how I could organize it (without spending any money doing so) I just dealt with the chaos. I like to think of ways of organizing and decluttering my house (usually at the end of each year I am ready to organize and purge big time) that don’t cost me a dime (ok so call me cheap, I prefer frugal).

How to organize your linen closet using pillow cases!!!

Start by emptying everything and putting them into piles of sheets, towels, and hand towels. Start with the towels and categorize them, refold them, and put them in piles. I have a hand towel, beach towel, and bath towel pile now. Then go on to the sheets. Pull out the pillow cases and sheets that go together. Fold the 2nd pillow case, flat sheet, and fitted sheet and put them in a pile. Use the 1st pillow case to act as a bag to hold the matching pieces and put on the shelf!!!!

How to organize your linen closet for free.

It is a heck of a lot better than what it was before and I didn’t have to spend any money to do this. If you have storage in your bedrooms you can easily move the pillow cases with the sheets in the correct room too and free up even more of your linen closet! Takes your breath away doesn’t it. 😉

How to organize your closet.

Just stack your towels and the pillow cases full of matching sheet sets and when you need a clean set just pull out the whole pillow case and change away. Do this immediately after taking them out of the dryer and it will save you loads of time from now on…and frustration! Hope these easy linen closet organization tips help you in your pursuit of saving time too.

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  1. Thanks for the video!!!I was taught to fold a fitted sheet like that but the video makes it so much easier to teach my college kids( I sent them the link)- thanks, again. my linen closet thanks you, too.

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