Refrigerator Clean Out

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Ok so it’s time for a refrigerator clean out!! I know, but it really needs to be done every few months (especially if you have kids). In a perfect world our fridge would be perfectly organized with all the labels facing forward, nothing left inside that was expired, and there would never be spills!! Well, that’s not reality…at least not in my mom world. 😉 It makes me feel a lot better after I’ve purged my freezer and refrigerator, and cleaned the shelves that have been neglected. Here are a few tips and a refrigerator clean out checklist to make sure you don’t miss anything and can breathe a sigh of relief when you’re done too. refrigerator clean out I’m almost embarrassed to post this picture of my fridge but to be quite honest when I go over to my friends’ houses who have kids they don’t look much different. Over time things are thrown in, not organized, and many times there are a few bottles of the same thing but nobody notices….that’s the time to do a major clean out! cleaning your refrigerator First thing first, I like doing this by myself. I typically engage my kids to help when cleaning is involved but I think it is easier to purge and clean when I can organize it all on the counters, and not have little hands grabbing things out of the fridge in the process. This are the steps I take:

Refrigerator Clean Out

  1. Start with the items on the door
  2. Take out each thing, starting from the top butter storage, and check the date
  3. If it is expired toss it, if it is good put it on the counter
  4. Once everything on that shelf on the door is out, remove it and close the refrigerator door
  5. Put the shelf on the counter and spray with Clorox Green Works® spray
  6. Wipe clean with a paper towel (it removes dirt and stickiness well without scrubbing)
  7. Rinse your shelf off with water and dry off
  8. Return clean shelf to the fridge and put back items that you’re keeping and aren’t expired
  9. Continue doing this with all shelves on the door, then move to shelves inside fridge
  10. Remove produce drawers, follow same purging steps, wipe clean/rinse using the same process
  11. Print out the refrigerator clean out checklist you see here in green, or here’s a black and white printer friendly version of this refrigerator clean out checklist too to make sure you don’t miss anything along the way!

cleaning your kitchen If you purge and clean your fridge every few months it doesn’t become a daunting task, and using an all purpose cleaner that doesn’t leave a harsh chemical residue while removing the grime and stickiness that comes with having kids makes it easier too. You can easily find Clorox Green Works® plus save with Target‘s APP! If you’ve never used it it’s easy to save with Cartwheel APP right on your phone…..which always makes your wallet happy too. Double bonus! 😉

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