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Free Refrigerator Clean Out Checklist

Here’s a free printable refrigerator clean out checklist to help keep you on task and clean our your kitchen this month! Tips on cleaning your refrigerator and freezer quickly while you purge.

Refrigerator Clean Out

Ok so it’s time for a refrigerator clean out!! I know, but it really needs to be done every few months (especially if you have kids). In a perfect world our fridge would be perfectly organized with all the labels facing forward, and nothing expired. This post sponsored by Green Works. Find other helpful organization printables here on The Typical Mom too. (originally posted 2/17, affiliate links present)

Refrigerator Clean Out Checklist

I don’t know about you but it makes me feel a lot better after I’ve purged my freezer and refrigerator. After I have cleaned the shelves that have been neglected I feel like a new woman.

  • I’m almost embarrassed to post this picture of my fridge but to be quite honest when I go over to my friends’ houses who have kids they don’t look much different.

Over time things are thrown in, not organized, and many times there are a few bottles of the same thing but nobody notices….that’s the time to do a major clean out!

refrigerator clean out

How do I Clean Out My Refrigerator

First thing first, I like doing this by myself. I typically engage my kids to help when cleaning is involved but I think it is easier to purge and clean when I can organize it all on the counters, and not have little hands grabbing things out of the fridge in the process.

It is a helpful guide to focus on one room at a time and this refrigerator clean out checklist is a great addition to that when you focus on the kitchen. This are the steps I take when cleaning out my refrigerator and organizing it.

Refrigerator Clean Out

  1. Start with the items on the door
  2. Take out each thing, starting from the top butter storage, and check the date
  3. If it is expired toss it, if it is good put it on the counter
  4. Once everything on that shelf on the door is out, remove it and close the refrigerator door
  5. Put the shelf on the counter and spray with Clorox Green Works spray
    1. or make your own homemade antibacterial wipes
  6. Wipe clean with a paper towel (it removes dirt and stickiness well without scrubbing)
  7. Rinse your shelf off with water and dry off

If you want to save yourself time cleaning your fridge next time, line the top of each shelf with press n seal wrap.

how to clean your fridge

How to Clean Your Fridge the Right Way

Leave the day to do this so you won’t be interrupted. Since you have to remove the food you don’t want to have to put it all back, then out again to continue. That will be frustrating so just set aside the entire day and go for it.

  1. Return clean shelf to the fridge and put back items that you’re keeping and aren’t expired
  2. Continue doing this with all shelves on the door, then move to shelves inside fridge
  3. Remove produce drawers, follow same purging steps, wipe clean/rinse using the same process
  4. Print out the Refrigerator Clean Out printable checklist you see here in green, or here’s a black and white printer friendly version of this refrigerator clean out checklist too to make sure you don’t miss anything along the way!

Then you can move on to how to organize your pantry and the whole kitchen will make sense again! 😉

pantry containers

Cleaning your Kitchen

If you purge and clean your fridge every few months it doesn’t become a daunting task. Using an all purpose cleaner makes it easier too. Tackle all the areas you need with the same spray and paper towels.

If you are someone who likes to organize your house a little at a time and not get overwhelmed you should refer to my free monthly cleaning schedule ebook, and these other cleaning printables.

If you’re purging your refrigerator in conjunction with a move we have a move in move out cleaning printable to refer to as well.

cleaning your kitchen

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Karyl | Karyl's Kulinary Krusade

Tuesday 14th of March 2017

I need this for sure! My fridge is in desperate need of cleaning. Last time I cleaned out my fridge and pantry I found jars/cans that expired in 2010!!!

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