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Free Printable Backyard Clean Up Checklist

We’re back to add to our printable cleaning checklists with lots of tips and tricks great for a backyard clean up checklist! When it’s time for Spring cleaning don’t forget the outside where tables and chairs need to be cleaned and we have the perfect nontoxic cleaning powder that will make everything spic and span again!

Backyard Clean Up 4

It’s that time of year again! Let’s start by first printing your backyard clean up checklist here so you can follow along and not forget anything important. Then you can go a step further and print out our monthly organization printables so you can use the product we’re going to talk about inside your home too….double duty!! Post sponsored by BonAmi. (affiliate links present)

Backyard Cleaning

The snow has thawed, it’s getting warmer, and it’s almost time to use your patio furniture and make a vegetable garden again. What needs to come first though? Cleaning your backyard is first so it’s ready for your next barbecue get together of the season right??!!

We’re here for some house cleaning tips and tricks that will help you along the way, and what you can use to scour those surfaces that’s safe around your kids and pets. I like Bon Ami because it is non-toxic (perfect for moms) AND all you need is water to “activate” this versatile powder cleanser.

What is the average rate for yard cleanup?

If you pay someone else of course it is going to depend on the size and how overgrown your trees and bushes are. On average you are looking at at least $400 for them to bother coming out, and it may be hard to nail a company down even for that. With our yard cleaning checklist you will pay for just the cleaners and I bet you have the pruners already in your shed.

building a garden
Backyard Clean Up 2

Yard Cleanup List

Of course Spring cleaning means pots and pans get an extra scrubbing. Countertops get an extra scrub, but oftentimes the backyard gets overlooked. There is a lot of cleaning to be done there! We used to live in sunny CA. where our backyard was used constantly, but now that we live in “snow country” it’s a whole different ballgame.

  • Hidden under snow for months at a time your patio furniture, handrails, barbecue covers and more need a scrubbing too.
  • But you want something gentle at the same time so nothing gets scratched. THIS is the answer.

We are a family of 5 so everyone needs to pitch in and help when house cleaning is involved. I will say my girls love to be outside. When it comes to cleaning the backyard they are actually more into it than if they needed to stay indoors. Guess the sun does that to you. 😉

How often do you clean your yard?

That depends on whether you have snow covering it half the year or not. If you don’t ever then it is easier to tackle once a month to get rid of the overgrowth, but mow weekly. In our area we wait until everything thaws in May and then do a massive upkeep that takes most of 2 weekends and then follow the same above routine while it is warm.

Backyard Clean Up 3

What does spring cleaning mean in landscaping?

My oldest is an adult herself but hasn’t headed off to college quite yet, so summer cleaning is expected. With some water and Bon Ami the handrails and house came clean in no time, that is a great place to start. Then move on to the patio furniture and use the same procedure with a clean rag, until they are white again.

How to Spring clean the yard?

  • Pool toys – They’ve probably been sitting there and may look like they’re ready to be tossed out. With a little cleaning though they will probably look as good as new
  • Patio chairs – Especially plastic white chairs become new again
  • Patio table – There may have been some leftover food bits from last years barbecue. Don’t forget to clean the underside of the table as well
  • Bikes – Hopefully they were safely locked away in the garage but it will be bike riding season soon. Spruce up seats, handlebars, and the outside of those helmets too.
  • Beach equipment – If you have a beach or lake nearby get started on cleaning the inside of those coolers and boogie boards

Backyard Clean up Printable

How do you get ready for the summer months?? Let’s get started by having you print your Backyard Cleaning checklist. 

Backyard Clean Up

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Saturday 30th of March 2019

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Justine's Mom in Northern Nevada

Monday 23rd of April 2018

Your girls are getting sooooo tall! I love the picture! Also, we do use BonAmi in our toilets because it is gentle on the septic. Your Mom

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