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Free Summer House Cleaning List

Summer house cleaning list I promised you is here! One more in my series of monthly organization printables to help keep you on track and not get overwhelmed.

summer house cleaning list

I created monthly organization printables on The Typical Mom to break down house cleaning and purging into a monthly process. This Summer house cleaning list is for the months of June – August. (originally published 6/17, affiliate links present)

Free Summer House Cleaning Checklist

I find that breaking the house down into rooms and focusing on one or just a few to make it more bearable. You can also download my entire monthly cleaning schedule here.

  • It’s the only way to keep me from being so overwhelmed!
cleaning your refrigerator

Summer Cleaning Checklist

We are always so busy during this time of year. Our kids are out of school and I don’t want to be cleaning the whole time. BUT it is a great time to do some purging and have them help!

You can start with cleaning your refrigerator! Have you done that lately, be honest. It really should be done every few months, every other is better. The easiest hack is to line shelves with Press ‘n Seal wrap. Bingo!

deep cleaning house checklist

Summer cleaning

Then move on to organizing your garage.

garage organization tips

Just split it up into a few days and make those days “at home days”.

The kids can help you with some of them, especially helping with purging their rooms because you know they have toys they aren’t interested in anymore and are okay with getting rid of them.

If you have little ones I would recommend creating a toy rotation at this time, it is great!

toy rotation

On the other days have some fun by doing free and cheap activities with your kids, here are a few ideas:

We have a summer bucket list for teens checklist too for older kids.

House cleaning checklist

Time needed: 5 minutes

Free House cleaning checklist

  1. Print

    Print your free summer cleaning printable sheet here. There is a printer icon at the top right hand corner of your screen once you hit the link and it pops up.

  2. Clean

    Use a pencil to check off each area you complete. If you want to reuse this over again you can laminate the sheet and use a wet erase marker.

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Mohamed Hashi

Thursday 9th of November 2023

Really useful checklist for summer cleaning! Breaking down tasks room by room is a great strategy, especially when the kids are home and you want to balance cleaning with family time. I've found that involving the kids in decluttering their own spaces not only helps with the workload but also teaches them valuable skills. Your idea of lining fridge shelves with Press ‘n Seal wrap is a clever hack I'm definitely trying. Thanks for sharing this and keeping it real for busy families!

Home cleaners Midlothian

Friday 6th of September 2019

Great information! Cleaning is a very important thing in any season. When it is about summer season, people have a lot of things to do. Making a good checklist can help as it helps you to not only perform cleaning but also take into consideration those corners of the house which actually needs cleaning. Keep sharing this more and more! Home cleaners Midlothian

Big Rapids Cleaning

Thursday 30th of May 2019

Having a checklist is a great tool to keep me on track when I'm cleaning. Otherwise I'll get started on one thing and notice something else that needs to be done and switch over before the first one is done! lol. I also like how you noted doing the toy rotation. I've been thinking about doing this for a while, but don't have storage to store the ones that aren't being used! I'm gonna have to find some way to get this done because my daughters room is always cluttered with toys, and that's not a good way to raise her up. Thanks for sharing!

Nancy Ojeda

Thursday 26th of July 2018

Thank you for the check list provided for spring cleaning! I had ADD and this is a huge help for me to stay on track. I often find myself beginning in one room then going into another to get something I need and finding something that needs to be cleaned. It breaks my routine. So again I Thank You.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.