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Crockpot Recipe ideas your family and kids will love. Using a few ingredients these dinner and dessert slow cooker recipes are simple to make.

If you are looking for simple slow cooker breakfast, dinner and dessert recipes we are here to help with instructional recipe videos for our crockpot recipes too.

  • What can you cook in a slow cooker?

I’ve made just about everything, but here are just a few ideas if you’re new.

  1. Our 5 ingredient Crockpot chili is our most popular slow cooker recipes. It was one of our first posts and we still cook it weekly to this day.
  2. One of our most popular is this slow cooker breakfast casserole recipe with all your favorite breakfast ingredients.
  3. Slow cooker cheesy potatoes are great for Christmas morning too!

But we do have a ton of Crockpot side dishes listed here too.

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Crockpot Recipes with Tortellini Frozen

Easy Crockpot recipes with tortellini are quick cheap meals you will love. Lots of frozen tortellini recipes in slow cooker from soups to 2 ingredient meals. Slow cooker recipes with tortellini are great. When you don’t have a lot of energy and want a dump Crockpot recipe for dinnertime you can do it with 2 …

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Easy Slow Cooker Chicken Alfredo

Slow cooker chicken alfredo recipe that is an easy and flavorful slow cooker casserole. Moist tender chicken breasts served over noodles is always a huge hit in our house for dinner. Want to make that dish you love at your local Italian restaurant? Slow cooker chicken alfredo with or without fettuccini noodles is great. With …

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Crockpot Chicken with Italian Dressing

Easy Crockpot chicken with Italian dressing recipe here! 2 ingredient Crockpot Italian chicken breasts is a cheap, low carb and healthy meal. One of our favorite Crockpot chicken recipes. Italian Crockpot chicken is so very simple! Just a bottle of dressing and some fresh or frozen breasts or thighs is really all you need. Slow …

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