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Crockpot Recipe ideas your family and kids will love. Using a few ingredients these dinner and dessert slow cooker recipes are simple to make.

If you are looking for simple slow cooker breakfast, dinner and dessert recipes we are here to help with instructional recipe videos for our crockpot recipes too.

  • What can you cook in a slow cooker?

I’ve made just about everything, but here are just a few ideas if you’re new.

  1. Our 5 ingredient Crockpot chili is our most popular slow cooker recipes. It was one of our first posts and we still cook it weekly to this day.
  2. One of our most popular is this slow cooker breakfast casserole recipe with all your favorite breakfast ingredients.
  3. Slow cooker cheesy potatoes are great for Christmas morning too!

But we do have a ton of Crockpot side dishes listed here too.

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Overnight Slow Cooker Cinnamon Oatmeal

If you’re ready to make a batch of cinnamon oatmeal for your family for breakfast this week, we have ALL the ways you can make this. Starting with our slow cooker steel cut oats with apples and cinnamon and sugar, that is just the beginning. Slow cooker overnight cinnamon oatmeal is our favorite way by …

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How to Cook Crockpot Scrambled Eggs

Crockpot scrambled eggs with sausage and cheese like an omelette but cooked as a slow cooker breakfast dish is great for a crowd during the holidays! I mean tell me these Crockpot scrambled eggs don’t look delish! Skip standing at the stove to make this favorite Christmas breakfast. Just throw all your favorite ingredients in …

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Slow Cooker Beef Stew with Onion Soup Mix

Slow Cooker beef stew with onion soup mix is an easy protein packed one pot meal in a Crockpot. Add all the potatoes and vegetables you want. Just one of our favorite stew meat recipes. Looking for a new comfort meal? Try this slow Cooker beef stew with onion soup mix, that packet makes everything …

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