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Easy RV Meals You’ll Love

If you travel a lot like we do you need a few easy RV meals to prepare when you’re camping or on a road trip! RV meal planning is here to make it easier as well as links to easy recipes you can make when you’re glamping in your RV wherever you go. Here’s my trick to cooking an entire meal in 20 minutes each night!

easy rv meals

If you and your family love to travel like we do you have probably used a recreational vehicle for at least one of your trips. If you’re intimidated about how to cook in an RV here are a few easy RV meals you can try. You can find more information about road trips on our road trip blog page. (originally published 11/17, affiliate links present)

Others have raved over them and said they use these tips when they’re rv camping or on road trips. I’m all about easy.

  • Whether you’re renting an rv or recently bought one, we’re here to help! Start with printing this RV camping checklist so nothing is forgotten, and here are a few dinner ideas.
printable rv checklist

The best investment I ever made when traveling in an RV was:

  • My Instant Pot
  • More recently I bought a Ninja Foodi and it was a game changer!!
    • Makes everything really easy to clean up since everything is a one pot meal.
    • Ability to make an entire meal for all 5 of us in under 20 minutes when we travel in an RV!
    • Create nutritious hearty comforts from home meals easily when you’ve had a long day. Pressure cookers and the Foodi with an air fryer too are fabulous!
  • If you swear by your crock pot bring that too!

Looking to cook with NO appliances (that would be tent camping for me), but we have camping food ideas too. They’re cooked over the campfire.

easy rv meals

Of course you can cook other meals in one pot which is my focus when I don’t have all the modern conveniences of home. However you literally can make the same dish for usually 1/4 of the time in a pressure cooker which is handy. Try it on your next rv trip and see if it’s as much of a game changer for y’all too!

Easy RV meals

I will tell you my Instant Pot was the best purchase I ever made to cook in an RV or when we’re staying in an Airbnb!!

cooking in an rv

Microwave RV Meals

  1. Did you know you could make an omelette in a mug?
  2. Make pizza in a mug for dinner!
    1. or pizza quesadillas
  3. Macaroni and cheese in a mug.
  4. Amp up your ramen in a microwave with an egg even!
  5. Of course you can load up nachos with precooked chicken and melt the cheese!
  6. You can even microwave salmon for dinner!

Don’t skip dessert!! Make angel food cake for one in there too!

pizza in a mug recipe

Instant Pot RV Recipes

You can use a Ninja Foodi too. That pot is bigger but does include an air fryer so you can make more stuff.

5 ingredient Instant Pot chili uses canned ingredients and you could omit the meat if you needed a pantry meal.

rv meals

Instant Pot chili mac – kids’ favorite for sure and super cheap.

instant pot chili macaroni recipe

3 Ingredient shredded bbq chicken – great for quick chicken tacos, just freeze chicken beforehand & store in cooler

See over 101 more Instant Pot recipes on our site too to choose from.

Instant Pot Hot Dogs 3

If you’ve never used a pressure cooker here is a quick tutorial on how to use an Instant Pot and I will tell you it will be an amazing way of making lots of easy rv meals

One Pot RV meals

Stuffed pepper casserole – skip putting it into the oven, just make in one pot, top with cheese and done

Easy crockpot hamburger helper recipe

Slow cooker RV meals

5 ingredient Crockpot chili recipe – my most popular recipe no matter where you are when you cook it

If you’re going to be out all day a crockpot is a great way to go when you’re making easy rv meals.

You can throw everything in your pot, turn it on, go out for the day and when you’re ready your meal is done.

Great way to cook healthy meals too and you can cook dry beans in it as well so that would be easy to travel with and not need to be refrigerated beforehand.

easy chicken salad sandwich recipe

Sandwiches & salads

If you’re able to throw all your ingredients in and have an entire meal done in under 30 minutes it’s a win.

The last thing you want to do is have to drag out a cast iron pan with olive oil and cook when you’re exhausted. At least I don’t want to! Those items are great if a campfire is all you have though. Just a tip.

What are your favorite easy RV recipes??

easy rv meals

Want to see a few of my favorite things you might want to write on your Christmas list this year??!! 😉 Take a peek and see how many you might already have…twinsies!

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