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Ninja Foodi Air Fryer Egg Bites

Air fryer egg bites filled with bacon, cheese and onions are the best low carb and keto breakfast idea ever! Like copycat Starbucks egg bites but customized! 


You can now do this with air fryer egg bites! Yes, you can make them right at home in 10 minutes now for breakfast or a low carb snack. If you love air fryer eggs but want to take them to the next level, try this recipe. (originally published 10/19, affiliate links present)

Ninja Foodi Egg Bites

Who else loves Starbucks egg bites, but not the price??!! We do!! Beyond that I like to load them up with lots of bacon bits and cheese.

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OR use leftover ham after the holidays to make these for brunch the next day. OH YUM. You can even throw these in WITH sausage patties in air fryer and they’ll cook together all at once.

If you love easy air fryer recipes too, here are some resources to start with:

cosori review

Egg Bites in Air Fryer

We have made Starbucks sous vide eggs before in the Instant Pot, but you can’t get a crispy top like these. That is probably my favorite part.

Using these cute little silicone muffin cups there are TONS of possibilities and everyone can customize their own. That’s what makes it a killer protein packed start to any day.

Make an assembly line if you have guests over and make each one fresh, what a hit that would be!

how to make egg bites

Egg Bites in the Ninja Foodi

So if you have this machine you can choose either our pressure cook version which will come out really tender and soft, or these. Both are great but the texture on both are opposite. I would suggest making them both and deciding which you prefer. You literally can use all the same ingredients for both.

  1. You’ll need these silicone cupcake liners
  2. Eggs
  3. Cheese
  4. Bacon crumbled, or packaged real bacon bits
  5. Onion
  6. Bell pepper
  7. Salt and pepper

Can I use silicone cups in an air fryer?

Are there other options? You can use any oven safe dish or mold in the air fryer. They can be made of glass, ceramic, metal or silicone.

You can also use silicone or paper cupcake cups or molds to bake cupcakes, muffins or small gratins. I could see adding a few diced tomatoes to your air fryer eggs too. It would be a great leftover ham recipe as well. Experiment with it and let me know if you come up with a great combination.

air fryer eggs

Air fryer eggs

Can you cook eggs in the air fryer?

Yes!! Just preheat it to 270 degrees.

  • Then you can add them into the fryer basket and make air fryer hard boiled eggs.
  • You could also crack them into these silicone baking cups without any other items and cook at 300 degrees for about 8 minutes.
    • Timing will depend on whether you want soft boiled, or your yolks to be hard.

Can I use an air fryer without the basket?

I wouldn’t. You really shouldn’t put food directly on the base of the air fryer because it might hinder the circulating the air properly.

That’s what makes the food crispy and the bottom will be flat without any air flow hitting it. 

ninja foodi eggs

Air Fryer Egg Bites Starbucks

With the ingredients listed this is a high protein, low carb recipe that’s full of flavor! If you’re following a keto diet they are a fabulous addition too.

Are there carbs in Starbucks egg bites?

  • Of course there are
  • The Bacon & Gruyere version has
    • 9 carbs
    • 19 grams protein
  • Ham, Cheddar and Peppers has
    • 11 grams of carbs
    • 17 protein

Our air fryer egg bites have only 3 carbs and 10 grams of protein!!

egg bites

How long do egg bites last in the fridge?

First of all I have never had leftovers. I don’t think they would be great the day after even if I did, however if you do have some left here’s what you do.

  • You can keep these in the fridge for about 4-5 days, which is PERFECT for healthy breakfasts throughout the week. 

If you see extra liquid in the bottom of your storage container because of all the vegetables don’t worry, it’s totally normal. If you want to reheat egg bites you can so in the microwave, 20 seconds should do it.

egg bites recipes

How Long to Cook Egg Bites in Air Fryer

Basic steps to follow are here: First put your silicone egg cups into your air fryer basket.

  1. Crack 1 egg into each one.
  2. Sprinkle your added ingredients on top
  3. Set cook time to about 12 minutes (check after 10) at 300 degrees F
  4. Remove when golden brown on top
  5. Can put in between an English muffin to make egg muffins if you like

Alternatively you could scramble all eggs in a bowl, add diced and shredded add ins and divide egg mixture into muffin cups and cook. This will create a smoother result.

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Air Fryer Egg Bites

Air fryer egg bites filled with bacon, cheese and onions are the best low carb and keto breakfast idea ever! Like Starbucks egg bites but customized!
Course Breakfast, Snack
Cuisine American
Keyword air fryer, bacon, cheese, egg bites, eggs, keto, low carb, ninja foodi
Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 10 minutes
Servings 4
Calories 195kcal
Author The Typical Mom




  • Place 4 silicone cupcake holder into your air fryer basket. Crack 1 egg into each one, then add 1 tsp milk into each one.
  • Top each one off with some diced onions, green pepper, bacon bits and cheese. Sprinkle a bit of salt and pepper on the top.
  • Air fry at 300 degrees for 10-13 minutes or until lightly browned on top and enjoy!


Nutrition Facts
Air Fryer Egg Bites
Amount Per Serving (2 oz)
Calories 195 Calories from Fat 135
% Daily Value*
Fat 15g23%
Saturated Fat 6g38%
Cholesterol 186mg62%
Sodium 255mg11%
Potassium 144mg4%
Carbohydrates 3g1%
Fiber 1g4%
Sugar 1g1%
Protein 10g20%
Vitamin A 598IU12%
Vitamin C 13mg16%
Calcium 84mg8%
Iron 1mg6%
* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.
ninja foodi egg bites
air fryer egg bites
Recipe Rating

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Monday 10th of July 2023

How can you reheat them in the air fryer after freezing?

The Typical Mom

Tuesday 11th of July 2023

It will dry out I would use your microwave instead at 45 seconds or so.


Monday 10th of July 2023

Ho can you reheat them after freezing in the air fryer?


Tuesday 4th of April 2023

Easy peasy. I did not use any milk or cheese. Added in some chopped tomatoes. Put them in for 15 minutes and they turned out perfectly.

The Typical Mom

Tuesday 4th of April 2023

OH yay!

Diana Saulsbury

Monday 26th of December 2022

Do you have to use silicone cups? can you just use cupcake cups (paper/)

The Typical Mom

Tuesday 27th of December 2022

I would not use those, they won't work well


Thursday 11th of August 2022

2 things: 1) Mine turned out better when I cooked them at 340 for 13 minutes. 2) A gravy ladle (smaller than a soup ladle) was perfect for filling the cups.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.