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Differences Between Instant Pot vs Ninja Foodi

Instant Pot vs Ninja Foodi review is here! Which one should you buy and what are the differences between the two from a mom who uses them every single day. If you’re considering purchasing the Ninja Foodi pressure cooker and air fryer let us tell you why we did.

ninja foodi review

There is officially a BIG difference in pressure cookers on the market now! With the emergence of this 2 in 1 pressure cooker and air fryer I find the need to do an Instant Pot vs Ninja Foodi review. Then you can try all our Ninja Foodi recipes if you get one. (originally published 2/19, affiliate links present)

Instant Pot vs Ninja Foodi

I will include a Crockpot Express review along side these as well in case you own that model. Any and all 101+ Instant Pot recipes work in either pot too. The biggest between the two is their air crisp function that you cannot do with the singular function of the IP pressure cooker

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There are two lids because of this that you will need to use depending on the function you want. The attached will be used for air frying where as the other needs to be secured for high pressure to build up.

Compare Instant Pot Ninja Foodi and Crock Pot Express

Here are a few resources to start with:

Join my Ninja Foodi EASY Recipes Facebook group for more recipes.

pressure cooker reviews

What is the difference between Instant Pot and Ninja Foodi?

There definitely are different aspects to both of them. Some may be a plus to some and a negative to others which is why I talk about each.

  1. Ninja Foodi is a pressure cooker, steamer, slow cooker, and air frying multi cooker with tendercrisp technology
    1. 6.5 qt. size available, 8.5 qt. available by special order
  2. inner pot is 5.5″ high (shallow pot becomes an issue at times when making recipes that require height like pressure cooker beer can chicken).
    1. I have a 6.5 quart
    2. It’s pot and crisp basket are ceramic coated

This is the most expensive pressure cook device out of the 3.

  1. More buttons to press, must turn on and push start after setting temp and time
    1. Pot has a non stick coating
    2. Comes with 2 lids, steamer/air fryer rack, and an air fryer basket
    3. Only comes in black color

They now have the Ninja Foodi Grill which I’ve done a review on as well. Watch this video to see what that is all about.

ninja foodi pro grill

Pressure Cooker vs Ninja Foodi

And even more differences continue on. Doesn’t matter what version you have as far as the wrap on the outside. The more updated ones do vary like the first version has a manual button which isn’t present anymore.

  1. Instant Pot you can pressure cooker, steam, slow cook, it’s a yogurt maker and rice cooker
    1. 3, 6, and 8 qt. sizes available
      1. I have all three sizes, including this Pioneer Woman Instant Pot you see below (super cute)
      2. inner pot for 6 qt. is 6 1/4″ high and they’re stainless steel
        1. I’d HIGHLY recommend getting a non stick pot instead
    2. Mid priced of the 3

Only one that offers a small 3 qt. version which is great for just 1-2 people

  1. Automatically starts after setting temp and time
    1. Pot does not have a non stick coating
    2. Comes with 1 lid and a trivet

I will include information about the Crockpot Express in my Instant Pot vs Ninja Foodi review below too in case you have this model and are considering adding a Ninja Foodi machine as well.

crockpot express

Crock Pot Express is a pressure cooker, steamer, slow cooker and rice cooker

  1. 6 and 8 qt. sizes available
    1. I have a 6 and 8 qt.
    2. inner pot 6 qt. similar to IP, 8 qt. is 7 1/4″ high
    3. Least expensive pressure cooker of the 3

Must press start button after setting temp and time (which I forget to a lot because IP doesn’t require this).

  1. Pot has a non stick coating
    1. Comes with 1 lid
    2. Only comes in black and silver
    3. Buttons are almost identical to the Instant Pot – easy to convert recipes

Pressure cooker accessories

Crock Pot Express accessories are identical to what can be used inside an Instant Pot.

What is the best pressure cooker?

In the end it is up to you, but these are the biggest differences I found and why I personally like one over the other: Here is an in depth review on the Instant Pot vs Crock Pot Express, now we’re comparing all 3 below.

  • Ninja Foodi inner pot is shallower than the Instant Pot and Crockpot Express pressure cookers of the same size

You lose about 3/4″ in height which may not seem like a lot but when you’re cooking something like my pressure cooker beer can chicken or a large piece of meat it makes a big difference.

There’s no way I could make my beer can chicken in the Ninja Foodi.

  • Ninja Cooking System and Crockpot Express pressure cooker machines come with a teflon coated inner pot
    • Up to you whether you like this feature but I really do, food slides right out and they’re easier to clean I think.
  • Ninja 3 in 1 cooking system doesn’t have a yogurt function
    • I have NO need for this button so I could care less that it is not there.
  • Ninja 3 in 1 cooker is both a pressure cooker AND an air fryer
    • This is the BIGGEST and most important difference that the Instant Pot and Crock Pot Express machines don’t have and the reason why we bought it!

If this had come out at the same time as the others I would probably have purchased the Ninja Foodi initially because I love multi functional kitchen appliances.

ninja foodi recipes 2

Now that you’ve read our Instant Pot vs Ninja Foodi review we hope you can make a more informed decision!

Once you’ve made your purchase(s) here are some resources for you:

  1. Easy Instant Pot recipes
  2. Ninja Foodi recipes
  3. Crock Pot Express recipes

We’ve got you covered!!

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Sherry Dolan

Wednesday 22nd of April 2020

How much does theNinja Foodie weigh?


Sunday 24th of November 2019

The Ninja Foodi DOES have a yogurt function/button setting, and there is even a separate leaflet in the box with instructions for making vanilla pudding


Tuesday 28th of May 2019

I was given an instant pot cookbook. But I bought a Foodi. Can I interchange the recipes? Can I place a glass bowl in a foodi as called for in the Garlic Butter Shrimp and Asparagus recipe in the instant pot book?

The Typical Mom

Wednesday 29th of May 2019

Yes they are identical when reading instructions from IP recipes. It just wouldn't have any air fryer recipes in there but use the pressure cooker function for all of them.

CaroLyn sloat

Saturday 9th of February 2019

How much is the interest cooker


Thursday 7th of February 2019

Great reviews on these three appliances. I only own an Instant Pot (which I love using), but I really like that the Ninja Foodi is also an air fryer too. I'm pinning this one.

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