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Only Instant Pot Accessories You Need

Here are the best Instant Pot accessories for Instant Pot lovers, yourself included! Need a gift guide for Instant Pot fanatics in your family, we have a lot of suggestions that fit perfectly.

pioneer woman instant pot

If you’re obsessed with your Instant Pot or know someone who is and thinking about what to buy them this holiday season we have our favorite Instant Pot accessories here. You might not have a few of these quite yet and they may make your recipe creations easier. I bought mine when this fancy multi cooker came out and have been busy creating hundreds of easy Instant Pot recipes here on The Typical Mom. After just a few recipes I was addicted and became an Instant Pot fanatic like the millions of others. 😉 (originally published 10/18, affiliate links present)

Instant Pot Accessories Amazon

At first I just used the trivet that came with my fancy kitchen appliance. But as time went on and I started experimenting more when making Instant Pot casseroles and Instant Pot dessert recipes. I went out searching for pots and pans that were small enough to fit.

There wasn’t a lot of info about what the best Instant Pot accessories were at the time so I had to find out the hard way. I experimented with a few that weren’t labeled as Instant Pot accessories specifically. Some worked, some didn’t. I’m here to share my findings with all of you.

instant pot duo crisp accessories

Must Have Instant Pot accessories

If you have an Instant Pot fanatic friend or relative, see what they might not have here. Wrap it up for their birthday or Christmas and they’ll be ecstatic!! #1 item you MUST buy FIRST is this non stick pot! GAME CHANGER my friends.

  • Wondering where to buy an Instant Pot?? I buy everything online and I LOVE my new, super cute, Pioneer Woman Instant Pot 
    • I already had an Instant Pot mini (great for just 2 people – just cut all recipes you find in half to prepare), and a 6 qt. Instant Pot. When I saw this new Instant Pot though I had to have it so I could leave it on my counter at all times (so much prettier than black).
  • An extra sealing ring is handy to have, and a silicone lid is great for leftovers.
  • Instant Pot silicone mitts, you see above, are great to pull pans and accessories out of your Instant Pot easily.
    • Regular oven mitts are bulky and too large in my experience. Inexpensive Instant Pot accessory but you’ll use them all the time, so worth it!
  • Having a stainless steel Instant Pot vegetable steamer basket is a must. We use this all the time and it is inexpensive.
    • I love this particular model because it comes with a long hook to grab the center eye hook in order to prevent burning.
    • It fits all Instant Pot models and sizes.
instant pot vegetable steamer basket

Accessories for Instant Pot

Here’s a few more of the best Instant Pot accessories I use on a regular basis. I do not recommend all accessories that are out there. Some are novelties and you’d so rarely use them. If it isn’t worth the cupboard space I wouldn’t recommend them.

  • A 7″ springform pan is a must for baking cakes in your Instant Pot, I’ve used them for savory dishes as well, this size will fit in 6 qt. sizes and up.
    • I also have a 6″ which I’ve used to make my pressure cooker brownies and either works but you can make a cake that’s a bit larger with the 7″ version.
    • If you’ve never used one it has a clasp like you see here so the outer ring comes off and just the bottom remains, these springform pan parchment paper inserts are great if you want it to come off clean and really easily without any worry of breaking your cheesecake etc.
  • I have this Instant Pot pan set that comes with trivets and a shallow pan to make our Instant Pot pizza as well as a large pot that I use to make our pot in pot version of Instant Pot apple crisp.

If you want to make Instant Pot popcorn you’ll need a tempered glass lid.

instant pot springform pan
  • It is labeled for air fryers but works great in my pressure cooker. The set is rather inexpensive for all the Instant Pot accessories you get.
instant pot bundt pan

Pressure Cooker Accessories

  • I have found many uses for this oven safe Instant Pot bowl that comes with a lid too. It’s great for cakes, casseroles, and anything else that is cheesy and needs to be contained.
  • My kids love hard boiled eggs so I use my two tier Instant Pot egg rack quite a bit.
    • You can just stack your eggs on top of one another on a trivet. I feel like they don’t crack as easily though using an egg rack. It’s inexpensive enough (and I use it a ton) so it’s totally worth it.
  • If you love cooking eggs in the Instant Pot you can use this handy Instant Pot egg mold to make those yummy Starbucks egg bits, or even pancake bites using Bisquick and some blueberries inside.
  • These Instant Pot insert pans are great for cooking two items separately at the same time in your pressure cooker like we did with our Instant Pot fish and vegetables dinner.
  • Want to cook angel food cake in an Instant Pot?  You will need this Instant Pot angel food cake pan.

If you’re looking for the best Instant Pot cookbook as a gift this one was written by a fellow blogger I know and love!

 instant pot accessories

Best Instant Pot accessories

Look at these Instant Pot covers will you??!

  1. Instant Pot covers like this adorable unicorn, and this monkey Instant Pot cover is adorable too
  2. Find more Instant Pot cover here.
  3. This Instant Pot wrap is great if you don’t want to buy a whole new IP but want to jazz it up from the traditional silver and black
  4. Here is a funny Instant Pot decal, there are a ton of others here too
  5. This magnetic Instant Pot cool time chart can be helpful
instant pot covers

Looking for some great Instant Pot recipes?

  1. Our Instant Pot caramel apple monkey bread uses a bundt pan
  2. We show you how to dye eggs with Kool Aid using our egg rack
  3. Pancake bites use an egg mold
  4. Instant Pot lasagna uses a pan
  5. Our Instant Pot breakfast casserole uses the springform pan we talked about

You can see our angel food cake pan in use here with the side ring taken off. It comes out nice and fluffy without having to turn the oven on!! Yes we love slow cooking in our slow cooker too but when we have busy days it’s all about the IP!

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instant pot angel food cake 3

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I need time and temp setting for beef brisket using my ninja


Tuesday 10th of November 2020

Hello. I just got a 4Qt insta pot as a gift yesterday. Little did I know I would need accessories for it. I cant find anything that really is made for the odd 4 qt. size, but would like to invest in some good ones for the mini insta pot. Can you recommend some for me? Mostly a spring form pan, a bundt pan, things of that sort. Thank you

Sonia Marquez

Tuesday 28th of January 2020

How do I get the instant pot app

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Saturday 13th of October 2018

Great post! Dear, I like your explanation. thank u for sharing with us.

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