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Halloween Safety Tips for Kids

Here are some Halloween safety tips for kids to follow so everyone has fun. Added rules for teenagers trick or treating on their own this year.

halloween safety

Time for some Halloween safety tips again! Trick or treating is where it’s at in October anyway right??!! Even I like all the small little candies that come home when my kids go out. As a mom I always worry about them being safe. Now that I have a teenager and tween in the house who typically want to head out together. I have had to establish a whole new set of rules for them.

Ok so I am a worrier……

Now that my 3 girls are older I worry about different things versus when they were little and may just trip and fall on their Cinderella dress. It’s a whole new ball game when they become independent and start driving on their own. Seriously.

halloween cake

Halloween safety tips for kids

  1. Choosing a safe costume 
    1. Avoid masks – they may hinder their ability to see what is ahead of them, especially cars coming when they are crossing streets. Instead, choose fun “onesie style” costumes like you see below that have a hood that doesn’t cover their face or use face paint to create the same effect.
    2. Choose a safe material – whether your kids have a homemade Halloween costume or a store bought version this year, make sure the material is flame resistant.
    3. Avoid oversize costumes – material that drags on the ground may cause tripping, or get caught on something when they’re running around.
    4. Choose something bright – not that it needs to be fluorescent but choosing all black head to toe is going to be hard to see them.

If it is a mainly black costume make sure they have glow sticks hanging around their neck or holding a flashlight so cars can spot them, and you can find them if they stray.

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How do You Stay Safe on Halloween

  1. Set rules before you head out together
    1. Everyone must have a partner – it is best if everyone travels as a large group but within that group everyone should have a partner who they must stay with at all times to avoid getting lost..
    2. Pass out the cell phones – with children who are a bit older (5 yrs. +) have 1 person in each group have a cell phone in their trick or treat bag with the location and ringer ON. Even Kindergarteners nowadays know how to answer a cell phone when it rings so even if it isn’t their phone you can at least contact them if you’re separated. Better yet, install the “find my phone” feature on each device that is being used so in case of an emergency you can pull up their location on your device.
  2. Trick or treating rules
    1. Which houses to visit – avoid houses without lights off, they most likely aren’t participating in Halloween activities and may be upset with ringing their doorbell.
    2. Animals – loose animals in the neighborhoods should always be avoided as you do not know how friendly they are. Little children need to be reminded of this as they innocently may want to “just pet the doggy”.
    3. No eating – it is up to you but you may want them to avoid eating any candy they receive while trick or treating. We always look at what is in their bag when we get home to ensure nothing has been opened previously, you can also avoid choking hazards if they are eating and running.
halloween candy

As your kids get older they may start asking to go trick or treating without you, these are the Halloween safety qualifications I had before I said yes to mine.

Halloween safety rules for teens

  • Are they 12+ years old?
  • Have they been responsible enough in the past to call you when they’re away and ask permission to go somewhere else, so you always know where they are?
  • Do they have a way to communicate with you (their own cell phone or are very familiar with one if they were to borrow yours)?
  • Will they follow your Halloween rules, have they followed your rules in the past in regard to safety?
halloween pumpkin

If I could answer yes to all 4 of these questions then I needed to allow them to be a bit more independent and trick or treat without me and with friends/siblings, then we came up with these rules…….

  1. Driving safety – you should talk about this on a regular basis so it’s nothing new but go over it again specific to watching out for an increase of pedestrians for Halloween. If you haven’t gone over driving safety in depth yet you can use this teen driving contract that spells out everything we thought was important for teenagers when they start driving on their own.

Discuss who is allowed to drive – if it is their car, are you okay with one of their friends driving it, are you okay with them driving someone else’s car if they’re with a friend? Discuss possible scenarios that may occur.

Good Cars for New Drivers

Top Tips for Halloween Safety

  1. Communication – telling you when they are leaving one location and where they are going next should be a must. Teens usually like to hit one neighborhood and then maybe travel to another friend’s neighborhood to trick or treat a bit longer.

If you allow them to go to multiple places, have them tell you exactly where they are for safety purposes (as stated above I would download the “find my phone” app on to their phone so you too can locate them at all times on your device).

  1. Behavior – Halloween is a fun night but occasionally teenagers can behave differently at night, and with their friends. Discuss appropriate behavior in regard to treating everyone with respect, being polite, not bothering houses that are dark, and what to do if their friends aren’t acting in a way you would approve of(peer pressure is strong at this age).
  2. Curfew – discuss what time they must be home and the consequence if they aren’t home on time.

Are there any rules you’ve established that I may have forgotten??

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