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Free Printable Teen Driving Contract

If you have a new driver in the house you might appreciate this teen driving contract. A free printable to get you started so everyone is on the same page.

teen driving contract

I can’t believe it is that time for us already but we have a teenage driver in the house! To be sure we were both on the same page I created this teen driving contract. If you’re in the same life stage, I thought I would share it with you. Sponsored by Allstate. (originally published 8/18, affiliate links present)

Parent Teen Driving Contract

Ok so I am a worry wart. My oldest daughter waited a bit longer than most. At 17 she got her license and it was time for her to really get behind the wheel….by herself…..

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  • You just can’t be too careful I say, especially when your teenager starts to drive. It’s one of the important conversations with teens you need to have.

She is a very conservative person in general. I don’t really worry about but the thoughts of “what if……” enter your mind around this time.

Let’s just admit it…parenting is hard. Especially when you need to let go a little bit. We will start with how we can prepare ourselves and our teen when they start to drive.

Teen Driving Contract

Teen driving contract

Here are other things to think about too, and steps you should take to prepare…….

  1. If you’re going to purchase a car for them, decide on your budget first. Then research the right vehicle for young drivers.
  2. Have the car they are driving inspected, so you can try to avoid any mechanical issues from happening.
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Parent Teen Driving Agreement

  1. Add them to your car insurance.
    1. Here’s a resource for teen driver discounts as well as what’s the best insurance for young drivers.
  2. Ask them if they think they’re ready. Don’t assume they are just because they passed the test), if not you can:
    1. Drive with them for the first time on the freeway.
    2. Start with very short distances when driving by themselves to increase their confidence. We did this with several trips to the grocery store at the corner).
  3. Take a walk around and inside the car they are driving and show them all the ins and outs. Where the spare is, where the proof of ins. card is, how to adjust the seat/mirrors.

Are you ready?? I know, it’s a bit scary but you should talked at length about “what to do if ________ happens”. Then they will feel confident then something occurs.

Print out this teen driving contract printable, discuss it, and both sign it. (can write anything other specifics on the back)

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.