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How to Reduce Pet Dander Allergy

How to reduce pet dander allergy at home! Here are tips that have helped me combat the sniffles and sneezing when we decided to get a cat.

Cat Dander Allergy

My family has been yearning for a pet for years. One day when we saw this sweetie at the animal shelter I had to give in and find ways to minimize my pet dander allergy at home. (originally published 4/19, affiliate links present)

How to Reduce Pet Dander

Guess what?? I’m not sneezing any longer!!  Let me share what we’ve done to help my allergies, FilterEasy who sponsored this post was an integral part of it all.

  • Let me start by saying that I had pets growing up, but they lived outside. I never thought about whether I had pet allergies until I was an adult and visited friends who had a dog.
  • Soon after I spent time with someone who had a cat and the same symptoms including sneezing and a scratchy throat arose.
  • It was then I realized I must be allergic to animals.

Home Air Filter Replacement

For years I fought the idea of owning an animal because of our busy lifestyle, and whether or not I could handle all the dander. This was the very day I gave in!

idaho blogger

I’m allergic to my dog is there anything I can do

I took them to a horse ranch to possibly take riding lessons and all they cared about were these cats we found. I KNEW then I had to figure out a way to minimize my allergies to pets so they could have one. Then we headed to the animal shelter and Milo became part of the family!

The next day I went to work on controlling my cat allergies and the amount of animal dander that was inevitably going to enter our home. 

  • I am NOT a big fan of medication so I wasn’t about to get allergy shots. I didn’t really want to go through allergy testing either since I knew my issues.
  • A natural way to control my allergic reactions was my focus. 

FilterEasy is where we started!

filter easy review

Filter Easy Review

We were pretty diligent about replacing the home air filters in the past, but now it was going to be REALLY important. Not just replacing it but finding one that focused on minimizing pet allergens, dust mites, and made our environment as allergy free as possible. 

Their SuperAllergen was what we got!

  • Here are some specifics on it:
    • Perfect for those with allergy and asthma symptoms
    • Removes even the smallest particles such as smoke
    • Great for pet owners

How to reduce pet dander

house air filters

Air Filter Replacement

Keep in mind we are pretty focused on air filtration in general because my middle daughter has seasonal allergies. So, the gunk that accumulated on the home air filter on the left is only 2 months worth of dust and other particles!!

  • If you have never changed the air filter in your home it will definitely look much worse! 

Now that we had a cat and needed to control my pet dander allergy it was time to swap it out on a more regular basis. Cleaning carpets would need to be a priority too.

That is where FilterEasy delivery comes in handy! You just choose the size and filter you want and it is delivered to your door as often as you’d like.

That way there is NO forgetting and it will not only help reduce your allergy symptoms to pets but to pollen as well. Spring is coming so they’re coming!

pet dander allergy

This is what you do:

  1. Find where your house air filter is located & make note of the size you need
    1. Ours was in the basement
      Order your house filter here – get your first home air filter for free
  2. When it’s delivered remove the old one, and slide in the new one
  3. Done!

Now you can have peace of mind knowing the air in your home is being filtered REALLY well. This has reduced allergen levels in our house. I can tell because my runny nose is a thing of the past.

how to change house air filter

Minimize pet dander in the house

  • Using vacuum cleaners to clean the carpets and hardwoods twice a week.
  • Mop more regularly.
  • Having an air purifier in every room of the house, especially those we spend the most time in.
  • Brushing the cat outside to remove as much hair as possible. This is done (by the kids) 2-3 times a week.
  • If you have dog allergies you’d need to bathe them regularly.
    • There may be shampoos that reduce allergic reactions on the market too.

Even if pet allergies are not an issue in your home I HIGHLY recommend you take a peek at your filters. It’s well worth the 5 minutes it takes to replace it with FilterEasy.

best home air filter

Fast forward 1 year and guess what we got next, a dog!! Yes I was outvoted 4 to 1 when getting this puppy. After only a few months though I am in love with her too! 

  • Since we were on a regular rotation of changing air filters, I literally had no reaction to having her in our home from the beginning.
  • We have it set up the same, delivered every other month or so. Making sure it gets replaced as you see here is key. That’s one less thing I have to worry about now.

Before, cats and dogs gave me the major sniffles. I will say they still do when we visit someone else’s home and they don’t follow the same steps as we do here. That means, their home is full of allergens all over the place!

With all that said, I feel ultimate relief now from my pet dander allergy and it wasn’t hard to do at all! Now we can love on her, make homemade dog biscuits and live sneeze free.

minimizing pet allergies

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