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Garden Ideas for Kids + Printable Decorative Garden Stakes

Printable decorative stakes and garden ideas for kids are here! Label and use in your first fruit or vegetable garden this year! How to get seeds to grow quickly are shared which is really important when your gardening with kids who are impatient! Try this summer project this year.

garden ideas for kidsDo you enjoy gardening with kids and seeing their eyes light up when they plant a tiny seed and watch it grow into something wonderful?? Let us share a few of our favorite garden ideas for kids + free printable garden stakes they can label. Sponsored by Miracle Grow. (originally published 4/16, affiliate links present)

We first started with these seed starters that were just the right size for little hands. Using these pouches the seeds themselves are SO easy for them to plant. Your kids will love this gardening activity too!

Great way to garden with kids

First we found a container that was just her size to start her seeds.

  • Since we like repurposing containers as often as possible we used her Easter basket. It had slats at the bottom that would work well for drainage.  

Once these plant pouches sprouted we planned to transfer them to a larger area (ideally they should be 24″ apart to reach their full potential).

  • To begin with though, all of her “friends” would be together and it would enhance the FUN factor for this first gardening experience. 😉

Gardening with kids

It is easier for little hands to get a grip on something a bit larger than teeny tiny seeds so starting with a Gro-ables Project like this is perfect for a first gardening experience!

  • For that matter I’m all about EASY and having all you need in one convenient container is like they read my mind when it comes to gardening with kids.
  • All you do is just plop the little seed pot container you see here in potting mix, water, and it is GUARANTEED  to grow!!

I admit that I do NOT have a green thumb. If you’re growing strawberries and veggies with your kids and nothing happened the first time I also guarantee they would never do it with me again. So this is fabulous. lol

gardening for kids

If you have a sand shovel that is perfect for them to dig a hole large enough for these seed packets. Just make sure that the potting mix is level to the top of your biodegradable container.

  • Next is a fun part so you can remember what you’ve planted. All you do it print out these garden signs, or print out this page with other fun garden signs.
  • If you have many things you’re going to plant just go ahead and print them both!
  • Use a pen to write what you’ve planted in the white area of each insect
  • Then laminate the page(s) along with the popsicle sticks or tongue depressors you will be using as stakes.
  • Cut the insect garden markers out and hot glue gun your signs to the top tongue depressors and you’re to create your decorative garden!

This is a really fun outdoor activity for kids that is cheap and they’ll remember forever.

printable garden markers

You may need to help cut, but it is a fun gardening idea for kids that will help everyone remember exactly what was planted!

  • It looks pretty too and they will definitely want to show off  “their garden” to family and friends who come by.

I hope you enjoyed our garden ideas for kids…let us know how your first mini garden turns out!

garden ideas for kids  


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.