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Hiking Ideas for Kids

Here are a list of fun hiking ideas for kids! They are easy and inexpensive that will keep them busy when you are hiking or camping this summer. With a few items from the Dollar Store your children will want to go hiking with you because it’s so fun.

Hiking Ideas for Kids

We are planning a trip to Yosemite this year….woohooo! With that said, I felt the need to come up with some ideas to keep my 3 kids busy. We like camping and hiking but it’s challenging with little ones. I came up with a few hiking ideas for kids to use while we’re there. I hope you enjoy them! (originally published 4/15, affiliate links present)

How do I make hiking fun for kids

  • Our first idea when your hiking with kids involves a good ol’ empty spray bottle (featured above). Let me tell you how many hours worth of enjoyment they will get out of this less than $1 purchase!!

You can get water bottles with a fan attached if you’re willing to spend a bit more. They can be a lot of fun too. I came up with all of these ideas before we left. My 5 y.o. seen above wouldn’t let me pack it away. She stayed outside for an hour “watering the plants”.

This is what I had intended for her as we hike around, just allowing her to spray any plants she would like to along the way to keep her busy and happy, CHECK!

How do I make hiking fun for kids

What to pack when hiking with kids

  • The next activity involves an empty berry container. You can use any container you would normally throw away, even washed out mayo jars or anything you are done with at the campsite.
  • Best if they have a lid or can shut. Just wash it out and bring it with you so your kids can pick up and close up their “treasures” so they won’t get lost.

Berry containers are nice though because they have holes so if something is wet it can dry out a bit even when closed. Other ideas are small zipper pouches like the ones shown here that have a hook and can be fastened to their water jug or backpack .

What to pack when hiking with kids

What to teach kids about hiking

That is is fun! That there is so much to see, learn about and how many memories each experience will create.

  • Bringing a small notebook and pencil along is great so they can draw a picture of something they find along the way but is too big to bring along.

If you bring colored pencils they can color their picture once they return to the campsite later that day too.

  • Bring along a notebook for every child so they don’t have to share. You can find some at Walmart (everything I list is repurposed or really cheap). On Amazon they have cute little notebooks that are less than $1 with different pictures on the front .
Water bottle with strap

Walking Trail Ideas

One essential item has been and will continue to be that everyone has their own water bottle WITH a strap. It makes everyone happier when they have their fluids on hand at all times. And we don’t have to carry everybody’s.

These are great because you can fill them up for a long day or a little for a shorter hike. The strap works on their shoulder or over their head and under their arm if they are a bit heavier. Let them decorate it with stickers too! You can find them at Walmart or other places or here if you would rather order everything online.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.