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How to Dye Eggs With Kool Aid

This is how to dye eggs with Kool Aid for Easter or just for fun! Dyeing eggs with just water and coloring is always best when children are involved and this way is simple and very cheap to do too! How to make the perfect hard boiled eggs and then dye them any color you want using this simple method is here.

How to Dye Eggs With Kool Aid

It doesn’t have to be Easter time to dye eggs you know. But it is then when kids get excited about doing so. If you’ve made them the “old fashioned” way you may have had those years when you forgot vinegar. You had unhappy children ready to do a fun activity without the right ingredients on hand. It’s kinda’ a pain. Well here is how to dye eggs with Kool Aid. If you haven’t tried it yet you’ve got to use this method this year…and beyond. Sponsored by Kitchen Deluxe. (originally published 3/18, affiliate links present)

Hard boiling eggs used to be a pain before I got my Instant Pot, now it’s so easy!!

At first I wasn’t so sure how I was going to do it without something that would keep my eggs secure. I didn’t want them to break. This Instant Pot egg rack steamer from solves that problem.

I just make perfectly hard boiled eggs in my pressure cooker with this 2 tier rack you see here. I will share this below too if you want to make hard boiled eggs in bulk. So easy making 14 all at once.

This is plenty for us most of the time. The rack is great for transferring dyed eggs too so the color doesn’t come off. If transferring eggs to paper towel some color will be removed. A rack is better.

Check out how brilliantly colored these Kool Aid Easter eggs come out!

With just one pack and a bit of water the blue, orange, red, and pink come out brightly colored!

How to Dye Eggs With Kool Aid 2

How to dye eggs with Kool Aid

  1. Hard boil your egg
    1. if using a pressure cooker use this egg rack steamer
  2. Immediately plunge them into a bowl of ice water
hard boiled eggs
  1. To dye Easter eggs, add 3/4 c. of cold water to a cup or bowl
  2. Empty 1 packet of Kool Aid into your water (you can find a variety of colors here)
  3. Stir until it completely dissolves
  4. Use a plastic spoon to lower cooked eggs 1 at a time into your Kool Aid dye cups
  5. Turn your egg after a minute or so
  6. Leave in dye for at least 3-4 minutes, the longer you leave it in the more brilliantly colored it will become
  7. Use several bowls with different Kool Aid egg dye colors to create a variety
    1. darker colors work best, lemonade flavor doesn’t work great
  8. Carefully lift egg out of dye and put back on your egg rack steamer to dry
    1. put a paper plate underneath to catch drippings
How to Dye Eggs With Kool Aid 3

** Tip – I use plastic bowls / plates and spoons so they can be thrown away. Kool Aid dye can stain fabric and even fingers for a bit so use spoon to lower and lift out eggs washing hands afterward.

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