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Best Air Fryer Snacks Recipes

Best air fryer snacks that kids love, protein packed, keto low carb friendly options and on the go breakfast ideas too. Sweet or savory.

air fryer snacks

Now that you’ve become an expert, or maybe you’re just beginning your journey, you might want some air fryer snacks! From after school snacks to sweet treats to enjoy late at night with a movie we have them all. Tons of easy air fryer recipes to choose from but these may be our faves. 😉 (affiliate links present)

Air Fryer Snack Recipes

I started this whole journey with a Ninja Foodi that offers 2 main functions. I liked it so much I then added a Cosori to the mix of small kitchen appliances and from that moment I was hooked!

Yes of course we make dinners in this all the time and there are some dishes that can be both a snack and a meal. Our air fryer dry rub chicken wings have been both, depending on the day. Sometimes you want to whip up something quick for your kids, or you, and I refer to this list every time for that.

If you love air fryer recipes too, here are some resources to start with:

cosori review

Healthy Air Fryer Snacks

If it’s the beginning of the year and your resolution is to get in shape (mine every year) you might want to choose from this list here. Vegetables in the air fryer are always the healthiest, but not always a great finger food without any breading. So……let’s share a few others.

  • Air fryer cucumber chips are healthy and even kids love them. You can lightly bread them or just toss with olive oil salt and pepper and crisp them up. That way they turn out very similar to potato chips but like no calories to them.
  • Kids love air fryer apple chips. Similar to dehydrated apples but doesn’t take nearly as long and come out way crispier. I can’t make these fast enough, they disappear quickly around here sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar.
  • Pretzel bites in air fryer we make often.

Spinach chips are very similar to our air fryer kale chips recipe but with a different veggie of course. Made almost the same way I’d recommend trying both and see which is your favorite. Believe it or not my girls love kale after trying this one.

ninja foodi kale chips

Ninja Foodi Snacks

Now it doesn’t matter what brand you have at home. I also own an AirWave (because it was pretty) and Farberware has one too. The biggest difference between any and all of the brands is the size and shape of the basket. I have a 5ish quart and it’s fine for the 4 of us.

When my oldest daughter was still home I used this large air fryer. It was great to pop in a few grilled cheese in air fryer for all of us so we could eat at the same time.

Of course if you want a pressure cooker and air fryer then go for the Foodi that does both of them. Here are a few more my kids love:

  1. Air fryer boneless wings are easier for them to eat and pop into their mouths.
  2. Popcorn chicken in air fryer and copycat Burger King chicken fries are on top of their list too. Pair either with wing dipping sauces for a protein packed snack after school.
  3. These air fryer pumpkin seeds are fun in the Fall to enjoy.
  4. I’ve made frozen mozzarella sticks in air fryer before and they were a hit. Next to air fryer corndogs they are probably the easiest things to throw right in.
  5. Homemade air fryer cheese curds are a bit more work but so worth it.

Sweeter and more tender than the chips above, these air fryer apples sliced into rings are the bomb. Still sweet but lower in carbs, air fryer jicama fries are the bomb too.

Air Fryer Apple Fries

Easy Air Fryer Snacks

I will say those are a bit more labor intensive than some others with the “batter”. Remember you cannot use wet like tempera, rather a light coating of flour and a quick dip in egg will do the trick. Then add your favorite seasonings and everything comes out great. Air fryer zucchini chips are probably my all time favorite.

If you don’t have time for breading though, I get it. During the summertime when fruits are fresh you can make all sorts of little treats like air fryer peaches or apple crisp in air fryer!

Transform packaged or frozen gnocchi into crispy air fryer gnocchi some day.

Air Fryer Recipes No Breading

Air fryer hot pockets can be thrown right in from frozen, or I share a way to make them homemade too. Using just defrosted frozen dough or refrigerated biscuits as the dough they’re easy.

pizza hot pocket

Let’s continue on the frozen route shall we? That is the easiest for sure whether it’s for a party food or snack for your kiddos.

Snack Recipes Air Fryer

I think the perfect air fryer party appetizer would be something where I can throw it in and not check on it at all. Pair it with a bunch of different dips to make eating fun. You can do this with:

I mean any of our air fryer appetizers would work just as well for a quick snack, so there is a longer list there too. From cooking frozen onion rings in air fryer to sweeter treats like air fryer cake in tiny ramekins so they serve just one, there is anything that hasn’t come out well in this machine.

air fryer appetizers

Air Fryer Finger Foods

Did you know you could make cheese it snack mix in this machine too? Yep. Want a protein packed bite? Try our air fryer edamame some afternoon.

It goes beyond that though. I am sure if you’re a mom you have done breakfast for dinner and it’s always been a huge hit for your kids. Well think of this, you could easily make snacks for dinner too! I mean there are enough healthy and high protein finger foods to choose from as your “main dish”.

Then you can move on to side dishes and pair your fish nuggets let’s say with artichoke in air fryer. Using the mini palm size versions it may be a new veggie they’ve never tried and become their favorite!

On to bite size air fryer desserts there are so many options there to choose from. Apple fritters are small hand sized and leftovers can be saved for breakfast the next morning too. Bonus!

snacks in air fryer

Many of these will save well too so y’all can snacks in air fryer the next day(s) too. For all of them the best tip is to eliminate as much air as you can in a well sealed bags. Some things like kale chips don’t save well at all, you’ll just need to eat them fresh for best results.

Apple chips can stay fresh for a good week in tightly sealed baggies and you can reheat chicken in air fryer pretty easily the next day. It is better than nuking it because it will get crispy once again.

Want to see a few of my favorite things that I am totally obsessed with?? Take a peek and see how many you might already have…twinsies!

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