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Hot Air Fryer Recipes

Looking for some delicious hot air fryer recipes that are simple and certain to be a family favorite? Wondering whether you should buy an air fryer for your kitchen? We’ll tell you why we love ours and share breakfast, lunch and dinner air fryer recipes that will simplify your life in the kitchen.

Whether you use a singular machine or have a dual one like a Ninja Foodi you can make all of the ideas mentioned below. Say goodbye to deep frying, these healthy air fryer finger foods will get your mouth watering for sure.

Hot Air Fryer Recipes 2

No matter if you’re new to the Air Fryer world or not, it’s safe to say that once you use it, you’re hooked and looking for easy hot air fryer recipes like these. Who doesn’t love a bite of crispy delicious food without the worry and taste of grease or oil? Using an Air Fryer is such a simple way to create fried dishes without the worry of feeling bogged down later by grease.

What is the Air Fryer?

A crispy air fryer is a small kitchen appliance that gives your food the taste of being fried, without actually submersing in grease. Using air and heat to circulate, your food will have that crispy fried taste without the use of oil or grease.

If used properly, it can cut down on the amount of fat and calories that you consume on a daily basis because of using air circulation rather than oils to cook. Get ready for a ton of easy weeknight dinners like air fryer salmon or even frozen air fryer chicken wings! All of which are done in less than 30 minutes.

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Do you need to use oil in your Air Fryer?

Great question. Some people chose to completely eliminate oil from their Air Fryer recipes, some add a bit inside, while others may decide to add a tablespoon or two on the food itself to crisp up the skin/outsides even more.

  • Keep in mind that there are steps that you need to read and understand if you are going to add oil into your actual Air Fryer and you should read the owners manual for your particular model to see what is recommended.
Hot Air Fryer Recipes

What are the benefits to buying an air fryer?

  • Cuts down on the calories and fat content in food that you may typically fry.
  • Drastically reduces clean up time in the kitchen because it’s literally a breeze to keep clean!
  • Made with safety features so that even novice cookers or supervised children can use to cook and create in the kitchen.
  • Has the ability to make literally all sorts and varieties of food taste delicious and crispy!

Once you make your first recipe to a golden brown, you’ll fall in love with the ease of use! Here are a few different air fryer machines to choose from:

  • Ninja Foodi air fryer and pressure cooker (all in one, the one we have pictured above and below).
    • Ninja also has a version that is just an air fryer as well that is smaller.
  • This air fryer and dehydrator has a rotisserie feature as well if you’re interested in all 3 methods of cooking.
  • Cheapest air fryer on the market yet is small, may work well for 2 people.

How easy is it to use? Two words. Crazy simple. Instead of preheating your oven you can now make juicy chicken in about 15 minutes flat. Have a dual zone with two drawers?? You can make veggies like air fryer spinach at the same time!

ninja foodi air fryer

Literally, once you add your food items, you just have to press a couple of buttons. That’s it. Once you hear the beep, you know that whatever food items you’ve placed in it are ready to eat. (let ’em cool first, they’ll be hot!)

Why use an Air Fryer versus the oven?

While the oven does a good job of cooking and crisping food as well, it just takes a whole lot more time!

Think about how long it takes to preheat your oven, then add, cook, check, maybe cook some more…and during that time, that heat is also heating up your house. (if it’s during the winter that may be fine, but during the summer months? No thanks.) When it comes to cooking quickly, the Air Fryer wins hands down. Other reasons to use the Air Fryer versus the oven?

  • This is way easier to clean versus the oven too (literally wiping it out, and you’re done in minutes)
  • Constant heat and air in a consistent motion in the Air Fryer ensures that your food is cooking evenly each and every time

If you’re on the fence about whether using an Air Fryer is right for you, there are plenty of resources available to educate yourself. Resources to help you learn how to use an air fryer

  1. We have a free printable air fryer cook times chart you can put on your fridge to help you find the info. you need quickly!
    1. If you’re opposed to free you can buy this magnetic air fryer frozen food cooking time chart to reference how long each food cakes to cook too.

Now that you have a bit of knowledge about Air Fryers here’s a ton of delicious recipes below so you can be on your way to becoming the Air Frying expert at your house!

air fryer cook times

Easy hot air fryer recipes

I will share a short list of some of the favorites we make on a regular basis, or my teens do. You can find the entire list of all the easy air fryer recipes on our site here.

  1. The first recipe we made were these Ninja Foodi air fryer french fries which were super easy.
    1. Air fryer potato wedges are thicker than fries.
    2. Baked potatoes post is on it’s way here.
    3. Air fryer potato chips are the kids fave.
  2. If you haven’t tried Ninja Foodi kale chips they are so good!
  3. Air fryer pork chops are the bomb.
  4. Ninja Foodi brownies – pressure cooker or air fryer brownies option
  5. Air fryer fried chicken is a family favorite.
  6. Easy air fryer vegetables make for a great side dish.
    1. Tempura vegetables in the air fryer are so good too.
    2. Air fryer broccolini gives it a great texture.
  7. Air fryer beef jerky is easier than using a dehydrator.

You can make Ninja Foodi chicken breast this way, or in your Cosori with air fryer sweet potatoes as the perfect duo.

hot air fryer recipes

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