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Best Instant Pot Thanksgiving Recipes

Here’s all the Instant Pot Thanksgiving recipes you’ll need for the holidays! From Instant Pot turkey to pressure cooker side dishes & dessert, we’ve got you covered. Perfect list to use for all of November.

Instant Pot Thanksgiving Recipes 2

Ok I am back with a roundup of the best Instant Pot Thanksgiving recipes! Of course we have over 100 more easy Instant Pot recipes on my site but these are great for the holidays. (originally published 9/18, affiliate links present)

I’m here to share a few of my favorite pressure cooker holiday recipes. Of course you can use them as Ninja Foodi recipes too, or whatever brand you have.

Here’s the BIG list of everything you’ll need to create an Instant Pot Thanksgiving dinner for everyone in no time.

Let’s start with a few basic tips:

For reference, this is the pressure cooker I have and use for all recipe creations.

star wars instant pot

We have a recipe for the main dish, Instant Pot turkey of course but if you’re not a huge fan of that you could serve a pressure cooker ham which is a yummy dinner too no matter what time of year it is.

You could easily use this list for your Instant Pot Christmas recipes too.

Instant Pot Thanksgiving

This is why we love using this pot during this holiday.

  1. It frees up your oven space for other dishes on Thanksgiving Day
  2. Y’all can cook a dish very quickly
  3. You can saute, cook, and keep warm all in one pot

Hands down it is the best thing that has ever been invented for this holiday in particular. The #1 item that I ALWAYS make in it are Instant Pot mashed potatoes or garlic mashed potatoes. If nothing else, make that!

pressure cooker turkey 2

What equipment you’ll need for an Instant Pot Thanksgiving

  1. Electric pressure cooker
    1. I just got my new Pioneer Woman Instant Pot with a non stick pot – you can use a Crockpot Express and/or Ninja Foodi too
    2. Instant Pot Steamer basket
  2. 6 c. bundt pan that fits into a 6 or 8 qt. IP is perfect for side dishes like my corn casserole and cornbread

I just bought these Instant Pot mini mitts that have come in handy to get things out easier

pioneer woman instant pot 3

Instant Pot Thanksgiving Recipes

Instant Pot ham is a great alternative in case you aren’t a huge fan of turkey. A great choice if there are only 2-4 of you too so there aren’t too many leftovers.

Instant Pot Ham 2

Instant Pot Thanksgiving Dinner

Instant Pot Side Dishes are a must. I mean I think many times we could skip the meat entirely and just have an entire meal with just these. lol

If you’re having an all day affair start the day with this pressure cooker breakfast quinoa that’s amazing – make a toppings bar for fun!

The best Instant Pot cheesy bacon ranch potatoes are here. Use a mixture of different cheeses to make them over the top fantastic.

instant pot ranch potatoes

Instant Pot sweet potato casserole with a pecan topping or stop at the mashed sweet potatoes stage

Pressure cooker cornbread is really pretty to serve in this small bundt pan.

pressure cooker cornbread 2

Instant Pot white rice – basic recipe for cooked rice but is much easier than the stovetop method, something we use several times a week!

For a healthier version, make Instant Pot brown rice. This way, it turns out fluffier than ever.

If you have picky kids coming just make a pot of Instant Pot macaroni and cheese so they’re happy.

instant pot thanksgiving recipes

We always have some sort of fruit dish to serve on the side so this Instant Pot applesauce would work well for that.

instant pot mashed potatoes recipe

You can make Instant Pot quinoa as a healthier side dish instead of rice

Instant Pot Thanksgiving Desserts

Not necessarily traditional but people RAVE about our Instant Pot rice pudding which for me is my favorite no matter what holiday it is. Or Instant Pot chocolate rice pudding.

coconut rice pudding

Fun Instant Pot caramel popcorn you can do with kids. It is fun to watch it pop up using a glass lid.

instant pot thanksgiving recipes 2

Then take note and PIN this roundup of Christmas brunch menu ideas, and December Instant Pot recipes.

  • Make sure to use our leftover turkey recipe if you have any meat left. Don’t waste! You can make turkey stock out of the bones too.

If you’re celebrating with kids here are a few ideas to keep the day fun!

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Wednesday 13th of November 2019

I just bought an instant pot and need some recipes for it . Thank You Donna

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