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How to Deglaze Your Instant Pot

This is how to deglaze your Instant Pot & what to do when your Instant Pot shows the burn message! If you’re new to pressure cooking we’ve got tips to help.

How to Deglaze Your Instant Pot

I am here to show you how to deglaze your Instant Pot so you can avoid the dreaded burn message from coming on. It may not be burning at all, but you just forgot one step after searing your meat on saute. Then, problem fixed and you can go on to try our 101+ Instant Pot recipes!! (affiliate links present)

Deglazing Instant Pot

Let us share these cooking basics with y’all. I know, this whole pressure cooking thing is overwhelming at first. It was for me!

Once I got the hang of it I wrote about how to use an Instant Pot. Something I wish I had when I started this whole journey.

If you are new to pressure cooking we have a lot of easy one pot meal recipes for you here. To begin with let’s start with a few basic tips:

For reference, this is the pressure cooker I have (a 6 quart) and use for all recipe creations.

star wars instant pot

How to deglaze Instant Pot

I haven’t had this “burn” problem often, but it has when first making my pressure cooker chili verde and it was frustrating. Don’t be alarmed, it’s usually false….okay unless there is smoke coming out. lol

How do you deglaze an Instant Pot?

I have a video here showing you how it’s done. With a wooden spoon and some liquid it is easy to do. Then you’ll avoid the burn notice and you can continue with your cooking time.

What does it mean to deglaze the pot?

Deglazing means that you’re getting all of the stuck on bits of food pieces off of the bottom. If not it will trigger the BURN message and stop cooking all together.

We will show you how to do it step by step in a video in this post to deglaze pot

Why does Instant Pot say food burn?

This occurs because the heat sensors sense that it is getting to hot on the bottom of the pot and may burn your food. Sometimes it is incorrect entirely, other times you need to scrape the bottom.

Using a bit of broth or water and a wooden spatula, scrape brown bits of stuck on food off the bottom of the inside of the pressure cooker pot.deglazing instant pot

How do I keep the bottom of my pressure cooker from burning?

After sauteeing meat, turn your pot off so it can begin to cool down before pushing high pressure button. Then remove all food sticking to the bottom.

These steps will help you avoid burning an Instant Pot so cooking will continue and not cease part way thru.

What should I deglaze with?

If the recipe calls for broth, I just use about 1/2 a cup of that and do not pour it out. Water works just as well if you want to dump out the contents but quite frankly the bits add flavor to your dish, so leave them.

how to deglaze your instant pot

Pretty easy now that you see it done right before you right??!! Especially if you’re cooking a large piece of meat like you see here below, like my Instant Pot pulled pork you’ll need to know this.

  1. FIRST off you can avoid this almost entirely if you just use a nonstick pot!! Game Changer!
  2. Then, you really need to deglaze your Instant Pot after browning.

Also let it cool down before turning it from saute to pressure. Those are the two main tips.

  1. Another thing is to make sure you turn your Instant Pot to OFF/Cancel once you’re done sauteeing anything.
    1. It may trigger the burn notice if you don’t.
      1. Your machine does this because it thinks the pot is too hot.
      2. This may cause it to not reach pressure at all either.
      3. So just take the extra few minutes and pause in between.

Do not turn it immediately from saute to pressure high/low or it won’t give the pot time to cool off. This may give you a falsely burn “alarm” also and freak you out. 

how to deglaze your instant pot
how to deglaze your instant pot

Easy step to follow which will save you some headaches.

The reason it says burn most of the time is that there are bits of meat stuck to the bottom.

A little liquid or broth will loosen them up quickly. Just use a wooden utensil with a flat head to scrape it off and proceed with your recipe.

  • You can pour this bit of broth or water out but really these bits have a lot of flavor to them so I usually try to leave it. It will add to the overall flavor.

Totally up to you…..

Now that you know what burn on Instant Pot means you can avoid it.

burn on instant pot

NOW try these easy Instant Pot recipes! Just a few of our faves are below. 😉

AND our most popular dish is Instant Pot spaghetti, because who doesn’t like this classic?

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Saturday 5th of August 2023

Thank you so much. Yours was the only source i could find that advised to let it cool down between sauté and pressure cooking. Appreciate it!

The Typical Mom

Saturday 5th of August 2023

So glad

Steve Weiss

Monday 27th of December 2021

Thanks for the deglaze info. As a Instant Pot newbie, this has been a real nuisance, not to mention frustrating. Twice I've thrown out the contents because I wasn't sure they were fully cooked. I guess I had not been adding a sufficient amount of liquid for my recipe (Chili). I'm going to try again this evening, keeping my fingers crossed! Thanks again, have a safe and happy New Year!

Donnis Knope

Tuesday 2nd of February 2021

Thank you

Thabiso Mokhosoa

Friday 24th of April 2020

Thank you for the tips and the recipe. Fantastic stuff.


Tuesday 3rd of March 2020

Your burn article was very helpfully. My problem is I haven't used my pot for several months now and have only had it for about 12 months. I used it last night and after I finished cooking I soaked it to clean it after it cooled down. My pot is a non stick and after I cleaned it I noticed the bottom is peeling. I would like to know will this affect the use of the pot in anyway. Thanking you for your reply


Saturday 28th of November 2020

Hi thanks for your article. I want to buy an instant pot. When it says burn and the lid is closed.. I think you have to wait for the pressure to come down before opening the lid right? After that you remove the lid remove the bits with wooden spoon and select the program again? Halfway cooking can you check food like cooking on the stove? Or you have to wait until pressure goes down to open lid and continue to cook? Does pressure take long to go down?

Thanks a lot!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.