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Recipes Using Beef Stew Meat

Tons of quick recipes using beef stew meat are here to choose from! How to make the best, tender meals using these inexpensive cuts.

Recipes Using Beef Stew Meat

There are so many amazing recipes using beef stew meat out there. From casseroles, to soups, and everything in between we’re here to share them all. Find these and more easy beef recipes here on The Typical Mom blog.

Stew Meat Recipes

If you too are all about cheap recipes, you’ve probably picked up a packet of this meat in the store yourself.

We will start out with this easy dutch oven stew recipe. Packing it with potatoes, carrots and other veggies it’s a complete meal you can even make while camping.

dutch oven stew 2

Recipes using Stew Meat

I know, super thick gravy is key with this one. Add all the seasonings you love or use our suggestions to make a great camping recipe over the campfire. Here are a few questions you might have if this is a new type of meat you haven’t used very often:

What kind of meat is stew meat?

If you’ve never bought a package of this pre cut protein at the store before you might be like huhhh? Typically it’s from the shoulder of a cow, and cut into bite size pieces.

Many times it is what’s left over after the butcher cuts the chuck roasts and other cuts. That is why it’s rather inexpensive, but versatile.

What can you use for stew meat?

Anything cut into small cubes really. If you have a steak or chuck roast that needs to be used, then that’s fine. Bottom eye roast, rump roast, top round, the list goes on and on as to what can be substituted.

You can even cook from solid! We share how in our Instant Pot frozen stew meat post here. Surprisingly comes out so tender and delicious. This is how ours is packaged. In the store it will be wrapped in plastic wrap on a tray.

If you really like it (like we do) and find it on sale, it freezes well too so you can batch cook with it later on.

stew meat

When we buy our half of a cow at the beginning of each year it is packaged in white paper though like this. Luckily it is labeled so I can pull one out and make any of these:

Quick Stew Meat Recipes

Our beef stew casserole recipe can use ground beef or beef stew meat in it. Your choice, either one is fabulous. With pasta and vegetables inside, every scoop is a complete meal.

You can add different tweaks on an old fashioned stew like our Puerto Rican Beef stew recipe here. It is a great way to try flavors from other countries right at home.

Want to throw all of this in and have it come out FULL of flavor in just about 20 minutes. For real. I mean you can add stew meat to just about any of our Instant Pot beef recipes we have here on The Typical Mom blog too.

instant pot beef casserole

It is a super versatile type of protein really.

How long do you cook stew meat?

It depends on what method of cooking you use. On the stovetop, covered on a low and slow boil it will take a minimum of 30 minutes to 1.5 hours. For something like slow cooker Brunswick stew it stays in there all day.

Does stew meat get more tender the longer you cook it?

Usually when it comes to beef the answer is the opposite. Steak in the Instant Pot or air fryer steak bites need only minutes. More than that and it will become tough.

Stew beef however needs a LONG time to get perfectly fork tender. That’s why it is so good when you slow cook it in beef broth, Worcestershire sauce and garlic powder in the least.

Browning it at the beginning will make it even better though. Searing the outsides will maintain the moisture and add texture to the outside too.

beef stew recipe

The key to cooking the best stew meat is the sauce surrounding it. You can marinate it beforehand as well if you wish.

Beef Stew Meat Recipes

If you want a traditional stew made quickly, try our Ninja Foodi stew. You can use any pressure cooker brand, but this is what we have.

Then for some really thick gravy, but easy to throw together, make our Crock pot beef tips over mashed potatoes. I mean you can eat it as is without a side dish too but this is our go to choice.

slow cooker beef tips

This is SO good that we had to make it a few other ways too. For a quick meal you can make this same dish in just minutes though. Follow our Instant Pot beef tips recipe for those instructions.

Love everything about Julia Child? Make our Easy Instant Pot Beef Bourguignon recipe some time. With some red wine in the pot (and some in a glass), you will love it.

Want to cook it outside on your smoker or grill? Follow our smoked stew recipe and skip the oven that may heat up your house. Our Instant Pot beef pot pie soup is a fun twist on an old favorite too.

instant pot beef pot pie soup

Boneless Beef Stew Meat Recipes

If you want to make a quick beef recipe you can really substitute any cut. Want to make beef and broccoli, use what you have on hand.

Beef and noodles Instant Pot style is pretty versatile and a total bowl full of comfort food too. If you are just still hooked on low and slow though and don’t want to buy a new machine, try Crockpot Brunswick stew that is like old fashioned yum.

  • Want really easy peasy? Season with salt and pepper and brown. Whisk together a packet of dry gravy mix and broth and pour enough in so each piece is submerged. Cook low and slow until fork tender.

Have another favorite you want to share? We’d love to hear and try it in our house some night!

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