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Lots of Easy Potato Recipe Ideas

The best easy potato recipe ideas for breakfast, dinner and side dishes! From the best way to cook potatoes to totally loaded soups and meals you’ll be set.

Potato side dishes

If you are looking for a few potato recipe ideas for breakfast dinner or as a side dish for Thanksgiving or Christmas we have a long list of possibilities! (originally published 8/18, affiliate links to retailer sites present)

Potato Recipes

Whether you want to know the best way to make russet potato chips or baked potatoes so you can load them with chili for a main dish. Or make them into a warm cheesy potato soup for dinner, the best mashed potatoes or more we have several options depending on your tastes.

Potatoes are SO versatile and such an inexpensive food to work with too, great combo if you ask me! You can make them into a complete meal like our air fryer Hasselback potatoes, as an appetizer or a delicious side dish.

air fryer hasselback potatoes

Recipe with Potato

We eat baked potatoes stuffed with our 5 ingredient crockpot chili at least once a week which costs less than $10 to feed all of us! If we have leftover meat, a pulled pork baked potato is delish too.

When it comes to side dishes this or rice is what I think of first. They are both cheap and everyone in our house loves them with some butter and/or seasonings. Use your Foodi to make simple duos like air fryer potatoes and onions and more.

Potato Breakfast Recipes

  1. Air fryer french fries frozen or homemade fries in a hot air machine are terrific.
  2. For breakfast though, a batch of air fryer frozen hashbrowns does the trick.
  3. Our Crockpot breakfast casserole recipe is super popular especially during the holidays
    1. complete with hash browns and bacon, it’s a hearty meal
  4. Instant Pot breakfast casserole has 4 different options

This cheesy potato casserole recipe is amazing, or make it hearty with a ground beef and potato casserole.

twice baked potato casserole recipe

Recipes with Potatoes

We made another Ninja Foodi breakfast version for those who have that machine too. Using the air fryer or air crisp mode you can melt the cheese and crisp it a bit too. Parmesan smashed potatoes are great in the morning with eggs too.

Load it up with sausage, bacon, or whatever else you love and enjoy! Amp it up with little bites of pizza flavored air fryer gnocchi sometimes.

  • As you can see we added quartered mushrooms which were great.
  • It’s a great dish to make for a large crowd or brunch if you just want to throw something together and walk away.

In this batch we skipped the potatoes but defrosted shredded hash browns would be a great addition.

ninja foodi breakfast

Recipes with Russet Potatoes

These Instant Pot cheesy bacon ranch potatoes are just heavenly. Great as a side dish to any meal, or make air fryer mashed potato cakes as an after school snack.

We share here about boiling potatoes in Instant Pot or a Ninja Foodi very quickly. Top with sour cream and they’re a great side.

  1. Seriously these come out so good with some beef or chicken broth and loads of toppings
    1. personally I choose red potatoes but russet would work as well diced small
  2. Make our Instant Pot hamburger soup loaded with russet potatoes.
  3. Our slow cooker cheesy potatoes are great for a brunch or breakfast.
  4. Try a batch of slow cooker mashed potatoes during the holidays
    1. this is probably my go to Thanksgiving side dish of all times
    2. I can pop this in and not have to use room in my oven for them

Have an air fryer? If not I really suggest you get one like NOW so you can make air fryer sausage and potatoes like you see here!!

air fryer sausage and potatoes

Try some dill air fryer red potatoes for a side dish with eggs. For a one pot meal, our Instant Pot chicken and potatoes is the bomb.

Recipes with Red Potatotes

  1. Sausage and cheddar potatoes for a brunch idea
    1. love bacon instead, use that!
    2. add as much cheese as humanly possible I say
    3. A mix of sharp cheddar and Monterey jack is probably my go to
  2. Pressure cooker mashed potatoes get this side dish done fast! Then use the leftovers to make air fryer mashed potato pancakes.
  3. Air fryer breakfast potatoes are great.
  4. Best Instant Pot sweet potato casserole here gets thumbs up

Easy breakfast potatoes are great with just salt and pepper but with cheese is even better.

Best Way to Make Baked Potatoes 2

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Now I only list the best way to make baked potatoes here below as a side dish but of course they can be used for dinner as well and filled with hundreds of different things.

We like adding chili and some cheese on top but if you are looking for healthier ideas you could stuff potatoes with:

Potato Side Dishes

  1. Instant Pot German potato salad packed with hard boiled eggs are great
  2. Best way to make baked potatoes is here
  3. Try Instant Pot scalloped potatoes or air fryer potato wedges rock
  4. These are the best twice baked potatoes stuffed full of goodness!

Air fryer mashed potatoes or sweet potato mash are great.

air fryer sweet potatoes

I like to use fingerling or petite versions and just slice them in half. Cuts down the cook time to get tender. Toss with pesto for pesto potatoes and wow.

Potato Side Dishes

  1. Simple potato salad is perfect for a potluck dish
    1. of course you can load it up but this is a good base for an easy version that can be added to like crazy
  2. Easy potatoes au gratin are cheesy and wowy
  3. Mashed potato casserole is a fun new dish to ad to any dinner party

If you have a nifty air fryer + pressure cooker you can make our Ninja Foodi steak and mashed potatoes. What we love about this is it is all cooked together and comes out tender and flavorful in under 20 minutes.

  • If you don’t have that machine yet (I recommend you do get a Foodi sometime soon), try this one. Crockpot steak and potatoes cooks all on it’s own all day long and wow is it a winner.

As you know, I am all about easy peasy meals here on The Typical Mom blog so nothing is hard to put together and everything can be found at your local grocery store.

crockpot steak and potatoes
  1. Salt and vinegar crispy potatoes
  2. Tater tot skewers are really popular during Super Bowl
  3. Garlic foil packets with potato wedges and sausage inside

Peruvian spicy mashed potatoes are something different for your tastebuds.

Best Potato Dishes

How to Cook Potatoes

Crispy smashed potatoes are really fun and you should have your kids help you make them

  1. Loaded ranch potato salad are gluten free with tons of flavor
  2. These easy Baked truffle fries have an amazing flavor and aren’t hard to put together
  3. If you haven’t tried Greek potatoes yet they are a must
  4. Spicy Indian potatoes have a bit of a kick to them but you can adjust the heat level
  5. Parmesan roasted potatoes are my middle daughters’ favorite side dish
  6. Potato cake recipe here is on our site and great for breakfast or a side dish, latkas some call them

Crispy salt and vinegar potatoes have just a few ingredients but don’t lack flavor

Potato Recipe Ideas

Potato Recipe Ideas for Dinner

You can pair just about any sort of beef or chicken with these air fryer roasted potatoes. I used a small multi colored medley.

air fryer roasted potatoes

Our favorite is probably Crockpot baked potatoes stuffed with LOTS of things!! Chili is our go to for a high protein and low fat option but bacon bits and sour cream is a close second. They’re not just a side dish for sure!

crockpot baked potatoes

Want to see a few of my favorite things that I am totally obsessed with?? Take a peek and see how many you might already have…twinsies!

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