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Girl and Boy Camping Themed Party Ideas

Camping themed party for boys and girls are fun! If you’re looking for a unique idea, a camping birthday party is so much fun and there are endless activities you can do with your guests! From glamping in the backyard to scavenger hunts and bingo we’ve got it.

camping themed party

I always like to come up with new birthday party ideas and since we have one in June I thought a camping themed party would be a great idea! So, I came up with a few fun camping birthday party foods and found some more from other bloggers that we loved too. Here’s an easy way to throw a camping party too!  (originally published 2/16, affiliate links present)

  • A camping themed party is great for boys and girls!
  • A fairly inexpensive idea and probably different from most parties they’ve been to, it’s sure to be a hit!
minted teepee

You can include a sleepover and set up tents in the backyard, go glamping, sleep in teepees, or in sleeping bags under the stars. Mock sleepovers are great too where you just have them stay until just before bedtime with have tons of camping games, foods and decorations!

I’m sure you already have items to decorate in your plethora of camping supplies in the garage. Beyond that here are ways to decorate, activities, and foods to make.

camping birthday party

Camping Party Food

  1. Easy Baked S’mores in a jar – so fun and no campfire required
  2. Garlic Parmesan Pigs in a Blanket – super easy dinner or snack everyone will love
  3. Mason Jar Dirt Pudding – always a fun surprise lurking inside the pudding
  4. No Flame S’mores Recipe (easy for kids!) – camping isn’t complete without some kind of s’mores something
    1. Trail mix is easy.
  5. Camping cake toppers – if you’re not a professional decorator this will make it look like you were 😉
  6. Our campfire cupcakes are fun – you could use this as an activity too and let them build their own “campfire” cupcake in the evening

Find TONS more camping games here that are very affordable and your kids will love!

camping cupcakes

Camping themed party games

  1. Making Mud Dough – seriously they will go crazy over this, you can also make brown slime which is a hoot 
  2. Printable Camping Charades – “old fashioned” game that many kids probably haven’t played before
  3. Nature Printable Scavenger Hunt – who doesn’t love a scavenger hunt
    1. Here’s an I SPY Nature hunt printable too
  4. Camping bingo game
  1. How to Play Kick the Can – fun game all ages can enjoy
    1. Rainbow bingo is always a winner and free!
  2. Throw glow rings on to this inflatable fire prop make for an easy camping game 
  3. If you’re up for it you can take them all glamping in the backyard and make it an all nighter!
camping scavenger hunt

Camping themed party Decorations

  1. Into The Woods: Cut-Out Paper Pennants – inexpensive decorations that are super cute. Great for a boy or girl camping themed party
  2. Tent pinata – “old fashioned” fun again that is always fun and you can use sticks they find during scavenger hunt to break it open
  3. Build DIY Teepee Tent in 20 Minutes – you can also purchase teepees here that can be used again as a reading nook 
  4. Fun Summer DIY Tin Lanterns
  5. Camp Signs – easy decorations 
  6. Put together some camping party favor boxes – makes for a fun little giveaway package when they leave your house
  7. Party napkins and plates – make it easy on yourself and get disposable everything 

Of course most of these are indoor camping birthday party ideas. If you are throwing this in the summertime you can do a lot more too including:

Camping themed party

A how to of things over the campfire like:

  • How to make a few different s’more desserts beyond just graham crackers, chocolate and marshmallows.
  • Teach them how you can bake a blueberry muffin and egg inside a paper bag over a camp fire.
    • Mix Jiffy muffin mix as directed
    • Cut an orange in half and spoon out fruit inside – eat or discard
    • Spoon in muffin mix 1/2 way full
    • Put inside paper bag
    • Beside it break an egg and roll the top of the bag up
    • Place these on a grate on top of the fire
    • The egg will prevent the bag from burning but rather cook items inside
    • Unwrap bag and eat! It’s a fun “science experiment” and learning how to camp together

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Want something else fun? Try throwing a pirate birthday party the next year.

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